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Demonspite's Profile
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Username Demonspite Gender Female
Date Joined Location Olney, MD
Last Updated Occupation high school student
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Member Info
Name: Carrie
Age: 16
Height: 4'11" (shut up)
Weight: 113 lbs. (shut up)
Eyes: blue-green
Hair: brown w/ scattered blond streaks

Real:: Kelsey (kerisu on Fanart Central), Alex C (my "twin"), and Sweeny (don't know his first name, don't care either), Desoto F (bi leaning homo, doesn't go to my school), Maverick S (pronounced MAY-ver-rick. He said he'd kill me if I didn't put that in ^-^; Also does not go to my school.)
Imaginary:: Mr. Happy Dead Guy, Skwerull the Squirrel, Pussykitten, Onion of Death, Dekade (yes, that's how his name's spelled), and Essjay.

(... I just noticed that all my friends are younger than me, and yet they're all still TALLER than me. Except, of course, for the non-human ones...)

Colors:: black, deep red (like blood), dark olive green

TV Shows:: Yu-gi-oh!, Case Closed, Paranoia Agent, FLCL, Invader ZIM, Martin Mystery, C.S.I., Inuyasha, American Dragon Jake Long, Duel Masters, Mewmew Power (shut up), Cardcaptor Sakura, Avatar: the Last Airbander, Gary the Rat, and Stripperella (shut up).

Comics/Mangas/Webcomics: Yu-gi-oh!, FLCL, Eerie Queerie, JTHM, Fruits Basket Death, Save my Earth, I Feel Sick, , Nightmares, Serenity Rose, Girly (At Trust me, it's hilarious!), RPG World ( , Sinfest (Too many sites have it. Just Google search it), Return to Sender (, Lenore ("The cute little zombie girl who tackles life with a perverted innosence that makes you want to give her a big hug... and then step back very quickly while checking to make sure everything's still attatched"-Roman Dirge, creator), and Ray (which is actually done by another artist on Fanart Central).

Bands/Music artists:: TLC, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Spice Girls (shut up), Fatboy Slim, Gorillaz, Offspring, Green Day, X, The Church, The Ramones, Beastie Boys, Backstreet Boys, Evanescence, Matchbox 20, 311, Maroon 5, Barenaked Ladies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Talking Heads, Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte, POD, The White Sripes, Blink 182, Venga Boys, Britney Spears (shut up).

Activities:: Taking Internet Quizzes (and then showing the results to my less-than-sane friends), TV, reading, drawing, kicking people's asses, annoying people (especially Mave)

TV and Comic characters:: Joey, Seto, Alaster, and Bakkun from Yu-gi-oh! (yes, that's what I call Yami Bakura now); Gaz and GIR from Invader ZIM; Little Slugger and Yoichi Tyra from Paranoia Agent; Haruko and Naota from FLCL; Lenore, Ragamuffin, and Pooty Applewater from Lenore; Sera from Serenity Rose; Nny and Squee from JTHM; Kyo from Fruits Basket; Ryan and Matt from Ray; Frank from Donnie Darko (yes, I KNOW it's a movie, but Frank's just so AWESOME!)

Art Mediums:: pencil, felt-tip pens (BALLPOINT SUX!), and blood (When I'm in a bad mood, anyway...)

People who like Tea/Anzu from Yu-gi-oh (friendshoot preacher...), my ex, people who try to be my friend when they KNOW I hate them, Bees and anything related to them (wasps, hornets, etc.), Brandon what's-his-name, CRAIG what's-his-name, spiders, most bugs, darkness (dark is okay, but I freak out in pitch-black darkness. Don't know why, either.), heights,

~~FINAL THOUGHTS (mini-bio-thingy)~~
Carrie: "Hi, there, morons! Nice ta' see ya! (said the nut job as she typed on the computer...) I'm the paranoid-schizophrenic, autistic, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, antisocial, bloodthirsty, bisexual, manic-depressive, YAOI-lovin', mentally unstable, wrist-slitting aspie known as DEMONSPITE!"
Duski: "Ah-HEM!! Forgetting something, Carrie?... Or, perhaps, someONE!?!?"
Carrie: "Oh! that's right! This is my 'evil' alter ego, DUSKI!"
Duski: "Gee, thanks... And I AM evil..."
Carrie: "Suuure Dusk, you just keep telling yourself that... Anyways, I love drawing more than I love life, and nowadays I'm taking Yu-gi-oh! requests (YAOI welcome, obviously, but nothing R-rated, okay?), though it may take a while to finally load some-fracking-thing UP! Once I do, though, I promise you all, it'll be worth it!"
Duski: "Just remember: If you want a pic of you with someone else, Carrie has to know what you LOOK like. She can't see you through her computer screen."
Carrie: "Or CAN I?...."
Duski: *sigh* "No. You can't."
Carrie: "Thanks for disillusioning me."
Duski: "You're welcome." ^-^


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Delayed_Reaction on April 3, 2006, 5:34:09 AM

Delayed_Reaction on
Delayed_ReactionYay, thanks for answering my questions and stuffs. I like your new stuffs too, still my faves..

ShadowTheHedgehodsGurl on March 27, 2006, 5:26:30 AM

ShadowTheHedgehodsGurl on
ShadowTheHedgehodsGurlAHHHHHH NEW ART YAY!!!! I LUV IT!!! WEEEEH!!!! lol can u tell im hyper??!?!?!? ok ill stop i LUV your art i want to see more soooooooo yea

Digi12 on February 2, 2006, 11:44:45 AM

Digi12 on
Digi12Good God, you're alive. lol. Glad to see you're still with us and sorry to hear about your scanner. If it makes any consolation, i don't have a scanner so I KIIIIINDA feel your pain. But I hope it works for you.

Digi12 on December 25, 2005, 10:07:42 AM

Digi12 on
Digi12Hey, Demonspite. Don't mean to bother you but:
1. how's the picture coming along?
2. how's life?
3. OMG I love Gorillaz! Noodle rocks; Down With Murdoc, Up With 2-D

Insanity on December 12, 2005, 3:42:12 AM

Insanity on
InsanityHey I'm finally back I haven't been in a while well gots to go byes Insanity

inuyasha902105454 on December 6, 2005, 7:20:23 AM

inuyasha902105454 on
inuyasha902105454hi wana be friends?

Digi12 on November 21, 2005, 5:47:32 AM

Digi12 on
Digi12I got the first chapter of 'Dib The Mighty' up!

EmilyTheStrange on November 15, 2005, 9:11:13 AM

EmilyTheStrange on
EmilyTheStrangeIts all good,Thanks for actually doing the request ^____^ it makes me very happy....keep doing that Voodoo! *dances around like a madwoman* EVIL SQURRIELS!!!!



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