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Chapter 15 - The Death of a Hanyou

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 15 - The Death of a Hanyou

Chapter 15 - The Death of a Hanyou
The Death of a Hanyou InuYasha was sitting impatiently across from the flap of the hut. His black hair fell down his back. His claws and fangs were gone. His golden eyes were now dark brown. It was the night of the new moon and he was human. Kagome sat next to him. No one else was in the hut. They were all outside standing guard. “InuYasha you need to calm down. We still have about an hour till sunrise.” Kagome told him. He looked at her frustrated. “How can I calm down when we are in such danger? Kagome, Sesshomaru isn’t going to be back for three weeks, Yoshi has been acting weird lately, and Naraku has constantly been sending demons after us for the past few days. I’m worried that he knows and is going to came after us before morning.” he confessed to his mate. She just gave him a weak encouraging smile. She put her hand to his cheek. He couldn’t help but lean into her hand. Her skin was soft and her scent was so beautiful to him. It was easy to smell even in his human form. Kagome moved to sit in front of him and look him in the eye. “It will be ok InuYasha. Yoshi will take care of us all. Miroku, Sango, and I are not helpless either. Shippo can take care of himself if he needs to. Don’t worry.” Kagome told him softly. They both smiled at each other. He turned her around and pulled her to his chest. He put his head on her shoulder and his arms around her stomach. “I trust you Kagome, but I can’t help worrying about you. I’m the one to usually protect everyone.” he told her calmly. “I know. It wont be long till sunrise though so calm down. Just sit here with me and relax.” She told him leaning her head back to look at his dark brown eyes. She smiled at him. He leaned his head forward to kiss her. It was a slow sweet kiss. InuYasha put his head back on her shoulder once it was done. “I love you” he whispered in ear then nuzzled her neck. He brushed his lips across the bite mark that he had made to mark her as his mate. She couldn’t help giggling. “InuYasha stop. That tickles.” She told him trying to get away. “I know. That’s why I did it” he told her with a huge smile. She smiled back. She sat up wanting to kiss him when they heard shouting outside. “Some one must be attacking” he said tightening his hold on her. “I should go help” Kagome said trying to get up. “No you just said they could take care of themselves. Stay here.” he told her not letting her get up. “InuYasha they might need help. I don’t want to leave you but I need to.” she told him pleading for him to let go with her eyes. He did slowly. She gave him a weak smile and a quick kiss before getting up. She grabbed her bow and arrows and left him alone in the dark. When she stepped outside she saw two ogres, five cat demons, and a large snake demon. The snake was black with two thin red stripes down each of its sides. The cat demons had various colors. Miroku couldn’t use his Wind Tunnel because of the poisonous insects that now surround the hut. He was fighting off a black cat demon. She saw Sango fighting off the ogres. Yoshi was taking care of the snake demon. Kagome then noticed the four other cat demons come toward the hut. She quickly shot at them. She hit three of them, but an orange one got by. It came up to her fast and raised its claws. Kagome ducked her head and closed her eyes readying herself for the pain, but it never came. She cautiously looked up to see InuYasha stands in front of her. “Inu… InuYasha?” Kagome was stunned. Then he fell back. She caught him in her arms. His chest was covered in claw marks. Blood was slowly seeping out of the cuts. “Are you ok Kagome?” he asked her weakly. She nodded her head. He smiled. “That’s good.” he said closing his eyes. Kagome hugged him tight. The cat demon was not done though. It was ready to attack again. Its bloody claws were being raised again. “No” Yoshi shouted from her battle with the snake demon. She was there fighting one second and then she was in front of the lovers. She blocked the demon’s blow. She materialized a sword. The hilt was simple except for the purple crystal at the end. The blade was long, shiny, and SHARP. She beheaded the demon in one fluid movement. She turned to Kagome and InuYasha behind her. “Are you two alright?” she asked kneeling down beside them. “I’m fine, but InuYasha is unconscious.” she said obviously worried he wouldn’t be ok. Before Yoshi could heal him the snake demon came after them. “Come on.” Yoshi ordered picking up InuYasha and pulling Kagome up. She took them to Miroku who had defeated the first cat demon. Sango needed help with the last ogre though. “Miroku can you hold the snake demon off for a few minutes?” Yoshi asked in a hurry. “Yes just hurry up and help Sango” he said getting ready to fight. Kagome had InuYasha in her lap again. She was trying to stop his bleeding with shreds of his shirt. “Hold on InuYasha” she told him. She looked to the east. It was getting lighter. “Hold on. It is almost sunrise. Just hold on.” she told him over and over again. Yoshi came to Sango’s side. She blocked the club the ogre swung at them with the sword. Then Yoshi ducked so Sango could throw her Hiraikotsu cutting the ogre in half. They didn’t even stay for a second. They quickly ran to Miroku, Kagome, InuYasha, and Shippo who had finally showed up on Kagome’s shoulder. Kilala had been protecting