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Chapter 6 - The Possessor

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 6 - The Possessor

Chapter 6 - The Possessor
The Possessor Sesshomaru had started the fire and leaned up against another tree, leaving Yoshiko by herself to sleep. Kagome and InuYasha got back first. Miroku and Sango got back with Rin and Shippo a few minutes later. They were there for a couple of hours before Yoshiko woke up again. Rin was asleep in Sesshomaru’s arms. Kirara was also asleep in Sango’s lap. “Yoshiko, what happened?” Shippo asked jumping onto her lap. “I sensed demons ahead. I thought I should have checked it out. I didn’t want anyone to get worried over nothing. There were more demons there than I had sensed. That’s why I had collapsed. I was caught off guard and had to uncover my eyes.” Yoshiko said weakly. “Why would you collapse from uncovering your eyes?” Sango asked. “Because it takes a lot of energy out of me. When I have my eyes uncovered I not only see the future, I show it to whoever looks into them, and all my powers are at their fullest. I can literally do anything, but I can’t do a whole lot. It weakens me too fast.” Yoshiko explains. Her eye lids fluttered a little. “Why don’t we wait and ask more questions in the morning.” Sesshomaru suggested noticing Yoshiko tiring. She smiled and nodded her head. She put Shipppo on the ground and laid down. Everyone agreed and went to sleep, but that night Kagome and InuYasha shared a sleeping bag. Sango kept her distance from Miroku though. She was still unsure of what to do about what Miroku had said. Sesshomaru was the last one up. He stared at Yoshiko for the longest time. Then looked around trying to find a place to sleep. “You can sleep next to me.” Yoshiko said just loud enough for Sesshomaru to hear. He smiled and knelt down next to her. Then he found a good spot behind her. “Good night, Yoshiko.” he whispered in her ear. “You may call me Yoshi if you want to. Your father did.” Yoshiko said while turning around to face him. “Are you sure?” Sesshomaru asked stupidly. Yoshiko giggled a little. “Yes.” she said burying her face in his chest. “That would be nice, Yoshi.” he said before kissing her head and falling asleep.************************** Everyone slept in late. It was about nine in the morning before Yoshiko woke up. She was the first up. She looked around and saw everyone. She saw Kagome and InuYasha together in each others arms. ‘He told her and she remembered what she saw.’ Yoshi thought. She noticed Rin next to Kirara. Sango and Miroku seem to have moved closer in their sleep. ‘He most have told her. I guess she was too confused.’ she thought grimly. She was hoping Sango would have admitted her feelings. Shippo was close to the camp fire. He was so cute, innocent and young. Then she turned and saw Sesshomaru. He was so peaceful looking. Then she noticed the moon on his forehead and was reminded of his father. She was suddenly afraid. Afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stay with him. Afraid he didn’t feel the same for her. She was afraid she would get her heart broken again. ‘I can’t get to close to him. He wouldn’t feel anything for me other than hatred because I killed his father. And even if he did love me I doubt I’ll be able to take in this soul before he dies.’ she thought to herself. Looking at his father’s soul on her bracelet. Sesshomaru was waking up. Yoshiko quickly got up and started breakfast. ‘I can’t get depressed again or else I’m sure he’ll do something.’ Yoshi thought sadly. Sesshomaru noticed Yoshiko building the fire back up when he awoke. She looked well enough at first, but then he saw her eyes. They were deep in thought and it wasn’t happy thoughts either. He got up and went to her side. He put his hand on her shoulder reassuringly. “What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream or something?” Sesshomaru asked concerned. “Or something” Yoshi replied emotionless. She walked over to the tree she had slept by. “Did I do something wrong?” Sesshomaru asked confused. “No. I’m just… It’s hard to explain. Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you.” Yoshiko said soothing most of Sesshomaru’s fears. “Then why are you being so cold to me?” Sesshomaru asked while walking over to her and putting his hand on Yoshi’s. She turned her head to face him. His eyes seemed hurt. She was furious at herself for hurting him. ‘I guess he does love me or at least cares for me more than most. I hate doing this to him, but it wouldn’t work and I don’t want to get hurt again.’ Yoshi thought as she stared at him and he gazed back at her. “I…” Yoshi was cut off by the sound of Rin waking up. “Sesshomaru. Yoshiko.” Rin murmured as she woke up. Yoshiko quickly turned away from Sesshomaru to go to Rin. Everyone else started to wake up after that. They continued on that day, but everyone noticed two new things. Kagome and InuYasha held hands and Yoshiko was on her guard when Sesshomaru was around. As the day wore on Yoshiko became more and more distant. Shippo and Rin were the only ones who could snap her out of it. They were taking a break about two hours after lunch. Now even Rin and Shippo couldn’t make Yoshiko relax. Sesshomaru was getting feed up. ‘She acted like this before she left yesterday. Someone must be coming. Maybe she’ll tell me.’ Sesshomaru thought. He was trying to figure out what to do. Finally he just gave up and talked to her. “Yoshiko, who’s coming?” he asked openly. “What are you talking about, Sesshomaru?” InuYasha asked. Yoshiko just sat there. Everyone was looking at her. She had her eyes closed. Her head was facing down. She didn’t even move. She was sweating a little. “Yoshiko,….” Kagome whispered. They wait another moment in silence. Shippo finally went over to her and jumped on her lap. “Yoshiko! Yoshiko!” Shippo shouted in her face. “Try calling her Yoshi. She told me father used to call her that.” Sesshomaru suggested. Rin walked over and shouted with Shippo “Yoshi! Yoshi! YYYYOOOSHHIIIIII!!!!!!” Yoshiko suddenly opened her eyes. Rin and Shippo were caught off guard when they saw her amethyst eyes. Then they saw different things. Rin saw Sesshomaru. He was upset. He wouldn’t look at her. She wanted to run to him, but couldn’t. Shippo saw Kagome and InuYasha. They were crying in each other’s arms. He had a feeling that he was crying too, but couldn’t tell why. Without warning the vision was over. Rin wanted to keep watching. Shippo was glad to not have to see anymore. Yoshiko had closed her eyes quickly and then opened them again to the usual sapphire color. She was obviously surprised and hadn’t heard anyone until Rin and Shippo had shouted her name. “What?” Yoshi asked weakly. Everyone just stared. “What were you doing, Yoshi?!” Sesshomaru asked rudely. Yoshi just stared at him. She always saw someone’s past, present, or future when she looked at them. Right then she was seeing Sesshomaru’s future. She had never seen this before. It scared her more than anything, but it also gave her a little bit of joy. She was about to close her eyes to make it stop when Sesshomaru left. She hadn’t even noticed that he had been yelling at her. She watched him walk away trying to regain her voice to warn him of what was coming. It was too late though. He was so far away she wouldn’t have been able to yell to him. She didn’t want to see him go. He was coming and she didn’t want Sesshomaru to get hurt. She got up to go run after him. Then she stopped. If she left he would come and kill everyone else. She couldn’t let that happen either. “Yoshiko, what is going on?” Miroku asked forcefully. She stood there for a moment longer and decided to tell them. “Someone is coming. He can possess people and kill them before leaving their body. I can keep Him out of any of us, but there needs to be a physical link. I need to be touching you or be touching everyone in a chain for it to work. I got to stay here to protect all of you, but I want to go after Sesshomaru.” Yoshiko confessed worriedly. “Can’t you do something that will keep him away until you find Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked. “I think I can create a barrier around all of you. That should keep Him away for a while.” Yoshi replied. She closed her eye briefly then opened them. “He’s about half a mile away. I’ll put up a barrier around you. As long as you don’t mention were I am then I should be able to get rid of Him when I get back.” Yoshi said while getting the barrier ready as fast as she could. Yoshiko looked at Rin just before she finished. She looked into Rin’s heart and found that she was scared. “It’ll be alright, Rin. I’ll be back with Sesshomaru in a little while.” Yoshiko said encouragingly. Then she swiftly left to find Sesshomaru. She needed to find him. She was heading in the direction he had left. She knew He was probably at the camp and time was running out for her to find Sesshomaru. She stopped for a second. She closed her eyes and looked for him that way. She could sense him. He wasn’t far, but she also sensed Him approaching Sesshomaru. She had to hurry. It only took her a minute. Sesshomaru was sitting by a tree. She was relieved that he was ok. “Sesshomaru.” Yoshi said with relief in her voice. He had heard her. He stood up. “Yoshiko, I’m sorry I left, but ….” he was cut off by Him entering him though his open mouth. Yoshiko felt her heart stop. He had taken Sesshomaru. She ran to him. “Sesshomaru, please hang on!” She shouted grabbing his shirt. She could feel Him inside Sesshomaru. “So you like this body. He will do. Now let me pass.” He said within Sesshomaru