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This is my first tutorial and it took a day to plan and actually make a tutorial!! Sorry if my grammar is bad...

Overview: You're stuck with MS Paint and not with isn't it? Not if you use this tutorial on how to make a basic anime chibi. This tutorial features how to draw Anaa Kyoyama from Shaman King to get it started!
One shot. Amidamaru thinks of how his relationship with Yoh has developed over time. Yoh x Amidamaru. Fluff. "He aspires to be above the traits that make us human..."
This fic is in spanish. This it´s my first fanfic and the only one. One day, when i have more idea for the language, i translate to english. It´s about a possible past of Marion Phauna. Sorry for my bad english :( See ya ^^
Its Christmas Vacation for the shamans and theyre all going to a big trip doing so they all get ready for the big day knowing they might seek adventure or just lay back and have fun if u must know then read ^_-_^
The outtakes that exist only in my mind
Yoh returns after he makes his was through Tartarus, only to find out something about his previous match