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Chapter 7 - Kohaku's Back

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 7 - Kohaku's Back

Chapter 7 - Kohaku's Back
Kohaku’s Back InuYasha explained what Yoshiko had been nervous about to Sesshomaru that night. They talked for a while. They traded stories and figured out the rest without waking Yoshi. In the morning they explained it all to the rest of the gang. Yoshi didn’t wake up until almost noon. She was still very tired. They all decided to head back to Kaede’s village so Kagome could go back to her time for a while and Yoshiko could get some rest. They wanted to move fast so Yoshiko and Rin rode on Kilala. Sesshomaru had offered to carry Yoshi, but she said no. She was distancing herself from him again. He wanted to talk to her, but knew that she wasn’t in any condition to argue if it came to that. So he let her be. They were nearly ten miles from Kaede’s village when they made camp. Everyone was sitting around the camp fire, except Yoshi. She was leaning next to a tree half asleep. “How long do you think you’ll be in the future, Kagome?” InuYasha asked with his arm around her. They were always like that now. “I’ll probably stay there for a week or two.” Kagome replied. InuYasha was disappointed and couldn’t hide it. “Don’t worry. I’ll come back at night and visit.” She said reassuringly. “Can I go back with you?” Yoshiko asked from behind. They turned and saw her standing behind them. “You shouldn’t be up.” Miroku said concerned. “I’m fine. I can stand on my own.” Yoshiko said annoyed with him. “Well you probably shouldn’t do much more than that for a while.” Sango suggested. “Alright. So can I go to your time, Kagome?” Yoshi asked again. “I know what everything is called in your time and I need to get some better clothes.” She said pointing out her grungy, raggedy, not to mention dirty old clothes. Her shoes were completely torn up. “I guess.” Kagome answered unsure of why she wanted to go so bad. “Will you come back?” Sesshomaru asked from across the camp fire. Yoshi was shocked. He looked depressed already. “After I get some rest, yeah.” Yoshi answered kindly. He seemed content with that, but Yoshi knew that he wanted her to stay. She looked away. Not wanting to see the pain she caused him. She hated herself for hurting him, but couldn’t help it. “I’m going for a walk.” Sesshomaru said. He glanced at Yoshi, hoping she would notice and she did. ‘He wants me to follow him. I can’t. I’ll be leading him on if I do. I should stay here. Hold on a minute….’ Yoshi thought. She sensed Naraku coming with Kohaku, Kanna, and Kagura ahead of him. Yoshi glanced at Sango. ‘I have to take care of those three, now. I doubt Sango will want to see Kohaku.’ She thought. She used her powers quickly to find where they were coming from. They were coming from the west. There was just one problem. Sesshomaru had just walked off that way. ‘I have to go for Sango. She will get upset if she sees Kohaku under Naraku’s spell. I just have to stay away from Sesshomaru.’ Yoshi thought nervously. “I’m going to get some water.” Yoshi said. It was the first thing she had thought of, but the river was in the other direction. She quickly left to avoid the questions. Once she was out of sight she started to run. Being so weak it wasn’t very fast. Then she saw Sesshomaru sitting under a tree. ‘He must be waiting for me, but I’ve got to get to Kohaku.’ she thought trying to avoid him, but Sesshomaru saw her. He quickly got up and ran to her. She tried to stubbornly go around, but he stopped her. “Yoshiko, we need to talk.” he said seriously. She tried to pull away again, but she was too weak. He noticed her expression and asked “What’s wrong? Where were you going?” worried about her. “Naraku is heading this way with Kohaku, Kanna, and Kagura. I need to stop them.” Yoshi blurted out desperately. “Then I’ll help you. Just tell me where to go.” Sesshomaru offered. “They’re coming from that way.” Yoshiko mumbled and pointed. He picked her up and ran off in the direction she had pointed in. ‘At least this gives me an excuse to let him carry me. I love being in his arms. I wish I could stay here forever’ Yoshi thought as she hung on tighter. ‘I wish she would let me do this without a crisis. She’s so weak now. I’ll have to fight or else she’ll be in Kagome’s time, resting forever’ Sesshomaru thought. They soon meet up with Naraku’s three minions. Kohaku was in his usual daze. Kanna was close to him and Kagura was in the front. “Kohaku.” Yoshi whispered. The three were obviously confused when they saw Yoshiko and Sesshomaru. “Who’s your new