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Info about Me:

Name- not telling you, and it's not that important anyways
Age- 15, which makes me a lowly freshmen *cries*
Gender- take a guess (it's not that hard to figure out)
Eye Color- they're green with a bit of brown in them


Neon Genesis Evangelion
Fullmetal Alchemist
FLCL (even though it's waaaay to short!)
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Excel Saga
Death Note
Soul Eater
Paranoia Agent
Trinity Blood
Cowboy Bebop
Eureka Seven
Tenjou Tenge
Eden of the East
Code Geass
Samurai Champloo
Ghost in the Shell

There are other animes that me will watch, if they're on, but me is not a into/obsesed with them, like and Pokemon (the best epesodes where the first ones when they still just had the origonal 151).

As far as mangas go, me will read anything me can get a hold of, like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Get Backers, Shaman King, Evangelion, Kuro Gain, Fullmetal, the list goes on...

Couples Me Has A Serious Obsession With:

Naruto X Hinata
InuYasha X Kikyo
Jakotsu X Bankotsu (and also a little of Jakotsu X Inu on the side because it's hot, but dont tell Bankotsu!)
Zabuza X Haku
Ichigo X Rukia
Ed X Envy
Shinji X Asuka
Ash X Misty (me likes it just enough to get it onto this list)

Other Couples That Me Likes But Is Not Quite As Obsesed With:

Luffy X Nami
Shikamaru X Temari
Naruto X Sasuke
Ash X Gary
Yoruichi X Soifon (the only yuri couple me has even a little intrest in)
Mirkou X Sango
Shinji X Tyabris (me thinks that's how you spell his name)
umm... me will think or more eventualy


-One Piece- Luffy, Nami, Zolo, Captain Kuro, Ghin, Nico Robin, and Shanks!

-Naruto- Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Kakashi, Zabuza and Haku (they're both so kick @$$ and now they're dead!!! TT_TT), Yondaime!!!! Shikamaru, Temari, Kankuro, Shino, Itachi, Kisame, all of the Akatsuki really, Dosu, Kabuto, Anko, Gai and Rock Lee (they're both so dorky it's hard not to like em), Gekko Hayate, and me thinks that's everyone... me might be forgetting a few... you know... me likes so many people from naruto, it might just be simpeler to put up the people me dont like...

-Full Metal- Ed, Envy, Maes Hughes (i was sooooo sad when he died...) *sniffle*, Greed (why did he have to die!!! Why... *crys*) Scar (same thing as for greed and maes), Lust, Hohenhime, Pride, Al, Winery and Dante are pretty cool too

-Inu-Yasha- Jakotsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me Love You!!!!!!, InuYasha, Kikyo, Miroku, Sango, Kagura, Yura, Lord Fluffy (that would be Sesshoumaru, but it's way simpler to call him that), Rin, and eh, Kagome sorta

-Evangelion- Shinji, Asuka, Kagi, Misato, Rei, Tyabris

Straight Cougar is the most awesome character in all of s-CRY-ed!

Trinity Blood- Tres Iques is so kool!! Able Nightroad, still debating who mah faves are...

There are still so many people me wants to put up.

behold my army of dancing kirbys!! *laughs histerically*
(^'.')^ ^('.'^) (^'.')^ ^('.'^) (^'.')^ ^('.'^) (^'.')^

i love sour gummy worms... the're my obsession... well one of them at lest...

-the idea of gay wolf sex (shut up, blame hormones and ss125 for introducing me to the idea)
-my fav couples
-my amimes and mangas
-my friends (your not one of them so get lost!) =P
-my music
-being random
-confusing people
-sleeping in class
-spreading the love
-fluffy things
-kittens (we have 2 now!)

-sk8er punks (i dont know why they just bug me!)
-anything school related
-not seeing my fav couples together
-paying attention
-people who think they're all that
-forgetting what i was going to say next
-doing homework
-sasuke: kick the sasuke! XD well, its not that me hates him... me just dont like him almost all of the time. me only likes him when he's out of character; like when he's got the whole wtf... look going.
-I absoultly HATE it when Hinata is coupled with anyone other then Naruto... I HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! come on people! how the hell did you come up with Sasuhina?!?!?!? how the f#ck did you people come up with that!? and Itachihina?!?! what the hell! at least kibahina and nejihina make some sense... but me still hates them!!!! and gaara?!?! how the hell could anyone think hinata should go with Gaara?!?!?!?!?! It just dosent work! have Gaara and hinata even talked with each other? Ever!?



