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The truth was he lost her...and now he lost them...but everything was a lie...
Two friends forced to separate from each other when they were young...12 years later she returns, he remembers her but does she remember him? Can they defeat the demons before they defeat them? Kisshu x Ichigo, slight Pai x Lettuce and Taruto x Pudding
Kisshu is forced to take care of his little devil niece, Selena, for one whole day. When she runs away, Kisshu begs help to Ichigo. Will the two be able to take care of the six year old girl and get out of it alive?
A fanfic abut me and my friends,only as daugthers of the (semi)original Mew Mews
the aliens return, and i don't like giving away any spoilers so thats basically all i can tell you
Running away from her only family and her destiny are all in the past as cynoclon Sutoria makes new friends. But can the Mew Mew gang help her out? Or will her brother find her first?
Kish, Ichigo, Tart and Pudding get stuck in another dimension, with only desserts to eat! Will they get out, and what will they do if feelings change? KxI
 what would happen if the aliens stuck around after the battle with deep blue? would feelings change between Kish and Ichigo, or will she keep her trust to her boy friend?? (for got how to spell his name lol)
This is a funny story about the Tokyo Mew Mew episodes messed up. I love making funny stories~! Nya! I think I'll even have more than messed up episodes.
the mew mews have a new enemy. but who or what could it be? 
This is a story about Ichigo and the gang in a rather sleepy situation.....
...-doesn't want to write a description- Fine. It's simply about the adventures of the Canadian mew team. Just read it and comment. -_-;
A new mew mew and alot 'o' new crushes!!!!!! XD Kinda funny...and stupid though.....
Ryou and Keiichiro admit their feelings for one another. Kinda fluffy. Sorry if there's too much romaji. RyouxKeiichiro!
A new girl comes, Kiwi. When Ryou tries to make the Mew Mews stronger, he makes a huge mistake! What is this mistake? And why is a new Mew Mew appearing?
Treated badly as a child will she gt a chance to live a happy life?(Not a true story)
Ichigo and the other Mew Mews thought they were the only ones but Ryou forgot to tell them about an early experiment, Coconut.
Ichigo gets a letter form her couisn but is he the same person from before or is there something new! Read and Reveiw!