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Naruto character quotes and OC quotes that you can say all day long!
These foxis lead a troubled life...
More random sayings from my friends and I XDD
This is just a bunch of quotes of things that normal people wouldn't say XD Yeah, I have weird friends. No flaming but feel free to comment =D Oh, and by the way, most of this stuff makes sense if I explained the situation XD
just quotes and yayness... duh!!! Please read, I don't post anything but random funny stuff that I hear or say, a lot of these might be from my teacher Mr.B!!
These are a bunch of stuff that have been eating me up for a while. Warning: If you're religious, don't whine.
Just a bunch of funny lines(some arn't funny) i colected from friends and family and a few from me!! if u read it and like it COMMENT!!
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i got notin...just read it!
The quotes are NOT made by me. I just collect the ones I like the most ^__^ I think I`ll add more another time :)
Please comment!
These are some sad poems of sorrow and my stories of times when i don't feel a full as i should be....
I just added the orange to make the name colorful :D Enjoy the funny list!
Just some sayings. Comments please and I take requests.
More quotes and sayings
A bunch of different kinds of quotes and sayings all by me, more to come! Enjoy!
i did this when i was really bored and stuff just poped in my haed so i wrote it.
here are some funny quotes i dont have much but if you could give me some id surely appricart that i will
this is a notice for my friends...and any other people whom are SO bored that they are ready to die.....
The constitution of the New World Order, History of Euro-mc-cluck-cluck, Rulers + Barons of EMCC, New World Order plans, Our World-Conquest plans, + more!
a poem i wrote from my experiences at school
Something I firmly believe in
Something to do with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Our favorite Quotes!