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naraku is dead his creations are free some go here some go there let the game of love begin i will give pictures of the pairs i will also put the lyrcs to love game by lady gaga in here as the song shares the name
naraku has been dead for years no one has seen from kagura kanna hakudoshi akago or byakuya until the children come to sesshomaru in a panic
when kagura comes to sesshomaru he''s expecting disrespect but she had kanna and a infant with her and asks him to take them before naraku fully enslaves them telling him she doesnt want them to share her fate.
A Inuyasha x Miroku one shot. Its my first fanfic so be nice...
You have always never been able to find a husband...what happens when inuyasha comes into your life.(you+inu)
For kikyoXInu fans and KagXInu fans
please read it
Its a school kinda story
who loves and who looses love
A romance story about Ayumi from the Inuyasha series.Kagome is sick again and Ayumi is selected to deliver her homework.The young girl finds herself in the well house, due to certain events, and falls down the well. What will happen to Ayumi next?R&R
These are four of my original characters. Please note, I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SHOW. Comment to tell me if I should continue with the story.
After a fight with Shesshomru Inuyasha turns demon and attacks Kagome. (i have a different paring in mind now)
Have you ever made a wish? Or rather have you ever wished to disappear or for another person to disappear? This is a tale of one girl whose only wish was to be free from the house she called home. Soon she will learn, however, that you should be careful w
Kagome is a pricess and wants to get rid of her old life. Inuyasha is a pirate and wants nothing more than to kill the Northern King aka Kagome's dad for stealing the Western and Eastern Lands. What happens when these two meet?
This story is dedicated to chibi-chan and 1_lover_of_the_fluff. After someone betrays Kagome she runs away and finds someone to love.
when lifes too much, JUMP! just a story about my characters on the new moon
It's a poem
That's right!Kid's!The whole gang has one kid(Sept Shippo corse)!I'm not going to tell you the couple's find out for yourself!Oh yeah,they meet other couple's kids too.
These are just like the rest, poems done in my spare time. I don't really like these ones as much as the others.
InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W