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Chapter 20 - The Final Battle

InuTaisho's (InuYasha's father) old friend Yoshiko, a young seer, made a promise to watch over InuYasha and Sesshomaru after he died. What happens when Sesshomaru joins the Inu gang and falls in love with Yoshiko? What if Yoshiko feels the same for him? W

Chapter 20 - The Final Battle

Chapter 20 - The Final Battle
The Final Battle He was surrounded in darkness, but it was a comfortable one. He knew it was a dream he was in. He also knew she was there somewhere. He could feel her presence all around him. Yoshi had created this dream for him. He couldnt explain how he knew, but he did. Sesshomaru a voice called to him from behind. He quickly turned to find Yoshi standing there and the darkness disappeared. He could only see grass and sky except for one single sakura tree which Yoshi stood under. She smiled weakly at him when their eyes locked. He could see a fear in her blue eyes that he had never seen there before. Yoshi, whats wrong? Sesshomaru asked as he slowly walked toward her. The time has come. Hell be there after sunrise. she said simply. He felt his heart drop to his stomach. The woman he loved was going to die and she wouldnt let him do a damn thing about it. How can that be? Kagome and InuYasha just got back yesterday. Sesshomaru said unbelievingly. He had thought it would have been a few days before Naraku attacked. Im sorry, but its true. Hell be there soon. I just wanted to make sure you told everyone. she replied coolly. She was trying as hard as she could not to cry and cling to him. She was scared, but she couldnt help it. She had never known the fear of death because it wasnt a possibility before, but now it was almost certain she would die. I told everyone after Kagome and InuYasha got back. They were shocked but we worked out a plan. Rin, Kohaku, Kilala, and Shippo are going to stay behind. Well lead Naraku away from the village so the people dont get hurt. Miroku, Sango and I will take care of Kagura and Kanna while InuYasha and Kagome try to break Narakus barrier. Once InuYasha or Kagome break through well all hit him all at once with everything weve got. So you dont have to fight if you dont want to. Sesshomaru told her. Kagura and Kanna wont be there. Naraku killed them once he found out they had betrayed him, but even with them gone it wont be enough. He is too powerful with the jewel to be beaten by all of you. I need to help you. Yoshi told him regretfully while trying to convince herself that everything would be alright. Her head was down. She couldnt bare to look at him. She knew he was disappointed and sad, but to see those feelings in his golden eyes would break her heart. YoshiSesshomaru said lovingly as he lifted her chin. Please be careful. I dont know what Id do without you. he told her caressing her cheek. I I think I would die without you by my side. Sesshomaru! Dont you dare say that. So many people need you alive. What would Rin do without you? She sees you as her father. Yoshi yelled at him outraged. Then dont die on me and everyone will be happy. he told her. Their eyes locked in an awkward moment. I should go. she said hesitantly not daring to look away. He nodded his head solemnly. I shouldnt but this could be my last chance. Yoshi thought as she rose on her tip toes to brush his lips with her own. It would have looked like a simple kiss to anyone else, but to both of them it meant the world. It was probably be the last time they would ever be like that ever again. Good-Bye! Yoshi whispered as she pulled away and taking the dream with her.************************************************************* Sesshomaru awoke drenched in sweat. Why? Why does she always get close to me then push me away? he thought sadly. He looked around to see that everyone was still asleep. He quietly walked over to where Rin was sleeping. Rin If Yoshi dies during the battle I cant promise that Ill come back. he thought remorsefully. He swiftly kissed the top of her head before leaving the hut. He walked to the edge of the forest. The black night sky was fading to blue meaning the sun would rise soon. Sesshomaru was staring at the horizon so intensely that he didnt notice Inuyasha walk up beside him. Whats wrong, Sesshomaru? he asked his brother. Yoshi visited me in my dreams. She said Naraku will be here after sunrise. Kanna and Kagura wont be there though. he said blandly. InuYasha couldnt imagine what torture it was for you to know your true love would die, but not be able to stop it. We should distance ourselves from the village now so he cant hurt the villagers. InuYasha said turning to go wake the others. Wait. InuYasha can you do me a favor? Sesshomaru asked and InuYasha nodded. If I dont make it through the final battle will you look after Rin? Sesshomaru I dont know if I can I mean I will be having two little girls running around in a few months and I need to get used to being a father to Shippo also. I think it would be too much for me to take care of Rin. InuYasha rambled on. Sesshomaru saying he might die made him nervous. Do you really think youll die in the fight though? . No, but I dont know if I can go on without Yoshi alive. What would you do if Kagome died today? II dont know. I would probably lose it. My demon blood would probably took over and go on a killing spree, but if it didnt I wouldnt have a reason to live and probably starve myself to death. Then promise me youll look after Rin if Yoshi doesnt make it. I promise. InuYasha answered determinedly. Thank you, brother. You should get everyone ready now. Sesshomaru told InuYasha before heading north away from the village. Ill go on ahead and stop about two miles away from here. InuYasha nodded his understanding then left.