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Sidestory about what could have happened between Katara and Zuko after she defeated Azula and before he met Mai again. It could be also called "The Death of Zutara".
Katara visits Zuko at his palace a few months after his coronation to see how he is. They have fun during the visit, but they are soon confused in their hearts; unsure of what they really want.
I love it so much
Katara is thinking about Aang and what she thinks of her feeling to him. Poetry Kataang Short.
This is a little bit into the firebenders master episode
it just came to my mind i hope you enjoy it :]
Maiko. Can it work?
What happens when you stick 10 avatar characters in one house and use it as a game show? Chaos.
A letter from Katara to Aang, as she tells him how she feels.
a romantic story revolving around Otaku and Zuko
A sweet story of chance meeting between Zuko and Katara.
a water bending princess that zuko realy likes falls out of the sky with her pet it is now an adventure through magix and zuko's ship if she gets home
It has been 3 years since fire Lord Ozia was defeated and peace came to the world. Now what would happen if a waterbender and a firebender ruled the fire nation together? Zuko and Katara's life togerher.
it is xmas eve and cloud and Aeris are spending the holiday with ther freinds