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Chapter 8 - A Kiss Good Night

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 8 - A Kiss Good Night

Chapter 8 - A Kiss Good Night
A Kiss Good Night Sango was the first up the next day. It was sunrise. She noticed Miroku and smiled. ‘Thank you.’ She said in her mind and brushed a few of his bangs out of his face. He had made sure she and Kohaku got back ok and he had helped her to bed. It wasn’t just that though. She remembered other times when he had comforted her when Kohaku had appeared. She started the fire to made breakfast when she heard, “Is he alright?” “Who said that?” she replied. “Over here”. It came from Yoshiko. Her eyes were closed, but she was still awake. “You shouldn’t be up, Yoshi. Go back to sleep.” Sango said as she walk over to Yoshi trying to avoid Sesshomaru close beside her. Yoshiko opened her eyes when Sango had reached her. “I just wanted to know how Kohaku was. The last thing I remember was giving him life and then I guess I passed out. I might not of if I hadn’t already been tired.” Yoshi said looking east to the beautiful sunrise. “Kohaku is fine. He doesn’t even remember being at the palace.” Sango said still in amazement. “Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. Everyone was asleep and for a minute I thought it had all been a dream. You and Kohaku. Then I saw Sesshomaru by you. I became overjoyed, again. I looked around and saw Kohaku by my side.” Sango was crying a little now. “I don’t know how to thank you, Yoshi. This is more than I ever could have asked for. You saved Kohaku without hurting him. He doesn’t remember all the horrible things Naraku made him do. He is a little scared because of not knowing and all the new people, but he is alive.” “Sango, I do these things because I know they’re the right thing to do. I don’t search for glory. And I would do anything for a friend like you. Kohaku could even be my friend. I’m going to miss you when I’m in Kagome’s time. I will miss everyone else, too.” Yoshi said closing her eyes again. “What about Sesshomaru?” Sango asked as she wiped away the last of her tears. “He cares for you and sometimes it looks like you care for him, but at other times it appears you are mad at him.” “I’m never mad at him, Sango. I don’t think I could ever be mad at him. Well, that’s a lie. I could be mad at him for something, but I could never hated him or not like him.” Yoshi said making sure Sesshomaru was asleep. “So you do love him. Why don’t you tell him or at least stop acting weird around him?” Sango asked. “Because I don’t want to get hurt. I’ve been through it a million times. I will start to care for people, but eventually they die and I’m left on my own. And for a long time a was afraid that he didn’t care for me that way. When I was first born I did have a sweetheart you could say. He was the best, but then he died. I was heart broken for so long. After that I never fell for a man. Until his father came along. I fell-in-love so easy it scared me. Then when I told him how I felt he didn’t return the feelings. At that time he had not meet InuYasha’s mother. I still think of him from time to time. I was truly in love, but now I don’t even now what this is. It is more than what I ever felt for his father.” Yoshiko explained. “I’m sorry I mentioned it.” Sango apologized. “It’s ok. I needed to talk to someone. It feels good to get it off my chest.” Yoshi said. They talked for a while longer. Yoshi liked talking to Sango. They understood each other. Soon Kagome and InuYasha woke up. Sesshomaru was up after them. Sango got a little nervous when Kohaku didn’t wake up right away. Before long he woke up. Rin and Shippo were the last along with Kilala. It looked to be a really hot day. They decided to move in the morning and stop around noon until later that night. Yoshi had to have Sesshomaru carry her. If she had tried to ride Kilala she would have fallen off. Rin rode on Kilala though. Sango knew Yoshi was tense and didn’t want to have Sesshomaru carry her, but she couldn’t do anything. They were about a mile away from Kaede’s village when they stopped for the night. “All of you can go ahead to the village I can stay here for the night. I should be able to walk tomorrow.” Yoshi offered once camp was well set up. “Sango and Miroku could go ahead with Rin and Kohaku. InuYasha and me will stay. Sesshomaru and Shippo can do what they want.” Kagome said. “I’ll stay.” Sesshomaru said. “Me too” Shippo added. “We should get going then. I’m sorry to leave you, Yoshi.” Sango said. She hugged Yoshi and went to the path. Miroku and Rin hugged Yoshi, too. Kohaku shook her hand. Yoshiko gave Kilala a pat on the head and said her good-byes again. After that Yoshi went to sleep. Sesshomaru stared at her. ‘I wish I knew why you hate me so much.’ he thought. Kagome and InuYasha went to find a place to take a bath. Shippo was nervous being left alone with Sesshomaru. “What do you plan to do when the jewel is finished, Shippo?” Sesshomaru asked out of nowhere. Shippo was shocked. Sesshomaru didn’t even looked at him though. He just stared at Yoshi. “I don’t know. Probably stay with InuYasha and Kagome.” he answered. Sesshomaru nodded. “Why did you ask?” “I don’t know. I was just curious. It will be interesting to see what everyone does. The jewel and Naraku is the only reason you all stay