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Brendon Skellington never thought much about his father, Jack's, status in Halloween Town--until his sister suggests one of them might someday take his place.
A whisper slithers through the air, spinning tales of a dangerous deception.  Is riddle lie? As treachery and love tangle, and blood and tears spill, one town falls to pieces. 'I beg of you!...come with me... please... I love you so...'
"Sally meets Jack for the first time . . ." I wrote this a few months back and decided that I may as well post this here as well :)
"Future Robotnik" This was inspired by DCAarmus's description of the SatAM Robotnik in one of the scripts for his flash series "SatAM-Season0" The drawing is but a sketch.
When this came to my mind so did a little story...

Consider this a small f
sora loves Abby (me) and Abby loves him but what happens when she sees the picture sora drew in the secret place will she still love him? FIND OUT! pairings: SoraxMe RikuxKaiku JackxAshley a little of SelphiexTidus and WakkaxLulu FOR KAIKUU AND SALLY
who will save the day muffins or monsters
no comment.