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what if Serena and Darien arent meant to be? who is this new boy Kale and what connection does he have to this Moon Knight who Luna says is a legend
not good at summaries so enjoy
Serena and Darien are both in school. they like each other but will someone come between them like Beryl?

no transformations etc just normal story
She was a murderer. Then I changed her. She became the only hope for the universe. She is a senshi...RATINGS NOT YET DECIDED!!!
Darien/Mamoru and Serena/Usagi were princess and prince and were killed and now reincarnated and meet together soo is Beryl and now can Darien/Mamoru save his Serena/Usagi will his memory come back sooon
When Serena and Darien break up, Serena is stuck in a brilliant thunder storm. As Serena runs through the dark forest, she realizes she misses Darien. But can she turn back now?