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For "The creepy guy in the corner" contest entry "

For "The creepy guy in the corner" contest entry "

For "The creepy guy in the corner" contest entry " by LoreV-of-the-Black-Hat
For "The creepy guy in the corner" contest entry " by LoreV-of-the-Black-Hat


Full view please..............^-^
Ok, this really took long people.......>-<
Well been working for so long on this "Character Sheet" for so long, this people is what I do every day at college, creating characters sheet base on OC that we create every day, usually I add hight status, side view, hand view, and more face expression, but I got lazy, and I'm steal working on the other entries for this contest, yes I'm entering other ones beside this one............^-^
I haven't seen the competition since along time, so I don't know if there are any new ones...-_-
I just hope any one haven't entered a character sheet like mine, if they did well what the heck every body have the liberty to do what ever they want......>-<
Bute any ways here some DATA of Zealous for you Creepy guy in the corner

DAta Base

Name: Zealous

Hummunculy age: 28

Age of dead: 23

Human name: Unknown for some reason..........????

Human cause of dead: Bone cancer, and some lately studys discovered he sufered " Fibrous dysplasia"

Sinner: Dr. Douglas Skult "Father of the deceased one"

Characteristics: Passive, hyper active, revengedull in all cause, warm spirit, understandable, easy going, and volcanic.

Likes: Other Hummunculy, blood running all over his bonenny fingers, fighting, people that understands his life story, friends, Father " not the sinner", see how he disform his own bones, beeing called Nerdy by "Stubborn", being hug when deppressed for bad actions of his fellows humunculus, and being called for his reall and full name.

Dislikes: The 7 Virtues, Dr. Douglas Skult, the End Oroboros tattoe on his right arm, hunting his fellows hummunculus, remembering his human memories, the toy box given to him when he used to be alive, being called traitor, fight agains any humunculus, being in the End Oroboros head corters by force, being pressered, being commanded, any one touching his glasses, seeing any one harming humunculy or chimera, being threat by Dr. D Skult or by Virtue.

Known power: Bone deforming.

Abilities information: He is capable of disforming any structures of his body, eighter stretching finger bones to cut like knives, transmute spine bones in spikes or any part of his body bones like the joints or any form as decierd.

Location to be found: End Oroboros corporation.

Job occupation: Humunculy hunter.

Team up with: the 7 Virtues.

Ocupation: Traitor for both Virtues and Hummunculys.

History: Zealous used to be Dr. Douglas son, that unfortunally died of bone cancer at the age of 23, Skult seeing that after losing his son in a early age, and the only one left he haded in his familly known that Skult wife died 18 years ago, he depresed so deep that came in a stage to desperation on to bring his back from the grave, to do so Dr. D. Skult studied the basic of Alchemy from the beginers to the edge of human trasmutation, and the philosapher stone, wile the process of the Alchemy studying he discovered some secrets archives of the End Oroboros corporation, witch has existed long ago since alchemy its self existed, Skult decided to enter in the secret corporation to be head doctor, and leaving his posse of Head Doctor from the military, witch he once worked in the lab 5 along with hes long lost son.
The End Oroborso soul dutty were to hunt Humumculus, chimeras and any other alchemic disorder atemted, they are more highter rank than the Military itself, witch means the military has no power against the E.O.C nor can't do any interbeing of what they do eighter wrong or good, they will dissapear any body with out trace, and its believe that they are among us people.
5 years after Skult studied Alchemy deepley enough to attemp human transmutation and after abtaining his new posse as Head Doctor of the End Oroboros central head corter, he then when back to recover his long lost son remains or bones, and gather them all up in the transmutation circle along with other elements to make the artificial body, while, on the process, Skult haded along with him a Toy Box, witch it use to belong to his lost son given by his wife before her dead, in the attemp on to bring his son, Skult ended up failing, he ended up loosing his both hands, and ended up being pocessed by an unknown shadow that came from the gate who intentions is to kill Skult little by little from his inside, after this transmutation he ended up having a non completed being witch looked like his son but in a horrofying uncompleted way, after that process soldiers of the E.O came to the house of Skult and rushed him to the emergency room, to try to stop that being inside of him, and replaced is lost hands with auto mails, days passed an dr. managed to keep the being inside Skult dormant, making Dr. Douglas Skult the first ever Half Human Hlaf Humunculus, now about Zealous, he was picked up by the head leather of the 7 Virtues, named "Virtue"
Virtue was ordored to eliminate Zealous wile he was in his disformed stage, witch he coudn't protect him self, but then Virtue was stop by Chastity witch she wanted to save Zealous, and give him the chance to be a virtue, then Virtue decided to give Zealous the chance to choose eighter to join them to be a Virtue and be the last remaining virtue, or to dennie and be eliminated in that miment of birth, so Zealous didn't had any other choice than to join the 7 Virtues, and for enver be marked by the End Oroboros symbol on his right arm, and for ever to wear the white uniform of E.O.C and to neber show his true hummunculus clothes, and other thing that Zealous will and had always dispited is to for ever be known as "Zeal"
After that dark day Zealous being living all his life in the E.O.C for about 28 years, hunting and spying people, and other sort, mean wile Dr. Skult now suffered of non ageging process, witch Skult will not suffer of dying of age for the dormant being trappet inside of him, but later on Skult discovered that the Sternum of his son bones weren't usede on the human transmutation, witch later on Skult build up a dagger with thr sternum of his son to always carry it with him if any day Zealous could ever intemp to kill him, or betray the E.O witch makes Zealous iincapable ot to touch him or leaving the corporation were he for ever his force to work, and the other thing witch concern Zealous is that Skult has the Toy Box, in witch if Zealous ever hears the sound of it, it will provoke Zealous to loose control on him self and despretly disform his bone structure in no reason, and the other thing he fears is that Skult will one day will make him remember his passed memories witch Zealous works hard to forget..............
Zealous is for ever traped to work in there, beind told what to do, and being always treath by Virtue and Skult each day, but noe every one is mean to him, because Chastity is the only one who seems to care and to be deeply in love with Zealous, but yes is a tragic life for Zealous, for him to see not were to run, as he one day decides to runaway he will be hunt, and will be rejected by the other humunculy, there was no hope for him until one day.........................

