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Chapter 16 - Just Friends

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 16 - Just Friends

Chapter 16 - Just Friends
Just Friends All InuYasha saw was black nothingness. It was dark, lonely, and cold there. He remember saving Kagome and then that was it. ‘I wonder if she is alright. I am glad I saved her even if it cost me my life. There is something bothering me though. In the past few days her scent has changed. It wasn’t a great change I couldn’t smell it when I was human. Heck I could barely smell it when I was half-demon.’ he pondered this in his lonely domain. ‘I know the scent is familiar but I can’t think of it and it was so subtle.’ he thought getting frustrated. “InuYasha! INUYASHA! Where are you?” he heard someone yell to him. He thought he had heard that voice before, but he couldn’t remember. “I’m here. Where are you? Who are you?” he shouted back. He kept turning frantically trying to find the person looking for him. “InuYasha this is Yoshiko. You need to help me here. InuYasha you are dead. I’m trying to bring you back. I can’t do that unless you really want to come back to life. You need to want to come back more than anything. Kagome and everyone else need you.” Yoshi told him seriously. ‘Kagome…’ he thought before longing to live, before needing to live and be with Kagome more than anything in the world. Suddenly Yoshiko was right in front of him. “Yoshi is Kagome ok?” he immediately asked. “She is fine, but we have to leave now.” she said before taking his hand. Then it all was a blur. It was still dark, but he wasn’t alone. He knew his mate was by his side. She was saying something to him. Then he felt her lips touch each of his ears sending a wonderful sensation through his body. He slowly opened to see Kagome looking at him. “Ka… Kagome” he whispered weakly. He could smell the tears form in Kagome’s eyes. He wanted to reach up and touch her cheek, but couldn’t no matter how hard he tried. He felt her kissing him. ‘I must be in heaven’ he thought as he kissed her back best he could. She pulled away slowly. “InuYasha I thought I would never be with you again” she said to him. He couldn’t help, but smile at her. He was so happy to be alive. ‘Now I can grow old with her. I can be with her forever.’ he thought becoming sleepy. “I’m ok. I just need some rest.” he told her. ‘I can raise a family with her. A family. I think that may be it.’ he thought as he dozed off into a peaceful sleep. That was the last thing he remembered. He was now waking up. He had unknowingly been asleep for almost two days. He slowly opened his eyes. He was in Keade’s hut. He unsuccessfully tried to sit up. “InuYasha?” Kagome asked from the other side of the room. She quickly came to his side. “How are you feeling?” she asked gently grabbing his hand. “Fine I guess. Kagome… did I die?” he asked unsure if the memories had really happened or if they were just a dream. “You died. Yoshiko brought you back though.” she said with a mixture of joy and sorrow on her face. She could only muster a weak smile for him. “Kagome what’s wrong?” he asked attempting to get up again. “InuYasha please don’t try to get up.” she told him. She sighed thinking of the right words to say. “Yoshi hasn’t woke up yet. I think in a way she had to die to bring you back and then herself too. She also had to heal your body before bringing back your soul. She collapsed after you came back to life.” she informed InuYasha. “She… She risked her life to save mine. Why?” he asked very confused. “I’m not sure. She said something about your life not being the only one at stake, but I thought she was referring to herself. I’m not so sure anymore.” she told him just as flustered by that puzzling question. There was a long awkward silence before Kagome spoke again. “It doesn’t matter. You are fine and she is alive too.” she said lacing her fingers through his hair. “I was so scared.” she confessed. He brought his hand to hers and pulled it to his heart. “I’m here now. I was a little scared too.” he admitted to her. He gently pulled her down to lay next to him. He rolled over onto his side and pulled her to his chest. “I’m sorry I worried you.” he told her before giving her a chaste kiss. It was long, sweet, and filled with love. Once it was finally done Kagome tucked her head underneath InuYasha’s chin. He took a deep breathe smelling Kagome. He could tell she was happy. There was that faint smell though. He still couldn’t think of it. ‘What the hell is that smell? It isn’t really a bad scent. I can recall smelling it a lot. Not exactly like this though. It was on a lot of fat women. Wait! Could Kagome be…’ He thought. He instantly pulled back to look at Kagome. “Kagome have you been feeling weird, or nauseous lately?” he asked her. “Not really. Why?” she asked wondering what he was thinking. He put his nose to her stomach and took a deep breathe. When he looked back at Kagome he had a huge smile on his face.