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Chapter 1 - Artist!

First story so please don't hurt me!
When my random OC (that I made up in school lol) meets the Elric Brothers! What will happen next...dun..dun..duunn!
Of course I don't own any characters and such except for my OC lol.

Chapter 1 - Artist!

Chapter 1 - Artist!
In central, in side the military base were all the State Alchemists are, looking busy except for one person and that was coronal Roy Mustang, talking franticly about all female officers should wear tiny miniskirts, but of all the sudden his door slammed open as a man with short dirty blonde hair approached, the short blacked haired man that who was the coronal.
"Coronal Roy Mustang," he shouted "There was some kid outside in front of the Military doing something that was suspicious, So we captured her!"
Roy Mustang looked at Havoc with amusement.
"AM NOT A KID!, all I was doing a landscape of the Military." Said the brunette girl, "if you don't want me to continue it, I can easily scrap it and move onto something else." Her hair was at her shoulders, and had a long brown coat that reaches to her knees, and also wore a plain white top, blue shorts and white trainers that had a multi-colour crazy design on them. She had stunning blue eyes.
The coronal chuckled at her.
"You can continue your work, I think the Fuhrer wouldn't mind at all," said Roy, "Anyway whats your name kid?"
"Thank you, and the name is Cammie, Cammie MacGregor, and am not a kid am 16 years old,"
"Have fun then, Cammie." Roy smiled happily and watched Cammie skated away. 'Wait, what she's skating?' thought Roy, he looked down and saw Cammie with Rollerblades on.

Cammie skated through the place and grabbing her things that the officers took off of her, she came closer to the exit and jumped in the air as she opened the door with her body, and did a trick once or twice and landed perfectly. She placed everything down and got in position, she took out a sketch book and opened it and flicked through the pages that she drew on. She grabbed a 2B pencil and started to sketch.

"Agghh, what does that Mustang thing want me anyway," Said a male voice that was in the distance "he'l probably nag at me, telling me off and make bad jokes about my size! Bas****,"
"Brother, don't worry he won't do that," Said another male voice that was more gentle than the first one.
Footsteps where herd from the direction of the two males that had a conversation.
Cammie sighed and tried to ignore there conversation.
The footsteps stopped and the first voice started to talk again "Hey I wonder why that kid is there?"
Cammie's eyebrow twitched at the comment that was giving to her. The foot steps came closer and closer until the came to a halt.
"Wow your amazing drawer miss," said the voice that was gentle from before.
Cammie turned her head and greet the two mystery guests that was before her.


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