rudely. Yoshiko pushed her fore arm into his neck and her hand on his chest. That way he was pinned to the tree. “Or maybe I was wrong.” He said sounding less like Sesshomaru. “Get out of his body!” Yoshi yelled with her face only a couple of inches from his face. She pushed harder on his neck. “You would never kill me because if you kill me you kill your precious….What is his name? Who cares. You would never kill him.” He said leaning in for a kiss. Yoshiko just pushed harder. “I will if it kills you.” Yoshi replied pulling back her arm that had been at his neck. She made sure that she could keep him there with her one hand. She held out two fingers and her staff appeared. It was more of a spear with a couple of coils at the top. She pressed the sharp end next to his neck. “Now get out of his body.” Yoshi said making sure He could feel the sharp blade at his neck. “Fine. I’ll leave this precious body of yours.” He said as if she was just an annoyance. Sesshomaru’s head fell forward and Yoshi heard him moan. It sounded like her Sesshomaru, but she wasn’t sure. She used her magic to search inside him. He was still in there. She became furious. She put her staff back to his neck. This time choking him for a moment. “I said get out!” she shouted trying to make her point. He just looked into her eyes and smiled. “You’re a quick study my dear, but you probably don’t realize your eyes have changed and I can see how much you really do love this man.” He said arrogantly. Yoshiko was stunned. She hadn’t realized that she had uncovered her eyes. ‘Damn. He knows I can’t kill Sesshomaru. But if I don’t who will?’ Yoshi was thinking desperate for an idea. ‘I guess I must say good-bye.’ She thought with a tear running down her cheek. She then got ready to slash his throat. “Last chance.” Yoshiko said. She waited a minute or so hoping that He would just leave Sesshomaru. She gave up and swung her staff. It was only a few inches from his neck when Yoshi felt Him leave Sesshomaru. She stopped herself with the end at his throat. There was a little blood from scratching him, but he would live and be fine. Yoshi instantly dropped the staff. “Sesshomaru…” she whispered in disbelief. He looked at her a little scared. “Yoshi, what happened and why are you crying?” Sesshomaru asked concerned. Yoshiko couldn’t handle it. She fell into his arm for a comforting embrace. She cried there holding on to him for dear life. “I was afraid I would have to kill you. I’m so happy you’re alright.” Yoshiko cried into his shirt. He wrapped his arms around her tight. He caressed her head trying to get her to calm down. Suddenly Yoshi was tense in his arms. She backed away and put her hands on his shoulders quickly. Then Sesshomaru and her were glowing. “He’s trying to take one of us. Grab my shoulder.” Yoshiko said holding back A LOT of emotions. Sesshomaru did what she said without a word. Yoshi took one of her hands from his shoulder. She held out two fingers and her staff appeared in them again. Sesshomaru could see a thing approaching them. It was a black cloud, but it was strange. It was coming at them fast. Yoshiko slashed it in two when it came near her. It disappeared on the ground. Yoshi twirled her staff so the point was facing down and stuck it in the earth. It too disappeared. Yoshiko then collapsed in Sesshomaru’s arms. She was more tired than she thought. Sesshomaru held her worrying about what happened and what was wrong. Yoshi noticed this and said weakly “It’s ok. I’m ok. Just a little tired. I uncovered my eyes without knowing it.”. She cuddled up to Sesshomaru. It felt so wonderful to her. “I’ll explain later.” she whispered before falling to sleep. “Why is it I always hear that from you?” Sesshomaru said sarcastically. He picked her up. She was cradled in his arms and loving every second of it. He took her back to camp. He had to wait a while for the barrier to fade away, but when it did he walked in. Everyone had a million questions for him. They were all asking them at the same time. “Shhh! Yoshi is asleep. I’ll tell you what I know in a minute and she can explain the rest to us later.” Sesshomaru said forcefully, but quiet enough not to wake Yoshi. She turned her head to him cuddling closer. He walked her over to a tree with cherry blossoms. He gently laid her down. He was happy to know that she cared about him after that morning. ‘Why are you so confusing to me?’ Sesshomaru thought as he stroked her cheek. A cherry blossom fell onto her lips suddenly. He smiled and brushed the blossom away. He quickly kissed her head and turned to see everyone staring at him. At once everyone, but Rin found something else to do. Sesshomaru shook his head and went to talk with Rin, the only person there who wouldn’t ask him a million questions.


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