**Meanwhile** Yoshi laid in the middle of a hut. Sesshomaru sat next to her holding her hand. ‘Why did you do this Yoshi? Why did you risk your life for him?’ he thought caressing her face. He had been in the village ever since Yoshi had asked him to leave. He had been surprised to see Kagome riding on Kilala with an unconscious InuYasha and Yoshi. He hadn’t left Yoshi’s side since her return. “Please wake up.” he said again for probably the millionth time. He squeezed her hand a little tighter wishing she would answer. Slowly, barely even noticeable, she opened her eyes. She stared into his golden eyes while he looked back into her sapphire ones. Yoshi quickly looked away though. It was too much for her. He was too irresistible to her. She also had a feeling he had been with her for a long time. He gently, but forcefully brought her gaze back to him with the hand that had never left her cheek. “Why did you do that?” he asked her confused and hurt. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. ‘What do I tell him?’ she thought frantic. “Don’t answer.” he said after a moment and let his hand drop from her cheek. She gave him a dazed look. He sighed in disappointment. “Even if you did answer me it would just be a lie.” “I’m sorry Sesshomaru.” she said trying to sit up. “Don’t” he told her softly pushing her back down to the floor. “You’re still weak. You’ve been asleep for almost two days now.” he told her once she was lying comfortably on the floor. “Has InuYasha woke up yet?” she asked. “I don’t know. I haven’t left your side since you came here. Kagome comes around noon. Rin, Kohaku and Keade have gone to another village. The village was being attacked by low level demons. They should be back soon and Sango and Miroku haven’t come back yet.” he told her solemnly. “They might not be back for a while. Where is Kilala?” she asked curious. “She’s around here somewhere. Why?” “Miroku and Sango could get here a lot faster if she went and got them.” she pointed out. “I’ll have her go get them the next time she comes by. Now I need you to answer a question for me.” he told her taking her hand again. She slowly nodded suspiciously. “Why the hell did you risk your own life to save that damn hanyou brother of mine?” he asked his voice becoming angry, rude and cruel. She saw his old self come out. His eyes flashed red for a second when his frustration got the best of him. He noticed her face turn from tired and defeated to worried and a little scared. He sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I have been here worrying myself sick over you and I want to know why. I want to know why my lo … my best friend in the world… the person who is most dear to me gambled her life.” he told her with such a passion she wanted to embrace him and tell him that she loved him and didn’t mean to hurt him but she couldn’t. All she could or would do was gently squeeze his hand reassuringly. “Sesshomaru… I… There are people who are going to need him more than me in the years to come.” she told him trying to dance around the exact reason for saving InuYasha. “Like who? Who could need him more than you?” he asked out raged again letting his temper go. “Kagome needs him way more than she could ever need me Sesshomaru.” she replied quickly sitting up in anger starting to get frustrated. “I need you just as much as Kagome needs him, maybe more!” he retorted. This hit home for her. She had known that if she died it would have hurt Sesshomaru, but she also knew that it would hurt just as much if not more if she had been killed by Naraku. “You know that Yoshi. I have told you time and time again that I love you and always will. You knew that it would hurt me so why? Who else needs my brother more than you?” he asked trying to look into her eyes which were directed as far away from him as possible. She felt so shameful and guilty at how much she had hurt him. She heard him take a deep breath calming himself. He put a hand reassuringly on her back between her shoulder blades. Yoshi felt him breathing into her ear when he lowered his head to it. It was warm and comforting to her. “Please tell me. Trust me Yoshi.” he whispered in her ear sending a shiver down her spine. “Sesshomaru…” she turned her head slightly