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Chapter 18 - Kikyo's Good-Bye

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 18 - Kikyo's Good-Bye

Chapter 18 - Kikyo's Good-Bye
Kikyos Good-Bye It had been a week since everyone found out Kagome was pregnant and she thought it was time to go home. She felt it was passed time to tell her family. They were also really low on supplies. InuYasha was going with Kagome to her time and would be there to support her when she told her family. Sesshomaru and Yoshi were going to go to the well with them to see them off. Kagome and InuYasha had already said good-bye and explained how they would probably be gone for a week or so. Bye, Kagome. I hope your family takes the news well. Yoshi told her encouragingly as she hugged Kagome. I hope so, too. Kagome replied as they let go. She then turned to InuYasha. Lets go. she said as she took his hand intent on jumping into the well, but he stood still when she tugged at his hand. InuYasha? Is something wrong? she asked concerned. Its her. That dead woman. Sesshomaru answered for him with his nose lifted slightly toward the breeze as was InuYashas. Kagome immediately and visually tense. Her grip on InuYashas hand had also tightened. What do you think she wants? Kagome asked InuYasha stepping closer to him obviously worried. What if she found out about my pregnancy and wants to kill my baby? Kagome thought paranoid as her hand subconsciously went to her stomach. I dont know, but we should probably go. he said as he turned to look at Kagome. He could sense and smell the fear radiating off of his mate. He cupped her cheeks in his hands and brought her forehead to his. Itll be ok. I wont let her hurt you or the baby. he told her while looking her straight in the eyes. She gave him a weak smile for trying, but was still scared shootless. He pulled her close in a soothing embrace. Everything will be alright. You two dont have to leave, but Kikyo did find out about Kagome being pregnant. Yoshi informed them. How?! InuYasha shouted in disbelief. They share a soul, InuYasha. And Kikyo has great spiritual powers. It is no trouble for her to sense what is going on with Kagome. Yoshi told him. But why dont you want us to leave? If Kikyo found out I was pregnant than dont you think she would want to stop my pregnancy? Kagome asked hanging onto InuYasha for support. She needs to move on and you need your whole soul. You both need to be here for that to happen. Dont worry Kagome. InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and I are here to protect you. There is no way Kikyo could harm you. Yoshi told them. But shouldnt I go get the others? Your still a little drained from bringing InuYasha back to life. Sesshomaru asked getting ready to leave. No. That wont be necessary. Kikyo said from the edge of the clearing before Yoshi had a chance to answer. Kikyo leave me and Kagome alone. InuYasha said stepping in front of Kagome to protect her. Whos that? Kikyo asked disinterestedly. Im Yoshiko. You probably dont remember me. I visited you when you were about thirteen and still training to be a priestess. Yoshi said calmly while Sesshomaru, Kagome, and InuYasha let their mouths drop in shock. Kikyo on the other hand seemed amused. So you are still alive. What did you do to not appear to change? Kikyo asked forget about Kagome and InuYasha for the moment. Im what you might call immortal. It is almost impossible to kill me and I cant age. I guess I neglected to tell you that when I spoke with you. Yoshi said to her as calm as ever while everyone else was being crept out. Yoshiko was acting so strange. She was so calm and confident and intimidating now. Well see how immortal you are after this. Kikyo said before she quickly brought up her bow with an arrow on it and let go in the blink of an eye. It was a sacred arrow with a lot of Kikyos power in it, more than usual, too. Yoshi didnt even blink when the arrow was coming at her. About two feet from Yoshis body the arrow shattered as it hit a barrier. How did she do that? Kikyo wondered furious that Yoshi had so easily defeated her attack. I also forgot to tell you I have other powers besides seeing. Yoshi said simply. This is a special one of my own making. She added as her body fell to the ground. Her essence was left standing though. Kagome and Kikyo were the only ones who could see because of their powers. Yoshi put on a devilish smile at their shocked faces before entering Kikyos body. Just as soon as she had entered Kikyo fell to the cold hard ground as Yoshi had a minute ago. Why did she do that? Kagome wondered as she stared at Kikyos body. Sesshomaru and InuYasha were at Yoshikos side checking to see if she was alive. Sesshomaru was quick to place Yoshi in his lap. Shes alright. Kagome told them without taking her eyes off of Kikyos body. It was as if she was in a trance. What do you mean? She just collapsed. How can she be alright? Sesshomaru asked hotly still feeling around her neck to find her pulse. Because she left willingly. I dont know how to explain it, but I saw her essence enter Kikyos body after she passed out. Thats why Kikyo fainted. I think Yoshi went into her mind to talk to her and make sure that none of us got hurt. Kagome explained to them.