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cici and coco on a trip
 Car Service Park Slope
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Men may control the Earth, but there are other planets out there. On the other side of the galaxy there is a planet called Zann and it is ruled by a woman. This is her story, I hope you enjoy it.
This is a story for my character,Kiki. Many of my stories are just practice for the real things that happen in Kiki's life. So I may change a few things in previous chapters as the story progresses.
My fan characters. It would be my plesure if someone wrote a fanfic because im stumped as to what to write about for them.
IT is all i have done
and i did it during the comercials
i may lose intrest and stop tipeing, if you ask me to continue however i will.
feel like taking a challenge? Look no further and look here.
A young Neko boy's planet is destroyed, but he escaped the planet just in time, but leaving behind his memories, his childhood, and his best friends in the firery explosion. But his arrival earth changes the lives of two kids...completly