but still couldn’t look him in the eye. She shakily took a deep breath making a sad attempt at gathering courage. He gently put his finger under her chin and lifted her head to look at him. She saw much more love and compassion in his eyes than she ever thought anyone could feel for her. She couldn’t help, but feel safe with him there. “Promise you wont tell?” He simply nodded ‘yes’. “Kagome… She’s… The night you left Kagome became… pregnant.” she told him slowly. His jaw just dropped in astonishment. “When InuYasha wakes up he will probably tell her.” she added. “So this is why you saved him.” he said after a long silence. “This is why you saved Kagome before InuYasha. And then risked your life to save him.” he said with his hands still on her back and under her chin. She nodded looking at his shocked face. “Is it going to be healthy, the baby?” he asked which was the first thing that came to mind. Yoshi giggled a little at this. “Yes. They’ll be very healthy.” she answered. “They?” he asked. “They. Kagome is going to have twins.” she informed him with a smile. They both felt the tension lift. “But remember you promised not to tell anyone.” she reminded him. “Of course. Can you tell me more?” he asked letting his hands finally drop away from her body and sat comfortably next to her. “Their names will be Moriko and Katana. Moriko takes after Kagome. She will be kind of quiet and shy, but the loyalist of friends. Katana on the other hand will be almost exactly like InuYasha with looks and personality. I think that InuYasha being alive will make her less like him though. Both of them will be beautiful, happy, and healthy. They will be the first out of dozens of children.” she finished telling him. He smiled at her and she gladly smiled back. “Why can’t we always be like this? Why can’t I be around you… hold you without you being scared?” he asked. She turned her head away never wanting to have to answer that question. “Yoshi I understand you are afraid to love… or you just don’t feel that way about me, but can’t you at least let me be around you? Let me embrace you without you asking me to leave for a week.” “Sesshomaru…it’s not that easy.” she said quietly still not looking at him. He again placed his hand gently under her chin to force her to look at him. “Yoshi you asked to be just friends. Friends trust each other. Friends can be with friends and not act like you do. Rin and Kohaku can be around each other without acting like you and they’re just friends.” he said starting to get frustrated. Yoshi gave out an unladylike snort. Sesshomaru gave her a questioning look, but Yoshi just shook her head. “I love you and you have to accept that.” he told her as he started to caress her cheek. “I can’t do this anymore Yoshiko. I can’t have you kissing me and clinging to me for dear life one minute and then telling me to get lost the next. It hurts too much.” he confessed. She saw agony in his eyes. When she used her powers she felt him go through just as much pain as she had. “I’m sorry.” she said after minutes of silence. “Sesshomaru I have been afraid to love. To even care about someone for years. Ever since your father died. I lost control of my power then. It was the same as when Naraku crushed his soul. I also lost it when my first love died. I care for you, Kagome, InuYasha, Sango, Miroku and so many other people now. I don’t know what I would do if I lost any of you.” she told him honestly. He dropped his hand from her chin to embrace her. “Yoshi I will never leave you. I will never hurt you. If I’m going to die just… just tell me and I’ll leave or I’ll find a way to be with you forever. I don’t care what. I’ll do anything as long as you stay with me. Please.” he told her lovingly. She thought she might cry but she kept it together. ‘I want to be with him so bad. Maybe it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.’ she thought returning the embrace.


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Kakashikuns_lover60 on February 19, 2006, 5:27:35 AM

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Kakashikuns_lover60*sniffles* this chappy is so buiteful i love and u got 2 new comments !YAY! *Fave x 8785965874536645638568 billion*

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*bursts out sobbing*
*rows in a canoe out of room filled with tears to find a REALLY big tissue*

raysbabygal on February 18, 2006, 8:22:29 PM

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raysbabygalwow animewannabe this chapter is wicked!! aww i cant wait to find out what happens next! i hope yoshi and shessy get together in the end!! =) lol