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Chapter 1 - Chritmas holiday

it is xmas eve and cloud and Aeris are spending the holiday with ther freinds

Chapter 1 - Chritmas holiday

Chapter 1 - Chritmas holiday

Aeris Cloud and the gang do Christmas

Aeris sighed and smiled she looked at Cloud there eyes met “what” laughed Cloud as he put the last decoration on the tree she. Smiled more brightly “you know what Cloud it's our first Christmas together as a couple and. I have a surprise for you”

She giggled. And she moved her arm from behind her back and she held some mistletoe in her hand then he stood up “anything to get a snog miss Gainsborough”

Said Cloud as he walked over to her she put her arms around him and he put his around her “yeah but only with my man and no one else” she whispered.

And with that they kissed


Barrett Marlean and Tifa walked through the snow filled streets of Midgar they had been invited by Cloud and Aeris to come and spend Chritmas eve with them Tifa shivered “burr its cold I can't wait until we get to there place I bet it's nice and warm.”

Complained Tifa “papa can you carry me I'm tired” moaned Marlean “okay hon. We will be there soon” said Barret.

(Back at Cloud and Aeris's place)

Aeris started laying food out on the table they had invited everyone they knew she hummed a little. Cloud sneaked up behind her and put his arms around her she shrikes in shock “don't do that you scared the living daylights out of me” she said

“Sorry Hon I didn't mean to scare you but you don't have set the food out let me after all I' am your boyfriend and you where up all night cooking and we didn't get chance to play together” Cloud said saucy in her ear she turned and hit him and boy she can sure hit “ahh what was that for” joked. Cloud “don't be a naughty boy or their will be no late night surprise” she giggled.


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