friend, Sesshomaru?” Kagura asked. “I’m Yoshiko. And I believe you are Kagura.” Yoshiko said while getting out of Sesshomaru’s arms. “What do you want?” Kagura asked. “You and Kanna get lost and I’ll be happy. I need to talk with Kohaku.” Yoshiko stated confidently. “You can’t make him remember anything. And even if you could I need some wounds to show I actually tried. Otherwise Naraku will kill me. I’m supposed to weaken you all before he gets here.” Kagura said hoping this stranger could help. “I can do that. I can also give little Kanna a scratch or two if you want.” Yoshiko mentioned before summoning her staff. “Let’s see you try.” Kagura replied slightly amused. ‘This girl thinks she can defeat me.’ Kagura thought. Sesshomaru got in front of Yoshi. “You can’t fight. You’re too weak. Don’t fight.” Sesshomaru pleaded with a deep sadness in his eyes. Yoshi instantly closed her eyes. She called on her powers. When she opened her eyes Sesshomaru had his hand on her cheek. “You can’t. You’re still weak from uncovering your eyes before. Please don’t.” He whispered. His breathe was warm on her face. “I have to.” She whispered back. Then she kissed his cheek. She tried to go, but he wouldn’t let her. He gave her a loving embrace. She appreciated it a lot, but would never admit it. “I have to do it now. I have to go, Sesshomaru. You can do me a favor while I’m dealing with these guys.” she told him. He loosened the hug to look at her. “Anything.” Sesshomaru said willingly. “Go get Sango. I’ll need her if I’m going to help Kohaku.” Yoshi ordered. He nodded his head and then kissed hers before he took off. Her heart sunk as she watched him go. She wished he could have stayed. Then she was brought back to reality by Kagura’s laughter. “Isn’t that sweet. Sesshomaru loves you. And you love him, don’t you.” Kagura teased cruelly. “Well, if we are done with all that sweet talk.” Kagura said then brought out her fan. “Let’s get started. Dance of the Blade” she shouted. Yoshi quickly uncovered her eyes and thrust her staff into the ground. It created a small barrier. Once the dust cleared the barrier fell and Yoshiko was standing there. Kagura was impressed, but not much. “Nice trick. Let’s see what you can do.” Kagura invited. Yoshi smiled. She used her powers to go super fast and came up to Kagura. She used the dull end of her staff to stab Kagura with. She fell at once holding her stomach. “I can give Kanna a scratch while you stay here.” Yoshiko whispered into Kagura’s ear. Then she walked over to Kanna. “Will you fight?” Yoshi asked. Kanna looked to Kagura. Kagura shook her head. Telling her not to fight. Kanna shook her head ‘no’. “That is fine then. I’ll go give your sister another lesson then.” Yoshiko said. She walked back to Kagura. Yoshi was smiling. “Look into my eyes, Kagura.” Yoshi commanded. Reluctantly Kagura looked into bright, yet dark, purple eyes. When Kagura looked into her eyes she saw something that overjoyed her. She saw herself free. Naraku wasn’t around and she somehow knew her heart was beating in her chest. Then it was gone. Yoshiko had looked away. “No… I want to see more.” Kagura begged. “That is your future, Kagura. I can help you get it, but I need you to do something for me.” Yoshi said. “Anything for my freedom.” Kagura replied desperately. “Leave Kohaku with me. Tell Naraku we left for the Mountains in the North. We are really going to be at a nearby village, but we will be vulnerable for a while so I need you to get Naraku away. Do you understand?” Yoshi asked. “Yes. I’ll make sure we stay away for at least two months if you can get me my freedom.” Kagura replied trying to stand up. Yoshi helped her up. “If you think you can, go and drive him away now.” Yoshiko ordered. Kagura nodded her head. Kanna came to stand beside her. “And I would appreciate it if you would not show Naraku anything in that mirror of yours.” Yoshi told Kanna being careful not to look into the mirror. She nodded silently. They left quickly. Leaving a weak Yoshiko and a baffled Kohaku. Yoshi went to Kohaku. He backed away quickly. “Don’t fear me I’m here to help you.” she said only just loud enough for him to hear. She used what power she could spare and sent a feeling of relief and safety into him. His eyes fluttered shut as Yoshi walked up to him. She walked around and stood behind him for a moment then put her hand on his forehead. She put her other hand on his back right where his jewel shard was imbedded. She was starting to erase what Naraku had done. She wiped away the memory of fighting Sango and all the other horrible things he had done. ‘I can’t believe this. I knew Naraku had made Kohaku do some bad things, but what I’m erasing is terrible.’ Yoshi was like that for a long time before Sesshomaru arrived with Sango, Miroku, Kagome, InuYasha and Shippo. Kilala and Rin were not with them though. Sango immediately ran to Kohaku. “Wait, Sango. You can’t touch Kohaku yet.” Yoshi said with her eyes closed. “I need you to touch my shoulder and think of all the wonderful times with Kohaku. Don’t think of when he, your family, and the village died. That wouldn’t help me.” Yoshi instructed. Sango nodded and grabbed Yoshi. She thought of when Kohaku was young and they would play together as children. Yoshiko kept the connection up for an hour. She kept giving Kohaku his memory. When it had been an hour Yoshi had given enough. “Sango, let go. I need to give him live. Let go quickly.” Yoshi ordered. Sango did and then Yoshiko opened her eyes. Everyone was blinded by a vivid purple light. Sesshomaru tried to see if Yoshi was ok. Miroku covered Shippo and InuYasha shielded Kagome. Sango was overwhelmed. The light disappeared in a few seconds. When everyone looked they saw Yoshiko glowing and Kohaku was glimmering. Yoshiko passed out after that. She was lying on the ground motionless. Sesshomaru darted toward her. “Yoshiko! Yoshiko!” Sesshomaru shouted. He held her in his arms trying to wake her up. Kohaku just stood there. His eyes were glowing purple and then turned back to their normal color. The shard that had been in his back fell to the ground. “Sango.” He whispered and then turned to see his sister. They saw tears in the young boy’s eyes. He ran to Sango and hugged her. Sango started to cry. She couldn’t even speak. “What happened? I can’t remember” Kohaku said shook up. They both sank to their knees, overwhelmed. “Shhh. Its ok, Kohaku. I’ll explain it all later.” Sango said comforting him. She hugged him tight knowing that it was her brother and not Naraku’s puppet. She was so relieved. “I’m taking Yoshiko back to camp.” Sesshomaru said with Yoshi cradled in his arms. “Kagome and I will go with you.” InuYasha said. “I’ll go, too” Shippo happily volunteered. “I’ll wait for Sango and Kohaku.” Miroku said seriously. They nodded and left. Miroku looked at the brother and sister after the gang was gone. ‘I should give them some privacy.’ the monk thought. “I’ll be nearby.” Miroku said with his hand on Sango’s shoulder. “No.” Sango whispered. “We should be heading back. Yoshiko didn’t look too good.” Sango said bringing herself and Kohaku up. “Who is Yoshiko?” Kohaku asked. “And who is this?” Sango struggled for the words for quite a while before Miroku saved her. “I’m a friend and Yoshiko saved you, but we can wait until tomorrow for the details.” Miroku said charmingly. Sango nodded and started to lead Kohaku. “Wait a moment. We almost forgot the jewel shard. I’ll go back and get it.” he said running back to where the shard had fallen. ‘The shard is probably tainted. We’ll have to have Kagome purify it when we get back to…’ he found the shard on the ground. It was completely pure. For a moment Miroku even thought it looked purer than the shards Kagome had purified. He studied it for a second before being called back to reality by Sango. They went back to camp slowly. Yoshiko, Shippo, Rin, Kilala, and Kagome were asleep around the camp fire. InuYasha moved over, closer to Kagome, to make room for Kohaku. Sesshomaru was by Yoshiko. He never even looked at the three returning. He stared at her face, illuminated by the fire. ‘Please be alright, my love.’ he thought to himself. He lay down next to her and went to sleep. The returning trio sat beside each other in a clear spot by the fire. “Who are all these people, Sango?” Kohaku whispered to Sango. “I’m too tired to clear it all up now.” Sango said and accidentally laid her head on Miroku’s shoulder. She quickly realized it, but was too exhausted to correct her mistake. She just fell asleep there. Miroku cherished that moment. He helped her to her sleeping-bag and helped Kohaku get settled down. Then he talked with InuYasha before he went to bed near Sango and InuYasha went to Kagome’s sleeping-bag.


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angle678 on December 1, 2005, 12:37:43 PM

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angle678I think it is awasome best story ive ever read :)

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angle678please do somemore i begging u -_-

AnimeWannabe on November 28, 2005, 4:34:47 AM

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AnimeWannabeI really wish someone would comment. I don't even care if you think it sucks. Just tell me something.PLEASE!!!