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Chapter 9 - The Vision of Death

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 9 - The Vision of Death

Chapter 9 - The Vision of Death
The Vision of Death The next morning Yoshiko found herself waking up near Rin. ‘How did I get back? Was it just a dream?’ Yoshi wondered still sleepy. She tried to get up but couldn’t. She was so weak and tired. She decided to lay there and think of Kagome’s time, but all she could think about was Sesshomaru. ‘I hurt him last night. I knew I shouldn’t have tried to kiss him. If I hadn’t done that then he wouldn’t have kissed me or stuck his hand up my shirt. I wish I could take it back. I need to change in Kagome’s time. I can’t come back here the same, but I love him. I don’t want to lose him. I just need to change enough to change his mind about loving me’ she thought and then it hit her. ‘He loves me’ she thought sweetly with a giggle. That giggle woke Rin up. “Yoshi. When did you get back?” Rin asked with a yawn. “Last night. I’ll be leaving this morning though. I’m going to rest in Kagome’s time.” Yoshiko explained. “I’ll come back.” she said when she saw that Rin was disappointed. That made Rin happy. They talked for about ten minutes before Kagome and Sango were awakened by their chatter. Yoshiko could hear the question for her in their minds. “Kagome. Sango. I can’t answer those questions. Not now.” Yoshi told them sadly. They just nodded their heads understandingly. “When do you want to leave, Yoshi?” Kagome asked. “After everyone has gotten up and I’ve said good bye to them.” Yoshi answered holding back tears. “Even Sesshomaru?” Sango asked and then quickly covered her mouth. “I’m sorry, Yoshi. I didn’t mean to. You don’t have to answer.” Sango apologized. “It’s ok.” Yoshi assured her with a weak smile. “I will say good bye to him if he wants to say good bye.” They waited an hour before the guys were up. They had come into the girl’s hut for breakfast and stayed there while Kagome got what she needed before they got up to leave. Sesshomaru had not been at breakfast. He had come into the room earlier to say that the rest of the guys were asleep and then left. When Yoshi tried to get up she fell back to the ground. “Yoshi.” many of them said. “I’m alright, but I think someone will have to carry me. I’m sorry” Yoshiko said sadly. “It’s alright. Can’t InuYasha or Miroku carry you?” Kohaku suggested. “I’ll carry her.” came a voice from the entrance to the hut. Sesshomaru walked through. “I’ll carry her to the well and through it to Kagome’s time.” Sesshomaru said while walking through the crowd of people around Yoshiko. He gently picked her up and cradled her in his arms. “Sesshomaru…” Yoshiko started, but then decided not to say anything. She simply enjoyed the moment while she could. They walked to the well at a good pace. It didn’t take long to reach it. For Yoshiko the walk was way to short. She wanted to stay in Sesshomaru’s arms longer. Either way she was set down on her feet. Sesshomaru supported her on one side and Kagome held the other side. Kohaku was the first to say good bye. “Good-bye, Miss Yoshiko” Kohaku said diplomatically. “You can call me Yoshi you know. I didn’t save your life to get a polite acquaintance. I saved you for a friend and to gain a friend.” Yoshi said wisely. Kohaku smiled grateful for her words. He hugged her as best he could. “Thank you, Yoshi.” He told her quietly. He then walked to the trees to wait. Shippo was next. He climbed up Kagome’s shoulder and jumped to Yoshi’s. He hugged her around her neck. “We’ll miss you. Bye.” he said before leaving. Yoshiko grinned. Rin was after that. She looked at Sesshomaru. She wasn’t sure of what to say. “When will you come back?” she asked. “In about two or three weeks. I will come back Rin. Kagome’s world is much safer for me. Especially because Naraku is probably mad with me.” Yoshiko tried to explain. “Can’t you apologize or something?” Rin asked hopefully. “No. I can’t apologize for doing the right thing.” Yoshiko said wanting to kneel down and hug her. She tried but nearly fell. She was lucky Sesshomaru caught her. “Thank you.” she whispered blushing slightly. Once she had her balance back she leaned on Kagome more. Rin hugged her quickly. “Good-bye.” Rin whispered before running to Kohaku and Shippo at the trees. Yoshiko wanted to cry now. Rin was such a sweet a girl and to hurt her was killing Yoshi. After a slight tiff over who went next Sango walked up to Yoshi with Kilala on her shoulder. Sango hugged Yoshi. “I hope you can find peace and get rid of those feelings you dread in Kagome’s time” Sango whispered into Yoshi’s ear on Kagome’s side. “I’ll try.” she whispered back. Kilala nuzzled her before Sango left for the trees. Miroku went up to Yoshi after that. “Don’t worry about Sango. She’ll come around.” Yoshiko said after a few minutes of silence. He smiled a little, but it wasn’t a truly happy one. “Thank you. I’m not going to say good-bye though. I’m going to say I’ll see you soon.” Miroku said proudly. It made everyone, but Sesshomaru giggle. He just smirked. Miroku hugged her swiftly then joined the others. InuYasha walked up to them and shocked them. “I’m going to help you all to