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A collection of drabbles for GrimmjowXOc!
"...Or maybe she's just stupid..." GrimmjowXOC!Chanae Oneshot. Short. Grimmjow's POV
Anyway, here''s a story that''s based on my Bleach Forum. It starts out with Yuri, Who is Captain of Squad Three, watching her mentor being buried next to his wife. It was just his sister, Shukumei, and his daughter, Shizune left.
a bleach Christmas story.
The back-story to a Bleach fan-character of mine. Yes, she becomes a Shinigami, and yes, she remembers Samuel and the happenings. To an extent.

Bleach (C) Kubo Tite

Characters/Story (C) GreenieFire
A Boy Called akira etsuko. His profile here (OC)