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AkizaIzinski on August 13, 2011, 2:02:32 AM

AkizaIzinski on

LeaderBankotsu on August 7, 2011, 4:52:30 AM

LeaderBankotsu on
LeaderBankotsuHey Jakotsu

~ Bankotsu

VictoriaZepeda on July 31, 2011, 4:52:46 AM

VictoriaZepeda on
VictoriaZepedaHey I love your Jakotsu pic and icon cause Jakotsu is pretty cool but I love Bankotsu the best cause he my favorite and my lover^^

CuteFox300 on June 22, 2010, 8:09:22 AM

CuteFox300 on
CuteFox300oh my god you are the best writer I've ever seen! *o* I love your EnvyxEd fanfiction and I hope you continue it...;___;

cooleo on October 9, 2008, 4:55:08 AM

cooleo on
cooleohey if u r a giaian PM me, sheath hyuga k? ty

sharingan_sisters125 on August 1, 2008, 12:32:11 PM

sharingan_sisters125 on
sharingan_sisters125Woah, it's been so long since I've been on FAC *stares in wonder* OMG, I totally have your picture for your birthday...which I never put on FAC, why didn't I put it on...? I have no idea...ok, I will get on that. T_T What sketch book did I draw it in...? @.@ I'll find it. Hehe I had no idea that you like Eureka 7!!!! I love that anime!! I've watched the whole series, actually, and I have the manga. I totally agree, Anemone is insane, and Dominic is just adorable and hilarious. AnemoneXDominic is an awesome pairing. XD Your birthday was so long ago, and I'm only just learning the details. That's awesome, get a present from someone who doesn't know it's your birthday =P OMG. All you can eat. :O That is my life, I feel a lot like Chouji when it comes to food. ^^' You got a PSP too?!? :O Do you still play it now? What other games do you have? I suppose you made a screen name for yourself since you have better internet now...:)
Haha, yuppers, I live in Canada, lil' ol' Canada. Even though it's not so little, or old. TT_TT Ah, yes, we go through all four seasons, winters are unbelievably cold, we get 3 feet of snow, and it varies anywhere from -30 to -3. You never know. It's like that here in London at least, it's probably worse up North. In the summer it's EXTREMELY humid, and temperatures go anywhere from 20 to 35. With humidex it can even be 40 degrees. Oh, by the way, that's all Celcius, I don't know what it is in Farenheit. @.@ Do you guys have good weather? Art show, art show...oh, that was when had to take the bus alone at night. Lmao. That went pretty well, actually. I didn't get harassed, and my work won 1st place, and I won 15$. Woohoo. I spent the money on lunch at work. XP On the bus that night, I was reading Naruto, and there was this Japanese man with his two sons sitting across from me, and they kept pointing at my Naruto volume, and they were all excited and smiley. It was so cute. ^^
You guys have a major league baseball field?!?! wow, we have the medway school field? London is pathetic -.-' Target center, that sounds so cool, is it an open space where concerts are held, or is it closed? Borders, Barnes and Nobles, are those like some designer stores or something? That's what happens when you live in London, you have no idea what all these stores are. I know what Hollister is though :O!! Minneapolis sounds cool, I'd like to go there at some point in life. That's a good compromise, if it's not downtown, go to the mall!! Hm, I've never heard of the Light Rail, that sounds so cool, an electric train that basically connects the city. I like that, especially because it doesn't burn gas. :P That's awesome that there's a stop near your house, that's so usefull, you can go wherever ou want...I'd be on that thing all day! XD I literally have to take like 3 different city buses to get anywhere, and there's a half hour wait between each train. If you're lucky, you might get an imediate transfer, that's if the traffic lights are working in your favour. Wow that makes me laugh, London sounds like a village compared to Minneapolis. Not even a town, but a village. We're so not fast paced...We do have Richmond street, which is this street that goes through the entire city, and on the downtown part of the street there are really cool retro stores, there's even a Japanese fashion clothing store :O Then there are a lot of small bars, and there are always some shows going on. Dundas is like that too, there's an anime/manga store on it!!! There, that's our excitment. ^^ It's nice to have school near downtown, my school is close to downtown too, but we don't have a high tech train that can take us home, only city buses. T_T Chicago has a Sears' tower? As in like, the store Sears? It's really one of the tallest towers in the city? That's awesome!! I've gone up the CN tower in Toronto, it's high...I think it's the tallest building in the world...I dunno, it as cool though, there's this glass floor, and it's so freakin scary to walk on. T_T I want to go in a tower name Sears though, that's freakin awesome, I love it. XD Minneapolis is one of the lasrgest cities, in AMERICA??!?! Holy. That is so cool!!! It's really THAT big. :O What's the population?? New York, omg I want to go to New York >.<