together.” he replied. “That’s not true. We stay together because we are friends. Naraku and the jewel are just the things that brought us together.” Shippo corrected. “I suppose your right.” Sesshomaru admitted. They talked until InuYasha and Kagome returned. Shippo was surprised to find that Sesshomaru could be nice. Throughout their conversation he never had looked at Shippo, but that didn’t matter much. Yoshi slept all day. It was sunset when everyone became impatient. “I think we can just carry Yoshi. If she wakes up so what. It will be better for her to be in a warm hut, not out here in the cold.” Sesshomaru said. Everyone agreed. Sesshomaru carried Yoshiko in his arms. She looked so peaceful. He loved her, but didn’t know how to tell her. They made it to Kaede’s hut in about an hour. “Kagome, InuYasha, and Shippo. I did not expect to see ye here until tomorrow.” Kaede said. “Sesshomaru wanted to get Yoshiko here quickly.” Kagome said. “Where can we take her?” “Sango and Rin are in the next hut down. Miroku and Kohaku are in the hut after that. I think Sango is still up.” Kaede said. Sesshomaru nodded and left with Yoshi. “Is there something between Sesshomaru and the girl?” Kaede asked. “Her name is Yoshiko and Sesshomaru seems to care for her a lot.” Shippo said. Kaede thought about this for a moment. “Did you said her name was Yoshiko?” Kaede asked. The three in her hut nodded. “I think I’ve heard of her. Twice maybe. 90,000 years ago there was a story of a girl who had lost a loved one. She was very powerful. She went mad and went to hid in the mountains. A month later the mountains were gone. She had gradually worn away the mountain by punching and kicking it. One person went up there once before it was gone. He said that he saw purple eyes attack the mountain in indescribable ways that no human could have possibly done. It had terrified the man. When the girl came down he looked into those purple eyes and saw his death.” Kaede spoke the words with fear herself. She stopped there for a long time. “What was the other time you heard of her?” Shippo asked curiously. “It was soon after the death of the great dog-demon.” Kaede said calmly. Everyone was shocked and assumed that this girl was Yoshiko. “The girl was possessed by grieve, or so the story says. She eliminated any evil demon within ten miles of her. Her eyes were black and her pupils were blue. A dull blue. The blue of tears. The truly amazing thing was the girl never even saw any of the demons. Once she saw the dead dog-demon she… I guess you would say she exploded with power. That’s how she did it. It passed over a few villages and only the truly evil people died. Some didn’t feel good for days because of it. That’s all I have heard.” Kaede said. It didn’t surprise anyone that Yoshiko might have done that, but to that magnitude was a complete shock for them. *******Meanwhile******* Sesshomaru carried Yoshi to the next hut. Just before he was about to go in she awoke. “Sesshomaru, where am I?” Yoshi asked confused. “Your at Kaede’s village. I carried you here. It was a little easier with you asleep. You didn’t wiggle as much.” Sesshomaru teased. Yoshiko didn’t like it. She knew that was his way of flirting with her. She quickly got out of his arms. “I’m going for a walk.” She said before entering the woods. “Wait! You shouldn’t be walking!” Sesshomaru shouted after her. He ran after her. He soon caught up with her. She was now leaning on a tree. She was breathing heavily. “Yoshi. I should get you back to the village.” Sesshomaru said reaching for her arm to put around his neck. She moved out of the way. “I’m fine.” she said coldly. She turned her back on him. “What did I do wrong?” he asked confused and hurt. “What is it? Am I not enough like my father? What? Why do you hate me?!” Sesshomaru asked raising his voice slightly. Yoshiko turned, but couldn’t keep her balance and fell into Sesshomaru’s arms. She had her hands on his shoulders and left her face buried in his shirt. He had his arms around her back. Finally she looked up at him for a moment. Just to let him see her crying. Then she hid her face again. “You never did anything wrong around me. You’ve done wrong in your past, but that doesn’t matter. You are not as much like your father as InuYasha. You never had to be. And I… I could NEVER hate you , Sesshomaru. Never.” Yoshi muttered into his chest. She heard his heartbeat steadily. It calmed her more than anything else. She was wondering what he was thinking. Next thing she knew his lips were on the top of her head. He stayed there for a few moments before removing his lips. “I’m sorry I made you cry. And thank you for telling me those things.” he whispered softly. Yoshiko was stunned and felt her heart melt. She couldn’t keep her feelings from him. She looked up into his eyes. She saw the love he felt. It reassured her that she wouldn’t be hurt. She stood on her toes. Leaning in toward his face. They both slowly closed their eyes. Their lips were about to connect when Yoshi stopped. She thought of his father and her sweetheart. She couldn’t go through all that again. She turned away and a new rush of tears came out silently. ‘Why can’t I get control of my emotions. I love him, but I wouldn’t go through those feelings and I can’t lose control of my powers again.’ She thought desperately. Sesshomaru was puzzled beyond belief. She had almost kissed him. ‘Why did she pull away?’ He thought holding her tighter. He decided that he needed her to talk to him. He took one of his hands away from her back. Yoshiko felt that and was wondering what he was up to. Then she felt the hand slide up her side and arm to her chin. He lifted her face up so he could see it. When he saw she was crying again. “Yoshi, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” he asked trying to keep her looking at him and wipe away the tears at the same time. Yoshi tried to turn, but he wouldn’t let her. He forced her to keep looking at him after the tears were gone. “Why did you pull away?” he gently asked. She couldn’t speak for a minute. She didn’t know what to say. “Sesshomaru, I….. I…….” she couldn’t say it no matter how much she wanted to. She couldn’t just say ‘I love you’, so she said the first thing that came to her mind. “Let me go or I’ll make you.” she said forcefully. Sesshomaru just looked at her. He was hurt, but most of all he hated that she had almost kissed him and then wanted him to let go of her. ‘How could she lead me on like that?’ he thought looking at her. ‘Maybe she is afraid of something. I love her. I need her.’ he thought and knew in his heart and mind. “Make me.” he quickly whispered before wrapping her into an indescribable, lustful and romantic kiss. Yoshiko’s eyes snapped open wide. She tried to push away as hard as she could, but with her being weak and him encircling her even tighter with his arms. After a moment she gave up and gave in to what she was feeling. She let her eyes close. She started to kiss him back. She was able to show that she cared. She could let out the love. She felt everything melt away, worry, sadness, pain, and the scars of so many past life times. He enjoyed the kiss, but that didn’t even barely begin to describe what he felt in the kiss and in his heart. Then it hit him. She had melted his heart. He actually had a heart and she brought it out. Yoshi started to want to intensify it. She brought her hands up to his cheeks. Bringing him closer to her. It pleased her craving, but brought more to Sesshomaru’s heart. He wanted to show how much he loved and needed her. His lust kept growing. He couldn’t help, but want her completely. He brought one hand to the back of her head. He pulled her some how closer than what they already were. He slide his other hand to her side. She was a little nervous when he did that, but let it go. The kissing was too overwhelmingly beautiful and wonderful to care. Then his hand started to snaked up under her shirt, touching her bare skin. Her eyes shot open. That was where she drew the line. She was not going to make love with him then and there. With one hand at her side and the other behind her head she knew she could push away. She swiftly pushed away. She was suddenly aware of what she had done and what a mistake it had been. She touched her lips. It had felt amazing and she amazingly regretted it. She turned and ran away. The only problem was she was running away from the village and very weak still. She ran for a few minutes before she had a combination of tripping and fainting. Either way she fell and laid there. She had a complete break down. She was sobbing with very few tears left to let out. She couldn’t catch her breathe. She panted and wanted so bad to be in the village. ‘Why did I have to push him away? I couldn’t have just walked into the hut and went to bed, but then…” she thought remembering the kiss. The way it felt with their lips pressed together. ‘I wouldn’t have been able to kiss him. I might have lost my virginity, but I didn’t and it wouldn’t have mattered.’ she finally decided. She stayed there on the ground. She was lost in the thoughts of Sesshomaru. She feel asleep soon enough to not notice Sesshomaru pick her up. He carried her back to the hut the girls were suppose to be in. Kagome and Sango were awake. Rin was asleep in a corner with Kilala. Sesshomaru laid Yoshiko near Rin and quietly left. He looked back at the girl he loved before he was gone. Once he was gone Sango and Kagome looked at Yoshiko then each other very confused and worried. They had both seen Sesshomaru’s face. He was sad and hurt. When he left though they saw love in his eyes. They saw true-love. “What was that about?” Kagome asked completely puzzled. Sango shock her head. “It’s a long story, but I think they know how each other feels now. Or at least Yoshi knows how Sesshomaru feels. I think we should go to bed. Its late and you have to help Yoshiko through the well tomorrow.” Sango pointed out. They went to bed then, but Sango was awake for a little while. ‘I hope Sesshomaru didn’t push her too far. I wonder if Yoshiko did any thing to make him realize how she felt. Oh well. Those are questions that I will probably never get the answers to.’ Sango finally thought before drifting off to sleep. ********************************************************Hey. I hope U like this chapter. I have been busy with school lately. I think I might not post another chapter until after Christmas. I have a Tamora Pierce story I want to work on and another shorter InuYasha story. If I get 10 comments before Christmas I’ll post chapters 9, 10, 11, and MAYBE chapter 12 on Christmas all at once. They don’t have to be nice, but tell me something Please!!!!!


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