Kagome’s time. I will say my good-byes there.” He said looking at Kagome lovingly. They looked to the others and waved good-bye. They jumped through the well. Sesshomaru was back to carrying Yoshiko. Kagome and InuYasha just held hands. They saw the lights come and go. Then they were in the bottom of the well. “You and InuYasha go up the well. Yell when you both are out so Sesshomaru can jump up there with me.” Yoshiko instructed. They nodded and started up the ladder. Yoshiko looked up into Sesshomaru’s golden eyes. “I’m sorry about last night.” Yoshi began. “It’s ok. You were not feeling well. We can talk more when you get back.” he said understandingly. “We’re up!” Kagome shouted from the top of the well. He looked at her with eyes that said it all. He was sad that she had to leave and that their private time together was cut short, but he was happy that she was in his arms and was going to be getting better here. All Yoshi could do was smile back and hold on as he leaped up and out of the well. Sesshomaru carried Yoshiko up to Kagome’s room. Kagome’s family wasn’t home so no one saw the dog-demons. Kagome opened the door to her room. She stopped InuYasha when he tried to go in. “Give them some privacy. You and me can say good-bye out here.” she said slyly. Kagome shut the door as she leaned in for a kiss from InuYasha. Sesshomaru laid Yoshi down on Kagome’s bed carefully. Then he kissed Yoshiko’s forehead and hand sweetly. “I hope I didn’t scare you into staying in this place.” he said hopefully. “I told Shippo, Rin and everyone else I would come back. It would break Rin and Shippo’s hearts if I didn’t come back. And I would miss everyone.” Yoshi said never looking at Sesshomaru. Then she looked up at him. “Especially you, Sesshomaru.” she said quietly. His heart felt as if it would burst. Then Yoshiko realized her mistake. “I mean… I like having you around and it’s nice to know that I have you to save me all the time.” she said just barely saving herself from Sesshomaru’s love. He was incredibility saddened by that. ‘I thought she might have loved me. At least I know she cares about me and I know that she isn’t mad.’ Sesshomaru thought somberly. “I thought you were the all powerful one here. You’re the one who is always trying to save the world all at once.” Sesshomaru flirted with Yoshi. She gladly smiled, but that was all she gave him. He wanted to hear her giggle before he left. He would have to wait until she came back. He kissed her again on the head before walking to the door. ‘God I love him.’ Yoshiko thought as she was enchanted and aroused by the memory of his kiss.******Meanwhile****** Kagome had shut the door and was leaning in to kiss InuYasha. He backed away a little. “I’m worried about Sesshomaru.” InuYasha said concerned about his brother. “InuYasha, he’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.” she convinced him. He smiled and kissed her lustfully. They hadn’t kissed like that since they had talked about what they had seen in Yoshiko’s eyes. He wrapped his arms around her tight. Feeling her sides in pleasure. He was making her moan slightly and want more time. She felt his face and his back, loving how strong and sturdy he was. Their tongues danced and moved even more than their hands. InuYasha pinned Kagome against the wall gently. He pushed up against her. It made her nervous for a minute, but she let it be. She had thought of making love to him before, but she never thought she would actually do it. They weren’t doing it, but that had been closer than ever. She wanted to say good bye romantically and passionately because she was planning on staying for a few days, if not a week. She knew Yoshiko needed someone to look after her for a few days at least. She was going to miss InuYasha for those few days. She didn’t know why she would miss him so much though. InuYasha’s hands started to slip down to Kagome’s thighs when, Sesshomaru came out of Kagome’s room. “I’m sorry. I was just leaving.” Sesshomaru said quickly before leaving the two nearly-lovers alone. They both giggled as they blushed. Then they looked into each others eyes. “I think I’m going to stay here for a few days before I come back.” Kagome admitted sadly. InuYasha loosened his hold on her instantly. “Why?!” he shouted. He was upset that he couldn’t see her for days. One day he might be able to live without, but more than that would be murder for him. “Yoshi will need me here for a few days. I can’t have my family wait on her hand and foot all day. I’ll need to help for a little while.” she said wanting him to not be mad at her. “I’m sorry. I’ll come to you as soon as I can.” Kagome apologized before trying to kiss him. He wouldn’t let her though. He wanted to look into her eyes longer. She backed off, confused as to why he hadn’t kissed her. He gazed into her hazel eyes and knew she loved him. He lowered his face close to hers. Their lips were so close. “I love you, too, Kagome.” he whispered, tickling her lips. He then teased her by gently caressing her lips with his. He never pressed his mouth on hers very hard at all. She fell into his arms even more. He held her up to keep her from falling. He backed away for a moment to make sure she was alright. “No.” she whispered the second his lips were off of hers. She quickly gave him an erotic kiss. She touched him all over. He wanted to go to her room, but Yoshiko was there. ‘Damn. I wish we could go somewhere private.’ he thought passionately. He put his hand up her shirt. Kagome was wondering ‘How long is the family going to be gone? We either need to get a room or we need someone to pull us apart.’ she thought as they began to soul kiss again. “Kagome, are you out there?” Yoshiko asked from in Kagome’s room. InuYasha and Kagome finally stopped making out. Kagome smiled slightly. “I’ll be there in a minute.” shouted back. She lightly kissed InuYasha. “I’ll see you soon.” she said before entering her room. InuYasha let out a sigh before leaving Kagome’s house and time.******************************* It took Yoshiko a month to recover enough to even walk a mile. She spent three months all together in Kagome’s time. For the first week all Yoshi could do was lay in Kagome’s room with her thoughts. She always thought of Sesshomaru. She didn’t know how to react to him when she would go back to his time. She decided to avoid him the best she could. That was all she could do. During the second week she gradually started to move around the house more and more. After a month she helped out around the house and shrine. She enjoyed it more than just sitting around the house, but she would tire herself out before quitting. Kagome’s grandfather lectured her about that a lot. Kagome’s mom and Yoshiko got along well. Sota had a little crush on her when he first saw her, but after he saw her uncovered eyes one time he avoided her. He had seen a man at the shrine helping his mother, but she had looked a lot older. What he didn’t know was that he had seen himself. Once it had been six weeks Yoshiko decided to spend the night in Feudal Japan. Kagome gladly agreed. They were planning on staying at Kaede’s village. Kagome had said she and InuYasha might go off on their own. Miroku and Sango had been sharing a hut recently. Surprisingly Miroku kept his hands to himself. Kohaku, Rin, and Shippo had been in another. InuYasha was alone in the sacred tree every night. He would stare up at the moon and dream of Kagome. Sesshomaru had gone away to get his mind off of Yoshi. When Kagome helped Yoshiko out of the well everyone, except Sesshomaru was there. Even Kaede was there to greet Yoshi and Kagome. “Hello everyone.” Yoshiko said kindly. Yoshi was wearing jeans and a huge T-shirt. Kagome had a small bag for the stuff they needed. As soon as she was out of the well and on the ground Rin and Shippo ran to her and hugged her. Yoshi just smiled and hugged them back. Kohaku walked to her after them and gave her a friendly hug. She gave one to him as well. Once Shippo, Rin, and Kohaku backed off, Sango came forward to greet her friend. “It is great to have you back.” Sango whispered before joining the kids. Miroku slowly walked up to her after that. “We’ve missed you.” he said before hugging her. “She has came around a little.” he told her quietly. He let her go with a smile. Kaede came over to hug Kagome. She only shook Yoshi’s hand though. “I would like to get to know you a little better, Yoshiko.” Kaede said wisely. “I would like that, too. And I am those two girls you heard about. I never harmed anyone, except demons when I did those things.” Yoshi said looking into Kaede’s thoughts. Kaede looked surprised at first, but after a second she just smiled and walked to the others. InuYasha came to say ‘hello’ next. “Hello. It’s nice to see you on your feet again.” he said before hugging her tight. “Thank you for letting me see your eyes uncovered.” he thanked her so only her and Kagome could hear. They both smiled as InuYasha pulled away. “Where is Sesshomaru?” Yoshi asked curious. Everyone’s happy faces went sad. Yoshi quickly looked into their thoughts. ‘She’ll be upset.’ InuYasha was thinking. ‘I don’t think she’ll like it.’ Miroku thought. ‘She might be a little relieved’ Sango was thinking. ‘I wonder where he is.’ Rin was thinking curiously. “You don’t know where he is.” she said sadness coming to her when it shouldn’t have. ‘What am I saying? I should be happy. This way I don’t have to hurt him and I don’t have to fight my heart, but still….’ Yoshi thought upset with herself. She thought of their good-bye and their kiss. ‘I should tell him. I can’t though. I will probably get hurt. I need to look in a mirror. I hate doing that though. I see my own future and it is never good.’ she thought passionately. Everyone stayed in one hut that night, even InuYasha and Kagome. They slept in each others arms though. Miroku slept next to Sango, but she made sure it was a safe distance. Kilala was curled up between Rin and Shippo. Shippo, Rin, and Kohaku slept in a line on one side of the hut. Yoshiko didn’t sleep well that night. She sat in the door way looking up at the stars. ‘Where are you, Sesshomaru?’ she thought desperate to know if he was ok. Now Yoshi was in her pajamas. They were light blue silk shorts with stars on them. She had a spaghetti strap shirt on that said ‘Make a wish’ on it. If she raised her arms you could see a sliver on her middle. She was about to go in and try to get to some sleep when she felt someone coming. It was Sesshomaru. He advanced on Yoshiko at a quick pace from the woods. He looked down into her eyes. He didn’t say a word. He bent down to give her a sweet kiss. He was almost there when Yoshi turned away. “Sesshomaru, I… I need to figure some things out still.” Yoshi said trying not to look at him. She didn’t want to see if she had hurt him. Eventually he made her look at him. He didn’t look sad. All Yoshiko saw in those eyes was love, true-love. This time when he bent down to kiss her she let him. It took all her strength not to kiss him back. Sesshomaru noticed that she didn’t return any feelings, but she hadn’t turned away or tensed up. That gave him hope that maybe she just needed to know a few more things before she could admit anything. ‘I hope she will say that she loves me as I love her.’ he thought trying to get her to kiss him back. Finally he gave up. “Please learn what you need to know soon.” he begged her with their faces only a few inches away. “I will.” she said not letting it show that she was hopelessly wanting another kiss. Sesshomaru couldn’t tell, but was hoping beyond hope that he could kiss her again. He backed away to look at more than her eyes after a moment. Yoshiko wished he hadn’t done that. She just kept looking into his golden eyes. “Are you back for good, now?” He asked curious. “No. I have to stay a while longer. It is hard for me to even walk very far as it is.” Yoshi answered sadly. He rested his head on hers out of sadness and disappointment. “When will you came back, or are you staying now?” Sesshomaru said thinking that she might not want to come back to this time with him here. “I should be coming back in about two months. I just need to be able to use my powers well again before I come back. In this time there is usually someone after me. Or someone is in trouble and I would need to help them, but in Kagome’s time I can just rest. I like it there because I’m finding myself. I’m finding out what I want and need to know. I would never want to stay there though. It’s too boring and I want to come back to…” she paused there. She had almost said ‘you’. That would have cause a catastrophe. “You want to come back to what?” Sesshomaru said longing for her to say ‘you’. “I want to come back to all my friends.” she put in cleverly. This made him turn away disappointed. When she saw this she couldn’t bare it. She put her hand to his face turning his face toward hers. “I also want to come back to you. You are one of my best friends.” she added making his spirits lift. He caressed her cheek lovingly after she let her hand drop. They stayed that way for hours. Content with the feel of the other being so close. Their bodies weren’t more than a foot a part. He kept his hand on her cheek. She just sat there willing to let him do whatever he wanted to do now. She stared into his eyes until sunrise. She saw so many things in his past and future. Then she saw something that terrified her. She saw Sesshomaru holding her. He was crying openly in front of InuYasha and the gang. Everyone was banged up pretty good. Kagome and InuYasha were leaning on each other for support. Miroku was holding Sango as she had seen when she uncovered her eyes to Miroku. Rin had a few scratches. It didn’t look like she had been there for the actual fight. Rin was holding Shippo in one arm and a sleeping Kilala in the other. Kohaku wasn’t in too bad of condition, but he had been part of some kind of battle. He had his hand on Rin’s shoulder. Then Yoshiko noticed herself and Sesshomaru again. His tears fell onto her face. They washed away blood and dirt as they ran down her face. Sesshomaru had deep scratches on his face. She looked the worst though. She was cut up all over. Her midnight black her was diluted with her blood, demon blood and dirt. Red liquid was streaming from her slightly parted lips. Sesshomaru held her close, bending his head over hers. She couldn’t see her face any more so she looked at the rest of her body. The jeans she had had on looked like torn up shorts then. One of the sleeves to her T-shirt had been blasted off only just leaving the shoulder on her body. Her other arm had a long cut up the inside of it. Someone had tried to cut her throat because she had a small scratch there. The bottom of her shirt was a jagged, torn up mess. You couldn’t tell what the hell her shirt color had been. Blood was swiftly escaping her body. It was then that she took a good look at her chest and stomach. She saw that they weren’t moving. She wasn’t breathing. She was completely still. Finally Sesshomaru had lifted his head. He was only able to wail now. He had lost all the tears he possessed. She had never seen him like that. She looked to everyone else. They were crying, too. Her face had been somewhat cleaned by Sesshomaru’s tears. She looked at herself again and realized she was dead.


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AnimeWannabeHey this is MY Christmas present to anyone who actually reads this. I didn't get the comments I wanted but I thought this would make a wonderful present. And I could have been very mean and just left you with this cliffhanger. Oh well here are your 4 chapters and i wont add more until the new year. BYE