**Meanwhile** Yoshi opened her eyes to see a dessert of sorts. It was barren of anything, completely lifeless except for her and Kikyo. Kikyo was standing a few feet away. This was her mind. This place reflected how she felt. I can understand why she is so depressed but this is a little overboard. Yoshi thought as she approached Kikyo. Why are we here? Kikyo asked looking at her surroundings. So I can talk to you and it will be easier to remind you of what I had told you before I left. Trust me, once we are done talking it will all seem clearer and much easier. Yoshi told her simply. She waved her arm in a circular motion and an image appeared in it. Kikyo was now seeing exactly what had happened.**Flashback** Yoshi in the out fit of a priestess with her jet black curly hair tied back stood in front of a thirteen year old Kikyo. Kikyo wasnt wearing the usual red and white outfit because at that time she hadnt been made a full priestess yet. She was wear similar clothing, but it was all blue. Now Kikyo remember what I told you. Yoshi said kneeling down with a sweet voice. She talked as if she were talking to a younger sister trying to warn her not to steal from the cookie jar. You told me Be careful who you trust and be careful who you help because not everyone should be saved. Kikyo repeated for Yoshi exactly as she had been told. Good. Please dont forget this. It is very important that you remember it. Yoshi said then gave Kikyo a hug before walking out of Kikyos room. Wait! Yoshi! Kikyo shouted. Yoshiko stopped and looked back. Where are you going? she asked sweetly. Im going to be traveling for a while. If you dont remember what I told you we will meet again and we wouldnt be allies anymore. Yoshi warned. She quickly left after that.**End of Flashback** Why are you even here Kikyo? You died years ago. Why have you come back to torment InuYasha? Yoshi asked after the image disappeared. I didnt come back willingly! I was brought back and I have never meant to hurt InuYasha. Kikyo told her angrily. Yes you did. You meant to hurt him when you thought it had been him who had killed you. Also, you may not have willingly come back to life, but you sure have been doing your best to stay here now. Yoshi retaliated. No one wishes to die, Yoshi, let alone be killed. I doubt anyone would allow themselves to be taken before their time for a second time and neither will I. Kikyo replied. You are not alive Kikyo. You are already dead. You are just a shadow of your former self. You can be so intimidating and so wise and powerful, but to me and on the inside you are so naïve. Yoshi said with a little of a laugh. How dare you I doubt you even know what your one single major mistake all those years ago was. Yoshiko said with a superior attitude. I trusted InuYasha when I should have just killed him the first time I met him. Kikyo said looking down in shame. I was right. You dont know what you did wrong. You obviously didnt listen to me carefully enough. I said to be careful of who you trust and to be careful who you help because not everyone should be saved. I never said to close of your heart and dont trust anyone. InuYasha didnt need saving. He just needed a friend. So knowing that now what do you think your mistake was? Yoshi asked thinking that she probably wouldnt understand. I dont know. I didnt do anything wrong! Kikyo shouted in frustration. Yes you did. Naraku or should I say Onigumo. You saved him. If you hadnt saved him he wouldnt have called on those demons and become Naraku, he wouldnt have killed you, and then you wouldnt have trapped InuYasha to the sacred tree. You and InuYasha would have lived happily together. He would have become human for you, Kikyo. Yoshi explained to Kikyo letting go of her superior confidence. Kikyo looked confused for a moment. What do you mean? Are you saying I could have lived with InuYasha? Kikyo asked in disbelief. Yoshiko simply nodded her head. But why is he with Kagome then? If he loved me and wanted to be with me then why is she the one having his baby? You and Kagome share the same soul. Your soul and InuYashas soul were meant to find each other in any life, meaning you two are soul mates. When you died in this time and InuYashas soul stayed alive that effected souls in the future. You and InuYasha were suppose to die around the same time and then be reborn in Kagomes time, but since InuYasha didnt die Kagomes soul mate in her time was never born. The well acted as a bridge between the times so things could be set right. Now they