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Chapter 4 - Spin the Bottle and Sharingan

My OC's story with the Akatsuki Clan and her friends!
Sexual Content: Mild
Violence: Mild to Moderate

Chapter 4 - Spin the Bottle and Sharingan

Chapter 4 - Spin the Bottle and Sharingan
Recap: Tobi walked slowly over to the kunoichi and stopped in front of the neko heiress.

She smiled as her eyes were brimming with tears and traced his mask markings with her fragile fingers.

The rest of the Akatsuki and the girls were in total shock.


Tobi gently brushed over her fingers with his masculan hand.

' Tobi-san, I--' Sakuya started, but then became overwhelmed by darkness.

She started to fall but he picked her up bridal-style and motioned for all to follow.

They all looked at Tobi with confused expressions.

Where was he going?

Tobi was tighting his grip on Sakuya, while staring at her with a guilty look behind his mask.

There was an eerie silence as tension started to build.

After about 10 min. of walking, they got curious.

Sasori was the first to speak.

' Tobi, where are we going?'

No answer.

Itachi was next.

' Tobi, answer the question' The ebony-haired, missing-nin Uchiha demanded coldly.

No answer.

They all were getting annoyed at the missing-nin goofball's sudden quietness.

The elder Uchiha had had enough.

He reached over and grabbed Tobi's cloak collar, lifted him up, and threw him against a tree with Sakuya still in his arms.

' Sakuya! ' Ayame, Sakura, and Hinata yelled in unison.

They tried to go after her, but an arm stopped them.

It was Deidara.

' My advice to you, would be to stay away from Itach-san, especially when he's mad ' He whispered.

His face was serious.

Meanwhile,A ways away,

Itachi was using the Tsukiyomi on Tobi for annoying him.

Sakuya was beneath his chest, still out of it.

What was with this girl?

Why was he protecting her?

With the girls and Akatsuki,

They were all waiting anxiously to see what happened, when they heard a high-pitched scream.

It was Sakuya.

' Hime-sama! '

The girls were getting worried now.

Sakuya was stirring, she slowly opened her eyes, and saw red clouds.

Confused, she looked upward toward the light, and saw Tobi looking down on her, with blood seeping through his mask.

She screamed.

Tobi shakily stood up off of her and sat her up.

The young heiress's eyes widened as she looked up into Itachi's eyes.

Suddenly there was fire everywhere burning huts to the ground and people were running with their families screaming.

None of them made it out alive except for one little girl which looked like a very young Sakuya.

She was crying and shaking harder and harder by the second and--

Itachi was cut off.

Sakuya had closed her eyes.

' Impossible! She tuned me out! 'The Sharingan master thought.

The rest of the Akatsuki and the kunoichi caught up with them.

' Sakuya! '

The girls rushed over to her, concerned.

She smiled and assured her friends she was fine.

Her gaze turned to Tobi, who was now huddled in a bloody ball.

Sakuya slowly pulled herself over to him, and sat infront of him.

She stretched him onto his back as her hand started to glow white.

His major wounds were healed though, he still had a few bruises and scratches.

After many hours of walking and complaining from Kisame and Deidara and exemely loud yelling from Konan, the disfunctional group finally decided to stop and set up camp for the night.

Kisame was building the fire.

Ayame was getting the drinking water from a stream futher out.

Sakura was talking about something to herself while wondering around stupidly.

Deidara and Sasori were setting up traps for enemy "invasions" as Deidara put it.

Itachi was meditating to relieve stress.

Konan was yelling because she couldnt find her hair brush.

Hinata was digging a trench with her kunai incase it rained.

And Sakuya was catching the fish.

Sakuya was gliding through the water, darting her claws in and out faster than lighting.

She was using her chakra to sit atop the water and catch the fish.

So far, she was up to 11, 15, 19, 25!

Ayame LOVED to eat fish.

With catching 37 fish, Sakuya was satisfied with her work and transported back to camp in a swirl of, baby's breath and lavendar.

