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Chapter 19 - The Time Has Come

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 19 - The Time Has Come

Chapter 19 - The Time Has Come
Warning: There is a lime in this chapter!The Time Has Come InuYasha jumped out of the well to find Kagome on the stairs that lead to the door. She had her head on her knees and her hands tangled in her hair. Kagome? InuYasha said quietly. Is something wrong? asked cautiously walking toward her. He stopped in front of her and kneeled down. She still hadnt moved a muscle. InuYasha brought his hand to her chin and lifted it slowly. He saw that her eyes were filled with regret when his golden orbs met her brown ones. Kagome, whats wrong? he asked sweetly cupping one of her cheeks in his hand. I I just feel bad. I shouldnt have yelled at you. I was so mad at Kikyo and then I took it out on you. I know you didnt want her to kiss you. Im sorry. Kagome told him. It was probably just your hormones. I understand. Actually I came to apologize to you. he said to her. They smiled at each other happy to have everything sorted out. Come on. InuYasha said as he stood up pulling Kagome up with him. We still have to talk to your family. he said as they walked up the stairs, but Kagome stopped him by grabbing his wrist before he could opened the door. InuYasha, I was thinking that maybe um. Thinking what? he asked concerned at how nervous she was. I was thinking about maybe going back to the Feudal Era permanently. Kagome said slowly. InuYashas jaw dropped from shock. Are you sure, Kagome? I mean this is your home and you grew up here and your family is here and and he rambled on and on. InuYasha stop. Kagome said commandingly. She took his hands leading him to the stairs. They both sat down beside each other. InuYasha, I love you and that means my home is with you, wherever you may be. I can come visit my family when I feel like it and even if I couldnt you mean too much to me. I have missed so much school that there is no way I could have a good life here. I want to be in the Feudal Era with you and our friends. I want to raise our children there. Kagome told him with pure love showing in her voice and her smile. What do you think your mother will say about it? he asked concerned. I think she will be disappointed, but shell understand, eventually. Kagome told him. A huge smile spread across InuYashas face. Then he jumped up and picked Kagome up bridal style. He started laughing and spinning around from his excitement. InuYasha put meput me down. she ordered him between giggles. Im sorry. Im just so happy that youll be staying in my our time. he told her while setting her gently on her feet. He swiftly kissed her with a joy he had not felt for some time. After a few minutes of kissing they hugged and went to give Mrs. Higurashi, Sota, and Grandpa the news of Kagomes pregnancy and her moving to the Feudal Era.************ Sesshomaru, Yoshi, Sango, Miroku, and Kaede sat around a small fire in Kaedes hut. Shippo, Kilala, Rin, and Kohaku were already asleep in a neighboring hut. Everyone was excited about Kagome and InuYashas return, which was the next day. Sesshomaru? Yoshi said from across the fire. Can I talk to you outside? she asked. This caught everyones attention. Yoshi had been quiet for the past few days. She had only spoke with Rin or Shippo when they had bugged her for ten minutes straight. He nodded his head yes and followed her outside. They had been able to be around each other without the usual awkwardness. Once they were a good distance from the hut and into the forest Yoshi stopped. Sesshomaru do you remember that time I had a vision and had trouble breathing afterwards? she asked fear written all over her face. Yes. You never told me what the vision was of though. he answered. Well I want to tell you, but I need you to promise me something. she told him forcefully. Anything Promise that youll let me fight in the final battle with Naraku. It is going to happen soon after Kagome and InuYasha come back so I need you to promise me now that you wont stop me. Yoshi told him with a new found determination in her eyes. Yoshi, what is this about? he asked worried. Just promise me. she pleaded. Ok I promise I wont interfere. Now tell me what the vision was of. The vision It was of Yoshi could barely speak. She was very nervous. Yoshi Yoshi, your hands are shaking. Calm down and just tell me. he told her soothingly. He took her hands in his and started to caress them softly. I dont think I can tell you so Ill have to show you. she said closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes Sesshomaru saw a purple light then the vision. He saw Yoshi in his arms. She had cuts all over her body. She was coated in dirt and blood. He noticed that he was crying. Yoshi closed her eyes therefore ending the vision. Was Was she dead? She must have been. It looked like she had lost a lot of blood. Sesshomaru wondered for a second. Now you know. she said looking away from him. Why? he asked with a hint of anger in his voice. I I wanted to protect you from getting hurt. Yoshi replied without looking at him still. Suddenly she was knocked up against a tree that stood behind her. Sesshomaru had pushed her back forcefully into it. He now had her hands pinned on either side of her head. Yoshi couldnt help, but look at his face. He was growling ferociously at her. So you decided to hide your feelings and make me suffer until you could leave. I love you Yoshi! Whether you love me or not wont change that. If you die I will die inside. Did you really think that would change if you didnt love me? he shouted in her face. Sesshomarus eyes were becoming red. His true form was coming out and he was losing control of his normally calm temper. I thought I was protecting you! she replied. She was surprised again when his lips locked with hers. It was a hungry kiss, full of need and desire, but most of all love. He reluctantly pulled away before she had time to react to it. All I want from you is your love. That is all Ill ever need from you. he told her. Yoshi could already feel her insides melting. Maybe I should tell him. He already knows so why shouldnt I just tell him I love him? Yoshi thought staring into his still furious golden red