It's good to know one of us can drive. T.T If we ever drove somewhere together, you'd be at the wheel, lol, just don't get to excited if you do. Yes, being reckless is important, that's pretty funny though, I'm the opposite, when I drive, I'm so...not relaxed. You talk to me, and I yell “Shut up”. I'm getting my full license at the end of this summer, once I finish the driver's ed course...haha, my dad was startled, but otherwise ok. After that he was just pissed off and annoyed.
Omg, I loved this, the teachers. *dramatic music plays* Lax teachers are cool, but to a certain extent. Too laxed is no good, I like having a few things that have to be obeyed, like DUE dates. My chemistry teacher gave us a crap load of lab reports to do, and she'd give us a due date, and then she'd be like “But you can hand them in when you want, as long as it's before the end of the year.” And then she wouldn't hand back the corrected work if everyone didn't hand it in. I HATED that, I can't even find words to describe how much it pissed me off. >.< I could jut smash her against the freakin board and yell “NO. There is no hand it in whenever crap!!” Anyways *clears throat*, there was no need to rant about that... A doom-and-destruction streak, that's a little freaky, especially when it's about little things. You just feek like saying “Woah man, chill! It's no big deal...” Your writing class sounds awesome, it seems that you guys did lot's of cool things. Like you were talking about writing character descriptions and opening lines for stories, I like that kind of stuff, it's better than just “Ok guys, just write me a story, and yeah. Just do that.” Doing more specific things draws your attention at little details, and polishes your writing bit by bit. I think that's great, awesome class. That's hilarious!! Being off by 400 students isn't too bad. 600 students is still a lot though, that's still a third of my school. I remember not having too much homework ALLthe time. Man, I miss that. I literally had to worry about every class, even art. It's so bad. I've gotten used to it now. Grade 10 wasn't half as bad as this year though...You guys did Mendel? That's awesome. I loved Mendel, he was the guy who started the whole genetics thing right? I loved genetics...How'd you do on your project? If you can remember. ^^' I'm just curious, how do you like those classes, like biology math, and all that?
That is so cool that your language classes go on trips to ther respective countries!! I would love that! Do then English classe go to England? That's probably a stupid question...Those kind of trips do cost a lot though...If you went to France next year though, what do you guys do? Do you just learn about the culture, and just look around? Alright, I will not try to change your mind about who's better at languages. T_T Japanese is a cool language though.
OMG. Fullmetal alchemist, I haven't read the manga in SO long. I haven't read 15 either, and it came out a while ago, I'm pretty sure a few more volumes came out too. Yeah, I heard that too, I kind of like it that the anime went in it's own direction with the story, it makes reading the manga more interesting, because you don't know anymore what's going to happen. I totally agree with you about Greed's death. In the anime, when he was dying, he almost seemed like he was a good guy, I even felt bad that he died. I read the volume with Greed's death a few months ago, I liked both of them, but I like the anie version a little better..but the manga version seemed more realstic...if that makes ANY sense. ME TOO. I liked Envy in the anime better, his personality was so much more eccentric and extreme than in the manga. That's what I liked about him too. <3 Envy is second on your list? Your list of what?? Tell me, tell me, t-t-t-t-t-tell me!! That is such an obnoxious song. T_T Tell me, by Wonder girls, you should watch the video on youtube, it's hilarious!! This is so off topic...
I never did tell you where I work...I work at a shoe store, Ovation Shoes, we sell mostly orthopedic shoes, we do have some nice ones too. Most of the time I'm broke because I keep buying shoes. It's terrible, I'm an absolute shoe-a-holic. >.< I'm happy that you got a job now too <3
Hm, so this Mr. Casey is like an innocent hitter, nothig big? As long as he's not a pedo. If he was I'd travel all the way there, beat him up, and leave him in a ditch. LOL He actually made fun of your friend? Wtf? A bully teacher...there's something new. I'm probably exaggerating the whole “bully” thing, but that's hilarious, and adorable, argue with the guy you could go out with. ^^ I used to do that. XP Catholic schools are pretty strict about that, my school's Catholic as well, but you can never control what the teachers might do, no matter how “religious” you think they are. We've had a teacher who was literally fired because he was like that too...used to hit on girls, he had two kids, and was married, but it's all fallen apart, he's divorced, and his ex-wife has custody of their kids. How do I know this? Information leaks and gets arounf really fast in a small school. T_T

That's nice that you had a good religion class, was it world religion, or the Christianity? I loved World religion >.< omg, your poor friend, religion homework has got to be the worse, it gets so repetitive...