Within minutes of coming back to camp, Ayame had sniffed out the fish, and was now knee-deep in drool.

Kisame finished the fire and they all sat down to begin roasting their meal.

The shark-like man, however, growled in protest.


' I CAN'T EAT THIS!!! ' Ayame who was next to him butted in.

' Look at the bright side...'

' You wont have to put up with any annoying relatives visiting you now ' she said as she smirked.

Konan burst out laughing.

He glared at her.

She brushed it off as nothing.

' You gonna eat that?'

' Why you little--' The swordsman started, but was cut off by a hand holding a container of 16 rice balls.

He looked up to see Sakuya.

' T--Take them' She was smiling kindly at him.

' Er, thanks..'

He took them, and within seconds, they were gone.

Itachi looked towards Sakuya's fish and the two of them were untouched.

'So, she's starving herself...'

He noted.

He looked at her face, which held fake happiness and behind that, was a pained broken expression.

It was now midnight and the girl's wanted to play Spin the Bottle, well, Hinata, Ayame, and Sakura anyway.

Konan was first.

Spinning. Spinning.

It landed on...Tobi.

Sakuya smirked.

' W--What?! ' Tobi stuttered.

Sakuya looked over to Tobi and mouthed...

' Good Luck, Love Dr.

'He sighed and took off his mask.

He had brown-spiked hair with sparkling chocolate brown eyes.

' You have two minutes! ' Sakura annouced.

' And...GO! ' Konan gently leaned forward as did Tobi until they're lips met.

He was surprised.

This was actually nice.

Konan seemed to be enjoying it, too.

Before they knew it, the kiss was over and they reluctantly parted.

Hinata was next.

Spinning. Spinning.

It landed on...Deidara.

The blonde swallowed hard and turned away, trying to hide a blush.

The Hyuuga just sat there wide-eyed with a pale face.

She wasn't supposed to kiss anyone except Naruto!

She loved Naruto!

Sakuya looked over and automatically knew what the female Byakugan user was thinking.

Sakuya closed her eyes and a second later slowly opened them.


She barley twitched a finger and Hinata's head snapped towards her.

Hinata activated her Byakugan.

With Sakuya and Hinata,

' H--Hyuuga-san, if you don't w--want to do this, you don't h--have to' The Kobayashi girl assured her friend.

' But, I want to.' The formerly shy, Hyuuga replied.

Sakuya nodded.

' I want to move on.' Hinata's voice was breaking.

'H--Hai, I understand Hina-C--Chan.'

Both girls fully returned back to their camp, and were now recieving mixed glances, from around the camp.

Deidara was staring, confused.

Tobi and Ayame were glancing, worried.

Sasori and Sakura looked annoyed.

Kisame just glared.

And Itachi's eyes were wide. ' Sharingan?! '

He was shocked, to say the least. No, this one's a different color, purple?

He noted.

' Helloooo???????' Sakura interrupted.

She was waving her hands infront of her

' Game?'

Everyone nodded and looked towards Hinata, who merely gave a weak smile.

She looked toward Sakuya who mouthed...

' You can do it! '

Hinata turned to Sakura who nodded.

'Two minutes! '

The Hyuuga heiress turned to Deidara and swallowed.

' And...GO! '

She had heard go, but her body wouldn't budge.

Sakuya sighed, she hated to do this.

She applied chakra to her hands and split it to go to her fingers.

She moved her hands forward, towards Hinata and chakra strings latched onto the Hyuuga's arms and legs.

As soon as Sakuya moved her hands backward Hinata went falling forward toward the blonde.

Out of impulse, Deidara caught her by the shoulders and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

She squeaked as her face went tomato red and her eyes went wide.

Deidara smirked as they pulled apart.

They all looked to Sakuya but she was gone.

So was Itachi.

Everybody went pale.

Without a word, they all shot toward Sakuya's chakra signature.


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