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(Warning:"Lead Me Not" spoilers!)
This is supposed to be a story between the first and second half of Lead Me Not. It was design as a mystery/horror story to pass about 9 months till LMN starts back up
Shizuka Hime,sent to the asylum after burtaly murdering nearly a dozen innocent people, escapes with the help of an unlikely accomplice. Her cousin, Asuka Toya, is morally forced to track her down and bring her to justice.
This is a revamp of the previous version. I went back and didn't like the old one so i redid it. Hope the new style works. Lt me know. The old fic will be up until both the chapters I have up are rewritten.
Biographies of my Naruto OCs
This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!
Here is my collection of short stories that tells about my OC, Nozomi Kubota, and how she met and came to get together with Naruto Uzumaki. :3
Don't read. The story is stupid and I wrote it at midnight, when I was half-asleep. Read if you must. Comment before faving to tell me why the hell you think this story is good.
This is a Stat Sheet for my Naruto OC Takara. She and another OC Yoru are featured in my Naruto fanfic 'Eye of the Beholder'.

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Takara Mika & Yoru © me
a little poem i made for chibisrule943

bff, and all around aweshome!! :3

this is a itayc vampric poem, hope you like yc ^^
Peanut Butter
Mikazuki just gotten her uncle arrested, now she's leaving for the leaf village, how will she live with change? And will her Uncle Yukio ever find a new boyfriend?
Yeah, well, I had really long one and lots of people read it and had characters in it. But then my account got hacked and in the time between, most of the people ditched and aren't around to read it anymore. So...Sign Up Here if interested.
Naruto and gaara trys to help a demon in need. i said...i'm going to make my bio for my OC, Star Uzumaki. I am going to make it short and easy to catch up with...(since a lot happens to her) i hope u take the time to check it out!
When Uchiha Reiko comes back home to the leaf Village, everything breaks loose! What will happen? Read to find out!
Four kunoichi rogue ninja try to remain free.
This is the Story of Ryu Kozaku, a Boy who has A monster, Onaga the Dragon Emperor, inside of him.What is This Beast? And Why has it fallen to darkness? Read and Learn the Story that started it all...
This is a Fanfic about my character Jessica and stuff and just prety much all the stuff that hapnes to her and stuff!
kairi a 15 year old ninja is new to the hidden leaf village and unexsedidly falls in love with two guys
i typed this from my pure imagination...but i must warn you...i typed it thinking "what would it be like if i ran into deidara?" well, i thought and this is my result...well, it is in several chapters tough!
I liked this song so I decided to make a story. Yes Ayume is my naruto Oc. And yes her and naruto like each other. Um I may cotinue it if enough people read it so uh yeah enjoy and do the comment thingy.
I wrote this Naruto fanfiction a long time ago and only recently found it again. The Mary-Sue-ness of the whole thing made me laugh, so I'm putting this back up just for jollies. Hopefully my character-creating skill have improved since I wrote this.
Kankuro finds a girl uncancious and injured in a forest while he's on a mission with temari, naruto, and sakura. I suck at summeries but please read/
One day Lee finds a mysterious silver haired girl being pounded by a silver haired boy, then he interfears and the boy runs off. Will Lee fall in love with the silver hair girl?
This is a story bout my Oc Leggy (totally meh just narutofied) and my friends ocs too!