Christmas break went well? That's good, but that was so long ago, haha, my fault. You're writing a new story with a friend?!? That is awesome! Are you posting it on FAC?? Did you guys finish it? It sucks that your friend is so obsessed with his girlfriend, or was? I wouldn't know. It amazes me how someone could easily throw everything away for one “friend” who used to go to my school started going out with this guy about a year and a half ago, and she actually transfered from our school to his school, she stopped talking to all of us, as if we didn't exist anymore, it was so I understand how you must have felt...I hope that the story went well though! I can't wait to read it, and Ed and Envy are in it!!! *claps hands in excitment* Have you updated any other stories? I guess I can just go check after this ^^ Make life easier.
YAY!! Someone who was pissed at Jacob too <3 That makes me happy, although, when Bella realises that she could have had something with Jacob if it weren't for Edward, I was just pissed at her then too. I was pissed at Jacob and Bella, because they were going against Edward. There, that's my twisted over-protectivness of a fictional character of a vampire novel. The things that preoccupy me...That's exactly what I thought!! “Give it up!!” I don't like watching guys try to get a girl when it's too late. You know what I mean? If he wanted her, he should have done something sooner. But, no, it's only when it's TOO LATE do they decide to act. I can't stand that. Have you read Absolute Boyfrien? Same thing happens friends felt bad for Jacob, but I just can't, I have no sympathy. I believe that I think like that because of my own 17 year life experience. That sounds so weird...I'm sorry, I did it again. Pointless rants... -.- You're reading gravitation!!?!? That is GREAT!! Gravitation has to be the cutest Yaoi ever >.< How do you like it?? Have you read anymore now? I mean, more than the first 3 volumes? You should watch the anime, it's only 13 episodes long, but it was so good!!! My brother literally loved it. T_T I've read the first 5 volumes, the pictures are better in the anime, but the story is amazing in both!! I just realised, Breaking Dawn is coming out tomorrow!!!!!
Yum, Jakotsu pics...I would go anywhere for that ^^ omg, I'm on her gallery now, and...I like what I see T_T Did she draw all of these of what?!? *drools* This truly is amazing...Wait, Borders is a book store? I can't believe I actually asked if it was some designer clothing store... -.-'' wow. I actually have no words for this... ANYWAYS. Now that I am past the initial shock of my realisation, I shall continue. ZOMBIE POWDER. I LOVE that manga. Have I said that already? HA! I remember that part, zomg, the scared hostage, that was hilarious. That's exactly what went through my head too <3 I can just imagine someone yell that in a book store, I would laugh so hard XD Ranewater is 3rd on your list? I'm really curious as to what this list is...Hm, I haven't read that...Re:Play, haven't heard of it either TT_TT what's it about??
*Reads “Rant time”* OMG. I freakin LOVE reading rant time. XD Ah, yes. I remember where we left off. The whole “smart” thing. Indeed, today's knowledge was quite useless in that time. I love how you point that put, by the way. Made me laugh. The whole “calculate where the tree will fall using the shadow of the tree and algebra” You had to think fast to survive then. No time to do tedious calculations...
omg. THANK YOU!! You are my hero, you have voiced what I have always thought. Smart and intelligent are COMPLETELY different. Lot's of people are smart, they could recite a shoot load of memorised information, (like many students do on tests...), but ask them why a character did a certain action, or what is the meaning of something, and few will give you anything intelligent. Yes, many Inu-yasha viewers lack intelligence, they fail to analyse the situation between Kikyou, Kagome and Inu-yasha. Exactly, when you take your smarts up a level, beyong all stereotypes, then you get intelligence. People seem to think that “smart” is enough. This has nothing to do with Inu, but I find that even in schools, they don't really teach us to analyse things, I find that they condition us into a certain way of thinking. Take my English class for exampl, we read Oryx and Crake, and things had to be one way. Like we couldn't discuss things, it was like, this is what this is, and that's it that's all. I dunno if that's just me...but I had to point that out. Back to the topic though, as you said, Kikyou is smart and intelligent, she understands her situation, she isn't ignorant about the fact Inu cares for Kagome on a certain level, and like you said, she knew so much the medicine of that time. OMG. That too, nobody ever REALLY thought up a good way to get rid of Naraku, he was intelligent too, and manipulative, you can only beat him by using that against him, and nobody saw that but Kikyou.
I agree, “she is a reak” is the stupidest thing anyone could say. Kagome is a REINCARNATION of Kikyou. She's basically Kikyou, in a different body. That's NOT freakish? I like that, a nice big punch in the face. That too, she's never lied. She's not stupid enough to reveal everything about herself. She helped others as best as she could. She was dead, and helped the living more than the living helped each other. It just so happened that she needs to sustain her existence by taking others souls...but she deserved to live more than other people. That's very judgmental, but let's face it, there are people who are better than others. It's naive to think that they aren't....Ah yes, the episode with the monk and Kikyou was so sad, and it had such truth to it...Even for us, you don't have to be literally dead...anyways. That was...heartbreaking...I wish the girl didn't have to see it.
That's also true, her very existence just seems to make Kikyou haters unhappy. For them, she can't do anything right, probably not even dying, again, would be right...That's another good point, if a person doesn't like her for a reason based on something logical, then that's fine. I hate opinions based on nothing, but stupidity. She is what she is, not everyone has to like it. That's fine. But don't hate her for something that makes no sense -_- Propaganda. That too plays a part in it, you're right. There are those who sill say something, and then those who will follow without thinking it through. Happens in everything.
That pisses me off too. Nobody ever sticks up for Kikyou. You know what, Kikyou was there first, so why does she always have to be in the wrong? I think the characters just think maybe that Kikyou has had her chance, and needs to back down, and let Inu move on. But Kikyou's chance got taken away from her, that's hardly fair. And Inu could move on, if he wanted to, but he doesn't. That too!! Kagome admits that Inu still cares for Kikyou, yet she still gets pissed off when Inu shows that he cares, or shows some worry...She's so self-contradictory, it's unbelievable. She understands, but she doesn't act like she does. Then the others take Kagome's side because Inu hurt her. No, she hurt herself, because she refuses to accept that Inu's heart still belongs to Kikyou. I think I'm done for now too, till next time ;)
Wikipedia had a list of Yuri animes, that is interesting...I must say I like yaoi better than yuri though. Soi Fon actually had a crush on Yoruichi?? TT_TT I though she just admired her @.@ That is so...bizarre.