eyes. Im not going to let you get away this time Yoshi. he said before kissing her. Their bodies were pressed so close together that every part of their bodies could be felt by the other. Yoshi could feel a warmth gathering in the pit of her stomach. It was a comforting and alluring heat but it also terrified her in some way. Sesshomaru was too distracted with Yoshis soft lips to notice that she had become tense in his arms. Soon his tongue had found its way into her mouth. He decided after some time that kissing wasnt enough for him anymore. He brought her hands above her head and held them there with one hand while he let his free hand wander down her side and up again. The desire and lust was still too much for him though. He let her hands go. Both his hands then traveled along her sides to her hips and pulled her towards him so that she could feel him. Yoshi let her hands fall to his shoulders. It was happening so fast that she didnt know how to react. She just returned the kiss and stood still. Sesshomaru finally took his lips away from hers to trail kisses down her neck then to her collar bone. Stop. Yoshi managed to say after his assault to her neck. Sesshomaru please stop. she whined. Sesshomaru took his lips from Yoshis neck to look at her straight in the eye. Yoshi, you have pushed me away so many times. Im not going to let you do that again, to me or to yourself. he said before going back to her creamy skin. But, I just cant do this. Yoshi said just barely suppressing a moan of pleasure at the feelings his kisses were creating. If you didnt want me to do this then whyhavent you pushed me away? he said between kisses. I she started to reply, but had to stop to let out a moan. He was running his tongue over her collar bone now and was wandering lower. I dont want to hurt you. she managed to get out after the initial shock. After that Yoshi was squeezed tightly between the tree and Sesshomarus body. His hands had pinned hers up again. His claws were now out and piercing the tree. She could feel his well chiseled chest pushing against her breasts. She also felt his hardened member on her thigh. I am tired of you trying to protect me. Im tired of you holding back your feelings. he shouted at her. He brought his face only millimeters from her face. She could feel his warm breath on her face. The warmth in her stomach was spreading to the rest of her body. I need you. Please dont push me away. I want to be with you now if youre going to die and leave me in the next few days. he whispered before gently placing his lips on hers. He slowly let his mouth glide along hers. I cant push him away! Yoshi thought desperately as she melted into his arms. He let hers hands go and once again she placed them on his shoulders. He pulled away and gently put his hands on hers. He slowly guided her hands to the folds of his robes and opened it to reveal his chest. Yoshis hands were now resting on his chest. She wanted to get away. She wanted to run from the sadness that she knew would be coming once this was done, but she couldnt even move a muscle. Sesshomaru cupped her cheeks in his hands and kissed her sweetly. It was a quick kiss to reassure her, but it didnt work one bit. Every muscle in her body was still tense and frozen stiff. Once he had pulled away he let his hands drop to the hem of her shirt. He gently and slowly, as if to torture her, pulled it up and over her head to reveal her blue bikini style bra. He tossed her shirt to the ground before kissing her lips passionately. His hands traveled up her bare sides and arms and stopped at her hands. He then intertwined their fingers. I love you with all my heart. he rasped out after he had stopped kissing her. His golden eyes gazed deeply into her sapphire ones. He kissed her quickly again before letting his lips traveling down to her collar bone. Yoshi couldnt help but moan at every kiss he planted on her burning skin. She felt like she was on fire in every place their bare skin touched. His lips soon found their way to her chest. Their hands came apart and his wandered to her back and hip. Hers went to his head which was awfully close to her breasts. Suddenly his hands came back up and landed on her breasts. He gently caressed them sending shocks of pleasure through her body. I cant do this. Yoshi kept repeating in her head trying to forget the feelings he was causing her to feel. I cant do this now. What if my vision doesnt come true? I could be the one to lose him and this would only make that worse. Yoshi pondered as Sesshomaru was reaching for the clip to her bra. Stop Yoshi whispered. She felt him shake his head no. Sesshomaru I mean it. she said more forcefully. This finally brought his attention away from her chest. I cant do this. Why do you keep running? he asked her still breathless from the kissing. Because Im always scared to death. Im scared of losing love again and again. Yoshi said on the brink of tears. She roughly pushed him away from her and went to grab her shirt. I dont ever want to lose love ever again. I feel bad enough losing my friends, but when I truly love someone it hurts a million times worse. I cant go through that for a third time. Yoshi spoke as she put on her shirt. It was then that Sesshomaru realized he couldnt force her into this. Im going to leave, just until Naraku comes. Ill fight in the finally battle and I guess well see what happens after that. Yoshi said stepping away to leave, but Sesshomaru stopped her. He grabbed her wrist. He pulled it back so hard Yoshi spun around and lost her balance causing her to fall into his bare arms and chest. Please dont leave. We dont have to do anything, but please just dont leave. he pleaded gently. Yoshi slowly regained her balance and eased herself out of his arms. If I dont leave now I will give in and regret it later. Yoshi told him quietly. She caressed his cheek and quickly kissed his cheek before turning to leave. She walk for a few feet then turned around. I promise Ill be back in time. she said before disappearing. I cant believe I let her go. No matter what I cant let her die in the final battle. After that we need to figure this out. Sesshomaru decided before going back to the hut to give the others the bad news.


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