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Chapter 14 - Kouga's Confessions

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 14 - Kouga's Confessions

Chapter 14 - Kouga's Confessions
Kouga’s Confessions It had been three days since Sesshomaru left. It was nearly noon and the gang had stopped for lunch. Yoshiko had been talking with everyone a lot more. She seemed much happier, but it wasn’t really that way. ‘Things have been going great lately, but I miss Sesshomaru already’ she thought sadly while she finished eating her ramen. “Yoshi” Shippo said from her shoulder. She turned her head slightly making sure not to make him fall off. “What is it Shippo?” she asked kindly. “Why did Sesshomaru leave?” he asked curiously. Yoshi looked away letting her bangs cover her sad eyes. No one had told Shippo what was going on. “Shippo can you come here for a minute?” Kagome asked from the other side of the fire. She smiled at Yoshiko encouragingly. Shippo quickly jumped from Yoshi’s shoulder to the ground and ran around the fire to Kagome. Yoshiko sighed in relief. She didn’t want to explain the whole story to him. She didn’t even want to talk or think about it. Yoshi watched as Kagome happily played with Shippo and Kilala. She looked at InuYasha and saw him proudly smiling at Kagome. She knew he was thinking the same as her without using her powers, but she knew something he didn’t. “InuYasha, I sense a jewel shard coming.” Kagome said standing up from the ground. InuYasha walked over to her while Sango and Miroku grabbed their weapons. Yoshi stayed sitting though. Suddenly a twister came into view of the group. It stopped in front of Kagome and disappeared. The persistent, delusional, and stubborn wolf demon, Kouga, was left in its place. “Hello my dear Kagome” Kouga said grabbing Kagome’s hands. “I have missed you, but I’m here to take you back to my den to become my mate.” he said getting very close to Kagome. InuYasha quickly stepped in between them and pushed Kouga back. “Leave her alone Kouga. Kagome is never going to be your mate!” InuYasha shouted in his face. “I love her Mutt-face. Why wouldn’t she want to be my mate?” Kouga said confidently. “Because I love her!” InuYasha shouted back in his face. Everyone knew this, but had never heard him say it and never thought they would hear him say it. “Kouga.” Kagome said from behind the two demons. InuYasha and Kouga turned to look at her. She quietly walked up beside InuYasha and put her arm around his waist. “Kouga I can’t be your mate and I don’t want to be your mate. I love InuYasha and he is my mate now.” InuYasha smiled down at his mate and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Kouga and everyone else except Yoshi stood with their mouths wide open in shock. “Wh… When did this happen?” Kouga asked shakily. “About a month ago” Kagome answered leaning on InuYasha. No one could say anything. Miroku, Sango and Shippo had no idea that had happened. “Kouga please leave. I love InuYasha, not you. I want to stay here with him.” Kagome told him. He just stood there. “Mutt-face what did you do to make her say that?” Kouga shouted at InuYasha. “I…” InuYasha started. “Kouga, InuYasha didn’t do anything.” Yoshiko said not even looking at them. “And who are you?” he asked still furious. Yoshiko looked up at him with purple eyes that hypnotized him. No one except Kouga looked directly into her eyes. Kouga was the only one to see a vision. The others watched in shock. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo in the most. They stood together near Yoshiko. InuYasha and Kagome held tight to each other. Finally Yoshi looked away ending the vision. Kouga gasped for air. He immediately bowed low to Yoshiko. “Forgive me Seer. I did not recognize you.” he said diplomatically. “I showed you something I think you should fix.” Yoshi told him. The rest of the group were watching the two talk intently. “It shouldn’t happen for a few years, but I want you to fix it now before it is too late.” Yoshi said quietly getting up and walking to Kouga. She lifted his head to look into his eyes again. “She needs to know now, so go” Yoshi commanded him. He swiftly got up and disappeared in his twister. “Yoshi…” Sango started, but none of them knew exactly what to say or ask. “Why did Kouga bow to you?” Miroku asked. “Centuries ago I was traveling through the mountains and ran across their tribe. They were weak from a war they had only just barely won. I stayed and helped them heal, but the tribe leader, Kouga’s father, wasn’t getting better though. At that time I hadn’t used any of my powers on them. The tribe begged me to help him so I did. I used my powers to heal him. They celebrated for days. Finally when it was time to go I had a talk with Toshiro. That was Kouga’s father’s name. He asked me how I healed him. I told him of my powers and he was stunned. He asked me to show him his future, more specifically his death. I showed him and he proclaimed to the tribe I was to be honored for centuries to come. He told them of my powers. At that time Kouga was just a pup so I’m not surprised he didn’t recognize me.” Yoshi finished telling them. ‘How is it that she is involved with so many people?’ InuYasha wondered. “So that is why Kouga bowed to you and called you Seer.” Kagome said. Yoshiko nodded yes. “What was the vision you showed him?” Shippo asked from Kagome’s shoulder forgetting InuYasha and Kagome’s surprise they shared with the group. “Ayame.” Yoshi said simply and started walking away.____________________________________________________________  Kouga searched all night for Ayame. He finally got a whiff of her around midnight. ‘I need to talk to her. I need to keep that vision from coming true.’ he thought remembering it.**Flashback** “Kouga!” Ayame shouted getting in between Kouga and Kagura’s Dance of Blades. Blood sprayed all over Kouga’s face while Ayame’s body fell back into his arms losing consciousness. Her head came to rest on his shoulder. Her form was limp in his arms. “Why did you do that Ayame?” Kouga asked her. Ayame’s eyes were fluttering shut. “I wanted to save you Kouga. I love you.” she confessed to him with a weak smile. Kouga pulled her tight to his chest. “Ayame you idiot. You shouldn’t have done that.” Kouga told her softly. He was furious and sad at the same time. “Why? Why was it wrong of me to save you? To save the man I love?” she asked innocently. He felt his heart break for her. “It isn’t, but I wish I could have saved you.” he said feeling tears gather in his eyes. He caressed her cheek not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry Ayame. I love you.” he told her as he leaned down to kiss her. He felt her kiss him back for a minute and then she was dead in his arms. He pulled away to see a smile on her lifeless face. He softly laid her down on the ground before getting up and going to face Kagura head on.**End of Flashback** He came to a river. Ayame was there sitting on the edge with her feet in the water. She was staring up at the crescent moon and hadn’t even noticed Kouga’s arrival. He was mesmerized now. He completely forgot about warning Ayame and confessing his love for her. He felt a light blush grace his face when she turned to look at him. Her hair danced in the wind as she brought her feet out of the water. She gracefully walked to Kouga never looking away from his blue eyes. She was confused by the look Kouga gave her. She had never seen it before. She came to a stop just in front of him. The wind around them stopped. It seemed as if time was standing still for them. She could hear his heart beating fast in his chest as if he had ran to her as fast as he could. “Ayame I need to tell you something.” he told her closing the gap between. There was merely an inch separating them. He put his hand to her cheek unsure of what to do. “What is wrong Kouga?” she asked concerned. “Do you remember the tale of The Seer?” he asked her nervously. She simply nodded her head. “I ran into InuYasha and Kagome. She was with them. She isn’t a fairytale. She is real and she showed me something. She also helped me realize something.” “Kouga you are scarring me.” Ayame told him. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He caught her up in a loving embrace. Ayame felt her cheeks turn a dull red. “I’m sorry Ayame. The Seer, she showed me… she showed me your death. She showed me you sacrificing your life to save mine. I don’t want to see that happen ever again.” he told her leaning back to look into her eyes. He saw a mixture of fear for her life and joy at saving him. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly to form a small smile, but he quickly became serious again. He leaned his face in close to hers slowly closing the gap. Then Ayame stopped him by putting her hand on his chest holding him back. “What about Kagome? I thought you loved her.” Ayame asked. “I wanted her for her ability to see jewel shards and I liked pissing off Mutt-Face.” he said with a true smile. He then finished the task he started. He kissed her. It was a loving kiss that grew deeper by the minute. He reluctantly pulled away to look at her face. She was beautiful to him with her gorgeous green eyes and her fiery red hair. Her smile melted his heart. She was happy to be with him and this overjoyed him. “I love you, Ayame. Will you be my mate?” he asked her sweetly. “Of course.” she answered quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. She kissed him passionately. She almost made him fall over she kissed him so hard. She broke the kiss playfully. “I love you.” she told him. “And I love you” he told her before pulling her into bliss again by kissing her romantically. ‘I wont let you die Ayame. I will save you and I will always love you.’ Kouga thought lowering her to the ground.


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raysbabygal on January 15, 2006, 4:59:49 AM

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raysbabygalaww that is soooo sweet! plz wirte more! do you wanna be my friend? i love your sotry to bits!!!

Kakashikuns_lover60 on January 15, 2006, 4:59:42 AM

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Kakashikuns_lover60Brovo rovo grate story please make a new chappy soon PLEASE oh and before i forget what is the mater with u ppl dont u see a good story when u see one grrr