will, but if you hadnt saved Onigumo you could have had InuYashas children so many years ago. Yoshi told her with pity laced into her voice. Why is Kagome so different from me then? I understand him being with her now, but I dont understand why she is so different if we share the same soul. Kikyo questioned. Souls grow over time as they are reborn and as they are put into different situations they grew up different. Kagome was raised without high expectations from her family. They just wanted her to grow up right with an education and for her to be happy. That is why she is so different and that is why InuYasha may love her more than he did you. Yoshi explained. So he does love her more? Kikyo asked sadly. He might but you cant change that Kikyo. You are dead and it is time for you to move on. Yoshi said a little more aggressively than she had wanted to. Can I say good-bye to InuYasha and Kagome first? Kikyo asked shyly. Yoshi nodded and took her hand. It is good to see you let down your guard again. Yoshi said kindly. They soon disappeared from Kikyos mind to come back to the real world.**Meanwhile** Yoshi had been out for half an hour and everyone was starting to get worried. Kagome soon saw Yoshi leave Kikyos body though. Once Kikyo sat up she and Kagome both watched as Yoshi reentered her own body. She slowly opened her sapphire blue eyes. Thank Kami your alright. Sesshomaru said when he saw her open her eyes. He then pulled her into a tight embrace. Yoshi couldnt help but smile at how much he cared. She gently pushed him away to look to Kikyo. Kikyo say your good-byes now and I will help you move on. Yoshiko said kindly to her. Kikyo nodded once and walked forward. She stopped in front of InuYasha. InuYasha, Im sorry. I hope you are happy with Kagome she said simply before standing on her toes. She slowly brought her lips to his with her hands on his chest. It wasnt a kiss meant to show how much she loved him. It was just a simple peek on the lips to remind him that she cared. That made both Kagome and InuYasha very uncomfortable. InuYasha didnt do anything, but stand there with his golden eyes wide open. Kagome was on the border of being pissed and hurt, but held it in. Kikyo let go of him quickly. She caressed his cheek softly. Then she turned away from him. She walked up to Kagome and took her hands into her own. You are my reincarnation, arent you? Kikyo said after studying her features attentively. I didnt quite believe it at first. Good luck with the baby and please take care of InuYasha. Im sorry I was so cruel to you. Im glad to see my soul grow to become like you and now I dont feel so bad about giving back your soul. Kikyo said as tears tried to escaped from the lifeless eyes but couldnt. Kikyo gave Kagome a quick hug and then turned to Yoshi. Im ready to go. she said sadly. Yoshi beckoned her and then took her hands. This wont hurt at all. It will just feel like your falling asleep. Yoshi informed her comfortingly. Kikyo consented and took a deep breath. Yoshi closed her eyes and squeeze Kikyos hands a little. Kikyo also shut her eyes as Yoshi did. In a second Kikyos body was slowly turning to dust from her feet up. Just as her face was disintegrating she whispered Good-bye to them all. Sesshomaru went to Yoshis side to help her stand because she had suddenly become weak from using her powers. Kagome and InuYasha hugged in relief that the battle for their love was over and they could be together without Kikyo to try and get between them. InuYasha? came Kagomes quiet voice after a few minutes. Yes? Why did you let Kikyo kiss you? Kagome asked pulling away from him with a death glare on her face. InuYasha instantly became tense. Well What was I suppose to do? She was just saying good-bye, Kagome. You know I love only you. InuYasha said nervously trying to sweet talk her. InuYasha SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! Kagome shouted before jumping into the well and being surrounded by the brilliant blue lights of time. I guess the hormones have officially kicked in. Sesshomaru thought aloud. I think your right. InuYasha is not going to like Kagome when those kick in more and more often. Yoshi informed him. Did I really deserve that? InuYasha asked as he came out of his crater. No, not really. Just go to her time and actually say Im sorry and she will be satisfied. Trust me the good thing about those hormones is that when you get on her good side shell be nicer than usual. Yoshi let him know. Well I guess I should follow her then. Ill see you two in a week. he said before leaping into the well to follow his mate. Dont worry InuYasha. Everything will turn out fine for you and Kagome. I just wish I could say the same for Sesshomaru and me. Yoshi thought as she looked at the man that she loved with all her heart and yet she wouldnt let herself have him.


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