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Chapter 17 - Shippo's Question

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 17 - Shippo's Question

Chapter 17 - Shippo's Question
Shippos Question It had been a few days since everyone was told that Kagome was pregnant with InuYashas child that Shippo asked a very interesting question. Everyone was around a fire inside a hut. Kohaku, Rin and Keade were still gone but were supposed to be back the next day. InuYasha was holding Kagome in his arms when Shippo jumped into her lap. Kagome you said you were pregnant, right? He asked innocently. Yeah. Whats it to you? InuYasha answered rudely. Kagome lightly nudged him in the ribs to warn him to be nice. He simply fehed it before Shippo continued. I was talking to Kagome, InuYasha Shippo said to him with an annoyed look on his face. I was wondering, Kagome. Where do babies come from? he asked curiously. Everyone in the hut froze when he had first asked. They all suddenly were looking at InuYasha and Kagome. Sesshomaru, Yoshi, Miroku, and Sango couldnt help, but start laughing at them once their faces had turned a brilliant shade of red at the memory of how they had made the twins that were growing inside Kagomes belly. They were trying their hardest not to laugh and/or giggle, especially Sango and Yoshi for Kagomes sake. They were covering their mouths but that couldnt hold the laughter in. UmShippo Didnt your parents ever tell you? Yoshi asked without out laughing somehow. Shippo looked down to avoid the others stares. No. They never got around to it. he said sadly. Im sorry Shippo, but I dont think this is the time to tell you. Maybe when you are older. Kagome finally said. But Miroku said he would give me ten gold pieces if you told me about were babies come from. he said without a second thought. Suddenly everyone was looking at Miroku. Miroku InuYasha growled out as he sat Kagome down gently. Miroku scrambled to his feet backing up away from the very pissed off hanyou. You have three seconds to run. InuYasha warned as he raised his hand to count down on. 1. 2. 3. he said and then was running after Miroku who had run outside and had about a fifty yard head start. Kagome, dont you think you should stop him before he kills Miroku? Sango asked concerned after a good ten minutes of the wild goose chase. After that stunt he just tried to pull? No way! Kagome answered strongly while getting up to watch her mate chase Miroku with nearly red eyes. Then again I might as well stop him now before he gets carried away. Kagome said. She walked a few feet away from the hut so InuYasha would defiantly be able to hear her. InuYasha! she yelled to him. Once he turned to see her she continued. Either stop now or Ill use the S word. she said firmly. Why? He deserves a good beating for that! he yelled back before continuing his chase. I mean it! If you dont stop now Ill say it! she warned one final time. InuYasha just shook his head no. Fine! Sit BOY! she screamed loud enough to hurt anyones ears but especially Sesshomarus, Kilalas, and InuYashas. Sometimes it amazes me how much they can fight. Sesshomaru mused as InuYasha got out of the crater he had created. Its just a normal day for them I guess Yoshi answered watching the couple make-up._____________________________________________________________Authors NoteI know this is a short chapter, but Im working on the next. It is SO NOT fair though! After watching The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 1 &2) I cant hate Kikyo! It is so not right, but I can so blame everything on her. If she hadnt. Well actually Im going to rant & rave in the next chapter so youll have to wait till then. I was trying to make this funny. Please tell me if it worked cause I am new at writing funny chapters. I also wanted (got told to) write more stuff about Shippo. I hope you like. The next chapter will be coming soon! (I hope)


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Gin-Ookami on June 2, 2006, 10:10:14 AM

Gin-Ookami on
Gin-OokamiWow, nice job! I love little funny scene's in here.Keep them comin'!

raysbabygal on June 1, 2006, 10:36:34 PM

raysbabygal on
raysbabygalwicked chapter i fink you rite really good funny chapters but i wanna hear more bout yioshi n shesshy!!!