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Kaiba vs. Jounouchi

Kaiba vs. Jounouchi

Kaiba vs. Jounouchi by ShadowIvy
Kaiba vs. Jounouchi by ShadowIvy


An illustration for a Yu Gi Oh fan project I am trying my darndest to work on. Kaiba and Jounouchi are about to throw down, and I ain't talkin' cards either. Kaiba sure is rockin' that arrogant smirk, whilst Otogi, Anzu (whom I like, so no bashing please), and Honda are in the background all "Uhhh..." <br />
<br />
And it's back to the CGs for me. :D

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General Info

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Comments (25)

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KionaKina on August 10, 2007, 7:13:20 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaSeto looks so sexy in this pic

ladychaos on July 18, 2006, 7:22:28 PM

ladychaos on
ladychaoswow.... that is so realistic.
could you do one of Yami and Bakura in the same way?

Amaya_LOD on May 13, 2006, 7:28:48 AM

Amaya_LOD on
Amaya_LODgreat pic!great style!
EVERYTHING is great! X)

faustfreak on February 12, 2006, 7:50:01 AM

faustfreak on
faustfreakOook. This is good. Yeeeep...

I really don't like YuGiOh at all...

But I like your art.

Sora_Miyara on January 1, 2006, 1:23:51 AM

Sora_Miyara on
Sora_MiyaraThis is really awesome. You should do a group shot pic in this style O.O I like the idea of "lets-draw-this-realistic" it is original and I don’t think just anybody gets this idea n___n Great pic! *favs*

Wolfyu on October 29, 2005, 3:41:07 AM

Wolfyu on
WolfyuI really enjoy the style that this is drawn in. And Jonouchi's hair looks awesome, too. Just like the original. :D And I'm sorry about all of those nitpickers up there. Jonouchi DIDN'T HAVE an accent like that in the Sub. xX

Atems_Little_Girl on October 14, 2005, 12:58:21 PM

Atems_Little_Girl on
Atems_Little_Girlo.o WOW

dragon_alchemist on August 5, 2005, 2:03:26 PM

dragon_alchemist on
dragon_alchemist*can't breathe* wow! you made joey look like such a cutie and kaiba whoa! you made all the characters look so good,too. you should do a pegasus pic

PharoahessRamla on July 6, 2005, 9:22:29 AM

PharoahessRamla on
PharoahessRamla....................O__O.That WICKED! I couldn't speak after I saw it! I

Demonspite on June 9, 2005, 4:15:34 AM

Demonspite on
DemonspiteCoooooollll... I'd love to see haw Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura would turn out in this style...
Keep up the good work!

scribblez2030 on June 8, 2005, 9:18:28 AM

scribblez2030 on
scribblez2030for you... 9835792387569238679876 stars. i like it realistic!!!

Mewlon on June 5, 2005, 3:37:31 PM

Mewlon on
MewlonOMG! OMFG! This picture is like...super good! Oh it's better then good, this is kick @$$! You draw super good. And Seto looks sexy in this! Joey looks good too but damn you got them Sorry if I sound like a fool righ tnow but this deserves a lot of praise.

sliver_puppy20 on June 2, 2005, 7:10:12 PM

sliver_puppy20 on
sliver_puppy20oh um im not flaming but i do have a few things one if ya think about how many Japanese poeple speak witha new york accsnt so i don't think Joey is Japanese and he dose have Naturally blond hair once again not trying to nit pick or anything in fact i love the darwing it's awasom i'm just really freaky about detail

newpretear on April 16, 2005, 3:29:07 AM

newpretear on
newpretearDuke, Kaiba, Joey, and Tristan look super hot! Tea's pretty too.

newpretear on April 16, 2005, 3:29:01 AM

newpretear on
newpretearDuke, Kaiba, Joey, and Tristan look super hot! Tea's pretty too.

Justicemilk_Vegetablewoman on April 8, 2005, 12:29:32 PM

Justicemilk_Vegetablewoman on

Samurai_Patty on March 2, 2005, 1:48:41 AM

Samurai_Patty on
Samurai_PattyWOW!!! I'm speechless! This is really something different, but fabulous nonetheless!

CanIGetAWitness101 on February 19, 2005, 7:51:30 AM

CanIGetAWitness101 on
CanIGetAWitness101dude, that's awesome! *faves*

Neko_Amber on February 10, 2005, 8:42:06 AM

Neko_Amber on
Neko_Amberi like it a lot! you made them all looks like real human beings! honda's hair is actually possible now!

amidoh on January 23, 2005, 6:16:46 AM

amidoh on
amidohYeah, staying on this not-looking Japanese when they should subject, how do you explain the people with purple or green hair and very odd-coloured eyes? ¬_¬ you're gonna rub that back in my face and say 'hair dye and contact lenses', aren't you? -_-'

I don't really mind that it's not in YGO style, it's nice to see some original creativity on this site, especially at such an advanced level *send heartiest congratulations*. Loving the 'Otogi playing with hair' feature, way to capture his entire character in one movement. ^^;

seto_kaiba_has_wings on January 20, 2005, 6:01:05 AM

seto_kaiba_has_wings on
seto_kaiba_has_wingsit's drawn good, but a lot of anime makers don't make the characters look japanese anyway

ShadowIvy on January 7, 2005, 6:54:10 AM

ShadowIvy on
ShadowIvyThe point is, I'm trying to be REALISTIC. Anzu's eyes are brown because she's Japanese--there are no blue-eyed Japanese (Kaiba being an exception because I wrote him originally as being genetically enhanced...), and Jou has dark brows to imply that he bleaches his hair--Japanese aren't blond either. Perhaps I have taken the realism too far, but that is how I choose to depict them, therefore it is not "wrong", so much as it is "different". However, I didn't mean for Anzu's hair to turn out red; THAT was an accident.

...oh, and none taken, by the way. ^^

trueyamigirlfriend on January 6, 2005, 10:52:48 AM

trueyamigirlfriend on
trueyamigirlfriendFirst off, let's get one thing straight. This picture shows you are a great artist, and you did a great job in making them realistic.

But let's get the facts straight.

Tea's hair is brown. Why did you color it dark red? Joey's hair is naturally blond. Why are his eyebrows black? And, finally, I'm not sure what color you made Tea's eyes but they're blue, and they don't look it.

I apologize if you think I'm flaming, it's just really annoying (to me) when people, well, do things wrong. I do mean it when I say you did a wonderful job on the realistic aspect.

PootPoot on January 4, 2005, 7:39:33 PM

PootPoot on
PootPootWoa...No comments? *Blinks*

This is really cool...I lovehow you made them realistic XD..And I applaud you for making Tristan's hair look real especially (The dude has a spike coming out of his head O_O)

Great job all around ^^ +Faves