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Chapter 13 - Going Away for Awhile

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 13 - Going Away for Awhile

Chapter 13 - Going Away for Awhile
Going Away for Awhile Sesshomaru awoke just before sunrise. ‘My last chance to change her mind. After this we will be just friends.’ he thought as he leaned his head down to kiss her lips lightly. He lingered for only a moment to wake her up. He smiled down at her fluttering eyes and confused face. Once her memory kicked in she smiled back. “What time is it?” Yoshi asked hoping that it was still night. “It is just before dawn my sweet. Are you sure you just want to be friends after this?” he asked pleading with both his eyes and voice. “I’m sure. I can’t be with you Sesshomaru, even if I wanted to. I’m sorry to be with you like this and then ask to just be friends, but I needed you last night.” she told him looking away. She was on the brink of crying. She hated doing this to him. He cupped her cheeks in his hands bringing her eyes up to meet his. “Its ok, Yoshi. I wish I could understand though, but I know you wont tell me.” he said making her want to look away badly. “Yoshiko just know that I love you and no matter what I always will.” he finished and kissed her forehead. “Let’s just make the best of our last few minutes as… as… as whatever we were last night.” he suggested lowering his face to hers. She was the one to close the gap though. They kissed forgetting about the rest of the world for a moment. In that precious minute or so they belonged to each other. They weren’t two separate people. They were one person. For that moment Yoshiko had soul, but it was when she thought she had felt truly alive, truly whole she pulled back afraid. She had been scared because of the new sensation. “Why did you pull away?” Sesshomaru asked panting slightly from the effort of kissing her so passionately. “I… I… I don’t know. I felt… never mind” she said curling up into him. He looked surprised and was wondering why she was acting so strange. He didn’t want to ask her though. In a way he knew she wasn’t sure exactly what happened. “Yoshi, it is daylight” he whispered to her as the first rays of sun light hit them through the doorway. “Let’s go find the others. I think it is about time we go after Naraku. We need to find and defeat him.” he said trying to get up, but Yoshi held him down for a minute. She looked in his eyes searching for something. He didn’t know that she was looking for her death again though. She looked and found it. Same as always. Once she was done seeing it tears were forming in her eyes. She didn’t want to cause Sesshomaru that much pain. “Do you think we can stay here for another day or two?” she asked hoping that if he said yes she could run away and take care of her little mess alone. “No Yoshi we have stayed here long enough.” he told her sternly. “Yoshiko we have been here for over a month. We need to go after him and take care of this.” “I suppose your right, but…” she wanted to tell him so bad. “The vision.” he finished for her. “How did you know?” she asked sitting up more. He sat up after her. “I know because I’m guessing that you saw the vision in my eyes just now. Am I correct?” he asked. She couldn’t find the words. He knew her so well it amazed her. All she could do was simply nod her head. He smiled a little at her shock. “Have you told anyone what the vision is of?” he asked curiously as his smile faded. “I told InuTaisho, but he is the only one. I don’t want anyone else to know Sesshomaru.” she said getting frustrated. “Why? Why is this vision so terrifying? Why can’t you tell me?” he asked reaching for her hands to hold. Yoshi didn’t let him hold them though. She looked at him with sad eyes shaking her head. “You don’t want to know what it was Sesshomaru. Trust me. You’ll find out soon enough.” she told him getting up and leaving the hut. ‘I wish she would tell someone. She is obviously worrying herself to death over it. I need to get Kagome and Sango to talk to her.’ he decided.**Days Later** The group had just stopped for the night. They had decided to leave Kohaku and Rin back with Keade. Rin would be safe there and Kohaku could help protect the village if a demon attacked. InuYasha and Miroku were leaving to go hunt for their supper since they wanted to save the Ramen for later. Yoshiko, Sango, and Shippo went to find a source of water and a place to bathe. Kagome stayed at camp to start the fire and get everything set up with Sesshomaru and Kilala to protect her. “Kagome?” Sesshomaru asked hesitantly. Kagome turned to look at him. He seemed worried about something. He had been quiet ever since their picnic to cheer Yoshi up. “What is it Sesshomaru? “ she asked concerned giving him her complete attention. “I’m concerned for Yoshiko. She saw a vision in my eyes when she came back for that one night while she was healing. It terrified her. She even stopped breathing for a minute she was so scared. She hasn’t told me what it was of. She has only told one person and he is dead. I was hoping you and Sango could ask her about it. Kagome this is really important to me. This thing… This vision is worrying her to death.” he told her honestly showing how much he cared for Yoshiko’s well being. “You really love her don’t you” she mused. He could only nod. “I’ll talk to Sango sometime soon and we will speak with her. Don’t get to worked up Sesshomaru. I’m sure there is a good reason why she is keeping this a secret.” Kagome said encouragingly. ‘Should I tell him she loves him?’ Kagome wondered seeing how much he was bothered by the fact that Yoshi was in some kind of trouble. ‘No! Sango told me it was a secret. I can’t tell him.’ “Thank you” Sesshomaru said interrupting her thoughts. She gave him the best smile she could and nodded her head. “She means the world to me. I want to help as much as I can.” he confessed to her. “Don’t worry. Sango and I will take care of this.” she told him as InuYasha and Miroku returned with about four rabbits. “That didn’t take too long” Kagome said as InuYasha came to sit next to her. “There was a small group of rabbits close by and we thought we could go fishing for more food after Sango, Yoshi, and Shippo come back.” he said as dropped the rabbits in front of her. ‘Those are just disgusting.’ Kagome thought looking at the small bloody bodies. InuYasha noticed this and picked them up. “I’ll take care of these now.” he said and gently gave her a kiss on the cheek before going into the trees more to skin the rabbits. “Thank you.” Kagome yelled back to him before getting back to the fire she needed to start. Shippo, Sango and Yoshi soon returned from finding both a hot spring and a river. InuYasha went to the river, after getting directions from Yoshiko to the river, for fish. “Sango can I talk with you for a minute?” Kagome asked motioning for Sango to follow her to the edge of the woods. Sango followed her very confused. “What is it Kagome?” she asked in the lowest whisper she could manage. “It is Yoshiko. Sesshomaru asked me if we would ask her about a vision she saw. He says that he knows it is scaring her to death and he wants us to talk to her about it. Do you think we can talk to her in the hot spring tonight?” she asked in a hurry. “Yes, but does Sesshomaru know what it is about?” Sango replied suddenly concerned for her friend. “He said she saw it in his eyes, but he doesn’t know anything else. Think about it Sango lately she hasn’t been talking with any of us, she has been do everything we ask and then just runs off. Think of another time she did that” Kagome told Sango. She looked at Kagome like she was crazy though. ‘I can’t think of anytime Yoshiko has been anything, but nice and outgoing around us except for…’ Sango thought coming into realization. “When she told us about the soul bracelet.” Sango said finally. Kagome nodded her head. “She had been scared that we would leave her because we didn’t want her around anymore.” “Yes. She must have seen something pretty bad. She is hiding it well though. I didn’t notice her being quiet until I really thought about it. So we are going to ask her about it tonight right?” “Of course. We need to help her if we can.” Sango said as they started to head back toward the camp. InuYasha soon returned with a few fish. “Do you guys think you could cook supper while we take a bath?” Kagome asked grabbing Sango and Yoshi’s hands. “Sure Kagome just hurry back.” he replied as he started to get the rabbits and fish ready. “Thanks” she said from the edge of the woods. The girls quickly walked to the hot spring. Yoshiko never questioned why they were going to the hot springs before supper and that was making Kagome nervous. ’She must know we are going to ask her something, but I don’t think she knows what the question is’ Kagome thought striping of her clothes. It wasn’t long after they got in that Sango broke the silence that surrounded Yoshiko these days. “Yoshi remember when you told me how you felt about Sesshomaru after you saved Kohaku?” she asked from the opposite side of the spring. “Yes” she answered suspiciously. “Well I told Kagome about it. I hope that is ok.” Yoshiko simply nodded. Sango then continued hesitantly. “We were just wondering if there was something else you wanted to tell us. If there was something new happening between you and Sesshomaru.” “He asked you to try and get me to tell you about the vision didn’t he.” Yoshiko said surprising Sango. “He asked me earlier today. Yoshi he is really worried about you. He says that you are worrying yourself to death.” Kagome told her with concern on her face and in her voice. “He is right. This vision distresses me a lot, but I won’t tell you, him, or anyone else for that matter.” she said stubbornly. When she noticed their hurt looks she thought ‘I need to tell them something or else they will start having everyone ask me about it’ “I… I wish I could tell someone, but it is my problem. I’m trying to take care of it on my own.” she said less forcefully. “Is there anything any of us can do to help?” Sango asked. “You.. Well…” Yoshiko started but could never finish. She sighed deeply. “Could you ask Sesshomaru to leave for a little while? I can’t have him around right now.” “Does this have anything to do with what he was doing in the vision?” Kagome asked. Sango gave her a questioning look. “He told me she saw the vision in his eyes.” she said. “In a way yes. It does have something to do with his presence in the vision.” Yoshiko answered. “What was he doing?” Sango asked. Yoshi could only shake her head. “If I tell you that you might figure out what the vision was of. I can’t let that happen. Will you ask him?” she finish pleading with her eyes for the favor. “Why can’t you ask him?” Kagome asked curious. “I can’t bring myself to do it. I have wanted to ask him to go away so many times, but when I try I… I just lose it. I forget what I was going to say or I start thinking how I can’t bear to be without him.” she said tear gracing the rims of her eyes. Sango and Kagome quickly went over to comfort her. “It is ok Yoshi.” Kagome said putting her arm around her friends shoulders. “We can go