him and was now helping Miroku fight the snake demon. Yoshi and Sango came to a stop beside him. “We have to hold him off for a while. The sun will be coming up any minute.” Sango said. Miroku and Yoshi nodded. Yoshi glanced back to see Kagome and InuYasha still sitting there. InuYasha was unconscious in Kagome’s arms. “Kagome get out of here.” Yoshi shouted back at them. Her guard was left down and, taking advantage of that, the snake demon got by her. Yoshi quickly noticed her mistake. She saw the demon rush toward Kagome and InuYasha. She appeared at Kagome and InuYasha’s side, but only had time to grab one of them. The snake demon then wrapped its prey with its slender body. It squeezed tight. “InuYasha” Kagome yelled from Miroku and Sango’s side. They were holding her back after Yoshi had dropped her and went back for InuYasha. Kagome had tears in her eyes. She turned and embraced Sango needing to know everything would be ok. Sango comfortingly hugged Kagome. Yoshi soon appeared with InuYasha. “The snake bit him before I got there.” she said panting. Kagome instantly ran to InuYasha. The snake demon turned to attack again, but Yoshi stopped him. She threw her sword into his head right between the eyes immediately killing it. The snake slowly sank to the ground to be forgotten by the group. Yoshiko spun around to see Kagome wailing over InuYasha’s body. She clung to him bringing his head to her chest. Her face was covered in tears. Yoshi noticed InuYasha was in his hanyou form, but the sun was still not quite up yet. “Is he ok?” Yoshi asked worried. Kagome looked at her with the saddest most heart broken look she had ever seen. “He.. Is .. Dead” she said between sobs. “Wh… Why did…you save me? You should…have saved…him” Kagome bent over to cry into her dead mate’s chest. Yoshi felt so bad and wish that there was more she could do. “Kagome I…” Yoshi didn’t know what to say. She knew she did the right thing saving Kagome instead of InuYasha. “I might be able to help” she said coming to sit beside Kagome. Kagome’s head shoot up from InuYasha. “How?” she asked desperate. Yoshi took a look at InuYasha’s injuries. He had a huge bite mark on his right shoulder where the demon bit him. He had the claws marks on his chest from the cat demon. All of these cuts were still leaking out blood. Dirt was mixed in with the blood here and there. Yoshi put her hand to his rib cage. She sensed the poison standing still in his body and his crushed organs from the snake demon. “Kagome…I’m not sure.” Yoshi told her honestly. The blood being tainted with dirt and the poison AND almost all the organs nearly destroyed was going to make this very hard. “What is wrong? I thought you said you could help” Kagome said sadly. “Kagome I might be able to bring him back, but…” Yoshi said looking at the lifeless InuYasha and the heart broken Kagome. “But what? Can’t you bring him back?” Kagome asked shaking now from crying so hard. Yoshi looked her straight in the eyes. She need to be sure that this was the right thing to do. “Kagome I could die. Resurrecting someone takes a great deal of power and I have used some of mine in the battle.” Yoshi informed her still looking for a sign that she needed to bring him back in Kagome’s eyes. “Please just try” Kagome begged and then Yoshiko saw it. It was a little girl and her twin sister in their mother’s arms. They looked to be about five. One was crying. Her name was Moriko. She had black hair that went just past her shoulders. On top of her head was a pair of cute black dog ears. She was wearing a beautiful white kimono with vines of gold at the bottom and a bright orange obi. Moriko’s mother held her head to her right shoulder. Moriko’s closed eyes were a honey brown like her sister’s, but were filled with tears. Her sister was reluctant to show it but she was just as sad and depressed. Her name was Katana. She had silver hair that went to her waist. She also had dog ears, but hers were silver. Their mother always found it hard to look at Katana because she was so much like her father. Katana wore a stunning kimono that was red and faded to white and then to black at the bottom. It had white flowers embroidered on it all over. Her obi was a brilliant gold. Her mother held her with her left arm. “Mommy the kids in the village told us to get lost and threw stones at us” Moriko told her mother shakily still crying. “It’s ok sweetie. We can go see grandma Keade and cousin Shippo. Maybe Uncle Miroku and Auntie Sango will be there. Sango should be having the baby any day now.” her mother told her. This made her feel a little better. She had been looking forward to having another cousin. “I would have kicked those dumb kid’s buts if I hadn’t been trying to calm you down.” Katana said rudely. “Katana why do you have to be so mean to your sister?” their mother asked looking Katana straight in the eye. “Why did daddy have to die? Why did we have to be half demons? Why does that man Naraku always come after us? Why does that priestess try to hurt you all the time? I don’t know mother.” she said cruelly. She jumped out of her mother’s arms and ran off. ‘She is so much like her father. Stubborn, arrogant, and rude, but she hasn’t softened yet. I wish she could be more like he was before he died’ she thought holding Moriko tight. She knew that had scared Moriko and that she needed her mother’s reassurance. “She will be back soon enough.” “But…why did daddy have to leave? What was he like?” Moriko asked innocently. Her mother looked into her