So there you go Creepy guy in the corner, what you think I know its long, but its something for you to know the story of him, hope this helps.
Well every body I'm tier and thats all for today hope every one lokes it............>-<
.....Adove Photoshop Elements2, Open Canvas 3..............
......Logging of Lore.V........X-X

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Comments (23)

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lover20045 on May 13, 2007, 3:57:15 AM

lover20045 on
lover20045i like!!:3 I love the clothes they are so cool

My_Last_Resort on August 13, 2006, 1:32:52 PM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_Resortwhat she said *points below* his clothes look really awesome!

sharingan_sisters125 on July 13, 2006, 11:12:21 AM

sharingan_sisters125 on
sharingan_sisters125i like all the different views, it looks really cool when he has spikes coming out of his back and his glasses are cool too ^^ i love all of it!!!!


Keyblademastah on April 29, 2006, 3:53:05 AM

Keyblademastah on
KeyblademastahXD My Homunculus is named Virtue.

He's cool. I like his glassed. The colouring on this owns. X3 His legs seem a little small, though.

WhooGo_Sanji on April 22, 2006, 10:52:10 AM

WhooGo_Sanji on
WhooGo_SanjiOOOOOO he's awesome! He's so cute and he looks smart! EEEE!

ashleighvestia on February 25, 2006, 2:10:06 AM

ashleighvestia on
ashleighvestiaone Awesome character ^^.

Psycopathic_Hellsing on February 22, 2006, 8:25:05 AM

Psycopathic_Hellsing on
Psycopathic_Hellsingawsome character there ^^ and nice poses,especially the one were his bones are all nununah gonna getcha

LoreV-of-the-Black-Hat on February 21, 2006, 9:57:11 AM

LoreV-of-the-Black-Hat on
LoreV-of-the-Black-HatYou know something now that I think about it Zealous did came out to look like Harry Potter.......>-<
Don't you think Harry died and one of his friends tried to revive him and made human transmutation?....O-O
I'm just kidding......^-^
.......Logging of Lore.V......

Tierra on February 17, 2006, 12:41:10 PM

Tierra on
TierraHe looks like a hott homunculi harry Potter!^^*drool*

The_creepy_guy_in_the_corner on February 3, 2006, 9:35:28 AM

The_creepy_guy_in_the_corner on
The_creepy_guy_in_the_corneri like it, good job, it definately qualifies. good luck.
"saying goodbye,
this time,
the same old story,
seeing you cry,
makes me feel like saying sorry."