back to camp first and we will talk to him before you come back. Does that sound alright?” Sango asked sitting in front of Yoshiko. She nodded her head trying desperately to stop crying. “How long do you want us to have him go away for?” “For about a month or so” Yoshi answered. “Okay we will go back soon.” Sango said getting in on the group hug. “Thanks you guys. I really appreciate this.” Yoshiko mutter in the middle of the hug. “Anything for a friend.” Kagome said. So after that Kagome and Sango quietly left Yoshiko with her thoughts as they headed to camp with a mission. They were greeted with puzzled looks. “Where is Yoshiko?” Sesshomaru asked. “She is staying at the hot springs for a little while longer. Sesshomaru can we talk?” Kagome said leading him to the edge of camp with Sango following. “Well? Did she tell you what she saw in the vision?” he asked impatiently. “No, but she did ask for us to do her a favor.” Sango said sadly. “What was it?” he asked suddenly nervous. “She wanted us to ask you to leave for about a month.” Kagome said trying not to make eye contact. It was silent for a minute. “Did she say why?” he asked confused. “Yes, but we are not supposed to tell you.” Kagome said guiltily. He nodded his head and turned from camp to leave. She knew that he must be falling apart on the inside. She remembered how InuYasha used to leave her for Kikyo. ‘At least I knew why my love wasn’t with me. Why my heart ached every night I wasn’t with them. He doesn’t even know that she loves him. I wish I could help.’ Kagome thought sadly. “Kagome?” he asked over his shoulder snapping her out of her thoughts. “Yes” she answered afraid of what he would say. “Could you just tell Yoshiko that I love her and I’m not going to give up on her?” he asked broken hearted. “Sure. I’ll make sure she knows.” she replied. He smiled before taking off into the starry night. “I hope he will be ok” Kagome said quietly. “What did you say Kagome” Sango asked. “Nothing” she answered shaking her head. They walked back into camp with sad faces. Sango went to play with Kilala and Shippo while Kagome went to InuYasha. She sat beside him leaning her head on his shoulder. “Kagome what’s wrong? And where is Sesshomaru going?” he asked trying to get a good look at her. She gazed into his eyes. He was very confused now. “Kagome what’s going on?” he asked again concerned for her. “Thank you for telling me you love me. Thank you for always being there for me.” she said lovingly embracing him. He peered around camp to see that no one was watching them. He then hugged her back. “Kagome why are you saying this? You’re starting to worry me a little.” he told her kindly. She leaned back in their embrace to look into his golden orbs. ‘I don’t know if Yoshiko would want me to tell him. Maybe I shouldn’t’ she thought. “You can tell him Kagome” Kagome heard in her mind. She looked past InuYasha to see Yoshi give her a weak smile and disappear back into the woods. Kagome took a deep breathe before begining to explain everything. “Yoshi loves Sesshomaru, but can’t or won’t tell him. She recently saw a vision in his eyes that is scaring her. Sesshomaru had us, Sango and me, talk to her about it tonight. She told us she would not tell anyone what the vision was of. She also requested that Sango and I ask Sesshomaru to leave for a month or so. That is what we were talking to him about and why he left. This just reminds me of when… when I didn’t know you loved me. It reminds me of those times when you left me for Kikyo and I’m just happy that I know you love me. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Kagome confessed on the brink of tears. “Kagome…” he didn’t know how to responded to that. He just focused on her eyes and caressed her cheek trying to comfort her. “Kagome I will never stop loving you. I don’t know how I was ever so stupid as to think I could. I thought I didn’t need love. I thought it was just some silly emotion that would go away in time, but it never did. In the two years we have spent together I have never been able to get rid of or forget my love for you.” he told her sweetly before giving her a loving kiss. This brought brand new tears to her eyes. “Why are you still crying Kagome?” he asked after breaking the kiss. “Because that was so romantic and I’m happy.” they both giggled as he wiped away her tears. They were so wrapped up in the moment that they didn’t realized everyone was staring at them. Miroku silently scooted close to Sango. “I hope you know I love you” he whispered in Sango’s ear. She blushed insanely. She turned her face to see him gazing at her with the strangest look in his eyes. It was a serious, but happy look. She was breathless. He smiled happily at her while slowly bringing his face closer to hers. Sango’s face must have been redder than InuYasha’s shirt by now. Just before their lips met she felt something groping her rear end. ‘SMACK’ Miroku sat next to Sango with a very red hand print on his cheek. Everyone in camp except Sango and the perverted monk himself sighed and said “Miroku” in unison. “He will never learn” Shippo added going to start supper with Kagome, InuYasha, and the newly arrived Yoshiko.Authors Note:Hi Please don’t hate me for making Sesshomaru leave. I couldn’t have him around for what I’m doing in the next chapter or two. Do not worry! Sesshomaru will come back soon enough. It might take 3 chapters at the most, but he is coming back. I hope you liked this. I will try and put Kouga, Ayame, and Kikyo in here eventually. Please keep reading! J


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