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This is just a random brawl story xD enjoy it
She may have been sixteen years old, but she looked about twelve, and was acting over this like she was five. Nana wasn''t quite sure if she should keep fighting those lovely teen hormones. Oneshot, onesided Nana x Dedede.
Practically just explains what really happens in Brawl. Hope you like!
Three kings, two princess, and one cramped little shack. It it even possible to teach goodwill to those that disregard them, or is this meeting fated to end badly? Oneshot, includes onesided Dedede x Zelda and Bowser x Peach.
um........ I am Random
what? I was bored, and I write when I'm bored... anyways I have some more of these involving the rest of the SSBB characters, tell me people who bother to read this, should I post up the rest :?
Only 108 characters. and 15 of them are OCs.
Includes ever sing;e character from all SSB games.
A story of how a highly anticipated character appears in at Planet Smash.
I interview Mario every day on how would beat other Characters.
Today we see Nintendo and Sega characters fight. Who is better?
Some interesting ideas for a DS version.
It's more than a month now. Do I still think it's the best game? Review inside!
This is Super Smash Brothers Melee, with some of my friends on here such as... HHH999 as Link, Fatal_Dreamer as Jamie (duh) and Me, as FEMALE Young Link (Dameon)
In the the world of Melee, anything goes! Expect the unexpected. It's about the Nintendo characters we all know and love!
Her name is Aurelia.
She is the princess of Angel Land, destined to become the Orchid Angel of Peace. She hates sitting around doing nothing, and so she trains in the art of war against her mother's wishes. She's a skilled archer, and is also part of a s
The Fire Continent is covered in snow, and Sierra, Marth, and Roy think that the Water Continent is responsible. Can they get through this escapade? And Ariella's distant cousin? Find out in SMR 2!
What DOES that four-letter word really mean? On Valentine's Day, the concept of love is spelled out clearly for Roy in a trial of clues left by his lover.
This is a story about how Baby Bowser got his wife. (hint: Toadalina is the pink mushroom from Mario Double Dash (if you unlocked her)) (also i put this in Super Smash Bros. Category cause I couldnot find Mario Category)
My story of A magic school where meele chars teach but some are student plz tell me if u like it
It's the Winter Dance, but there's only one person Roy wants to be with. A person he can't have.