eyes and saw the pain of not knowing him. She saw the uncertainty of who she was because she didn’t know her father. She remembered the struggles when Naraku or Kikyo would attack. Moriko’s mother couldn’t stand it and pulled Moriko into a tight embrace. She cried unable to help it. It had not only been hard on them but on her raising her two daughter alone without her true love by her side. It saw the most tear jerking vision ever, but she would not let herself cry. She nodded her head. “I’ll do it. I’ll resurrect him, but if I do die tell Sesshomaru my secret.” Yoshi told Kagome sternly. Kagome nodded her head vigorously. Yoshi took a deep breath unsure of what would happen. “Kagome get on the other side of him” Kagome obeyed going to the opposite side of Yoshi. She went to hold his hand but Yoshi stopped her. “Don’t not until I say.” Yoshi commanded. She closed her eyes. ‘I have got to do this.’ she thought before calling on her powers. She placed her hands on his chest. Yoshi first started by healing his external wounds. Then she replaced his blood that he lost. She got rid of the poison, dirt, and infection after that. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. She wasn’t even done healing him and she was exhausted. ‘I thought this was supposed to be the easy part. She repaired the crushed organs before taking another breather. She kept her eyes closed the whole time. “Kagome I have healed his body. I need your help to call back his soul.” Yoshi told her moving one hand to his heart and the other to his forehead. “Kagome put your hands on top of mine.” Yoshi instructed her. Kagome quickly obeyed. ‘Please InuYasha come back.’ Kagome thought desperate. Yoshi started to glow a fainted purple. It traveled through her hands into InuYasha and up Kagome’s arms. The three were filled with the glow, but it soon became a blazing light. The other three watching shielded their eyes from the light. Kagome found herself in a white mist. She spun in circle searching for something, anything of than that haze. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Yoshi. “Yoshi where are we?” Kagome asked afraid. “We are between life and death. We need to find InuYasha. Being that he only just died he might still be here, but we need to hurry. Start calling his name.” Yoshi told her. They shouted his name over and over but he never came. “Kagome I’m sending you back. Don’t take away your hands. Just stay there. I need to go into the underworld to find him.” “But I want to find InuYasha. I want to help bring him back.” Kagome said determined. “No just go. Trust me Kagome. InuYasha’s life isn’t the only one in danger right now.” Yoshi told her. Yoshiko knew Kagome wanted to find InuYasha herself, but she let it go because Kagome did trust her. Kagome opened her eyes to see Yoshi glowing brightly and InuYasha had a dull shimmer to him. Kagome looked at her love. His eyes were closed. He had died just as he changed back into his hanyou form. His dog ears were back in his mess of silver hair. She bent down to his face. “InuYasha please come back. Come back to me InuYasha.” Kagome whispered into his ear. She lightly kissed each ear before leaning back. She then noticed his eyes flutter open. “Ka…Kagome” he said weakly. Kagome felt tears of joy sting her eyes. She immediately leaned over and kissed him passionately. “InuYasha I thought I would never be with you again” she told him once she pulled back. He smiled at her. “I’m ok. I just need some rest.” he told her closing his eyes slowly. Kagome nodded her head. She then looked to Yoshi to thank her. She saw Yoshi laying on the ground. Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kilala were all at her side. “Is she alive?” Kagome asked instantly. “She is alive, but her pulse is weak.” Miroku said. He started to lift her up. “Kilala can you change form and carry Yoshi?” he asked of the two tail. “We should take these two back to Keade’s village. Yoshi is going to need time to rest and InuYasha will need to heal.” Sango said. Kagome nodded her head and tried to help InuYasha stand, but Sango had to help her. They put Yoshi and InuYasha on Kilala’s back. “Kagome you get on and go with.” Sango said. Kagome could only smile and hug her. “Thank you.” she whispered before getting on. Sango, Shippo, and Miroku watched them fly away. They waited a moment to let it all sink in. Yoshi had risked her life to save InuYasha’s. They were in a state of shock. “Come on you guys. We need to get back to the village.” Sango finally said gathering their discarded materials. “Shouldn’t we find Sesshomaru?” Miroku asked. “He said he would be near the village. When he smells Yoshi he will stop by to check on things. Especially since we are not with them.” Sango said walking away with Shippo on her shoulder. ‘Now what is going to happen next?’ Miroku thought following Sango._______________________________________________Author’s Note Hi! I am sorry to tell you but it will take some time for me to write the next chapter because I have school and I want to put at least one picture on this site and I guess need time to not rush the story too much. I have the ending almost perfectly planned out. It is hopefully a little obvious as to what is going on with Kagome and if it isn’t tell me and I will clarify it. Thank you so much to Kakashikuns_lover60 and raysbabygal the only people to actually comment on more than one chapter. Well that is about it for me comment please! BYE


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