Ok, I have the most random things that I have to share with you. My brother delivers newspapers, but he's gone for two weeks, so I have to do it for him, so yesterday I was delvering them. I was running from house to house, then I tripped on this stupid cement path in the grass (who thought of that) and now I have this HUGE scrape on my elbow, I think I bruised my bone, and I scraped my hip, and bruised my knee. All on my left side. It looks so cool. No matter how much I hurt myself, I can't cry. I have some weird pain tolerance...anyways, then before I went to bed, I saw this giant spider that made itsefl at home in my wire for my laptop. It as actually huge. I freaked out, and took the vaccum, and tried to suck it up, but it ran SO fast. So I was just there, screaming my lungs out (it was almost 12 at night) and stabbing the floor with the vaccum. THEN it ran under a pile of papers, so I ran in my parents room screaming that there was a spider. So my dad came and killed it. Seriously, my heart rate tripled. And at work, there was this big airy spider on a shoe, and I was just staring at it in horror, then it jumped. Literally, the shoes were at a 15 cm distance, and it jumped. Scared the life out of me. AND I bought spray paint in Europe for like 4 bucks a can. Who knew it would be so cheap?? My mom asked me why I needed spray paint, even though she knew why. I told her graffiti, and she just rolled her eyes at me and said “Don't get caught.” XD Last thing, me, Gorya and my sister were just relaxing, I was trying to unblock a program on my laptop, but I couldn't because of the Windows firewall. So I said "The stupid firewall is blocking the probram!" My sister said "Who's blocking it?" So I said "You know, I literally just stuck my hand in my hard drive and blocked it." So Gorya said "OMH!! A HACKER!" It was absolutely the funniest thing ever!!
Anyways, those were such pointless things to share, but I had to share them. ^^
This felt good *sigh* I always love writin these long comments to you <3

Laura xoxo

Y0URIMAGINARYFRIEND on June 8, 2008, 6:15:56 AM

Y0URIMAGINARYFRIENDHello person! Or whatever sentient life-form you are. I like your story, 'Happy?' and i am BEGGING you to write another chapter. Please! *Gets on knees* Pleeeeease?

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