************************************************************* It had been fifteen minutes since InuYasha left and the sun would rise any minute. Where are they? The sun is rising and Naraku will becoming any minute. If they dont get out of the village before he comes the villagers could get hurt. Sesshomaru thought while waiting impatiently. Then he heard a scream come from the village. shoot! he thought before taking off as fast as he could run. He reached the village in a record time of two minutes. Naraku was already there and destroying the houses on the west side of the village. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku were trying to get the villager out of harms way while InuYasha held Naraku off. Sesshomaru quickly went to his brothers aid. Sesshomaru used his Toukijins Dragon Twister (A/N: I cant remember if that is the right name but oh well thats what Im gonna call it.) on Naraku, but as usual it was deflected by his barrier. InuYasha then tried to use his red Tetsusaiga to break the barrier, but even that didnt work. It is useless. Youll never get through my barrier. Naraku shouted to them as Kagome, Sango, and Miroku came back from evacuating the villager. Naraku snaked out one of his tentacles toward Kagome. It was clear that it was meant to choke her. InuYasha quickly ran to her and got in the way. The tentacles was wrapped around his throat choking him to death. He was raised high into the air. InuYasha! Kagome shouted frightened that InuYasha might die since he had dropped his sword. Suddenly a throwing star cut through the tentacle allowing InuYasha to fall to the ground. Kagome ran to him without a second thought as to who had just saved her mate. Everyone else turned to see Yoshi. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing cargo camouflage pants, a dark green tank top, and a pair of sneakers. Yoshi went to Kagome and InuYasha first to make sure he was alright. Kagome had InuYashas head resting in her lap. He was still unconscious from the lack of oxygen. Is he okay? Yoshi asked Kagome as she kneeled down next to her. Kagomes head snapped up to look at Yoshi. Yoshi? When did you get here? Were you the one who threw that throwing star? Kagome asked. Yoshi nodded as she stood up. He should be waking up in a minute. Yoshi said before turning to enter the battle. Naraku! Today you die! Yoshi yelled to him. She materialized her spear. She ran toward Naraku with the spear held high. Once she was a few yards from him she launch herself into the air to come straight down on Narakus barrier. The sparks few wildly as Yoshi fought through the barrier. Yoshi closed her blue eyes and then opened purple ones. The spear glowed purple as it sucked away the barrier. Yoshi landed a foot from Naraku with her spear ready. Damn Wench! Naraku yelled in furry. One of his tentacles came up to attack Yoshi, but she blocked it. Unfortunately Naraku had anticipated her block and sent another behind her to stab her in her right shoulder. Blood flew into the air from the wounded and yet Yoshi just stood there with a blank face. No fear, pain or anguish showed in her eyes, not even shock. That only served to infuriate Naraku. He pulled the blood soaked tentacle from Yoshis shoulder to quickly wrap around her waist and hurl her to the side. Within seconds Sesshomaru was at her side and everyone else was attacking Naraku. Yoshi are you okay? Sesshomaru asked concerned. He helped Yoshi sit up and looked at the wound. The tentacle had gone straight through the shoulder, but luckily the tentacle wasnt that big or she might have already bleed to death. Sesshomaru quickly took off his outer robe and tore it into neat stripes to wrap the wound in. Sesshomaru can you help me? Yoshi asked him as he finished bandaging the wound. He could tell by the weakness of her voice that she had use good deal of her powers to drain Naraku of his barrier. What do you want me to do? he asked. Just sit behind me and make sure I dont fall over. She said simply. He didnt question her, but was hesitant to obey. Why does she need me to support her? he wondered. Yoshi turned her eyes purple again and stared at where Naraku was. She lifted her left hand in the air. She started to murmur ancient words Sesshomaru didnt understand. She chanted those words over and over again until the Shikon Jewel formed in her hand. It was black as night, but when Yoshi closed her eyes and spoken a foreign word the jewel became pure again. Once Yoshi opened her eyes to see the purified jewel in her hand she fell back into Sesshomaru. Her head landed on his right shoulder. Yoshi? Yoshi! Are you okay? Sesshomaru asked panicked. Yoshi lazily nodded her head. Sesshomaru I need you to do me another favor. I need you to make sure Kagome gets the jewel. she told him as she sat up weakly. No you stay here. Im sure we can beat Naraku now that he doesnt have the jewel. Sesshomaru said quickly pulling her back down by her waist. He is still powerful Sesshomaru. Someone else will die here today if I dont. Yoshi told him and turned in his arms to look into his eyes. Fine let them die. I dont care as long he started, but was cut off. The twins will die if I dont! Yoshi shouted in his face. Im not going to put Kagome and InuYasha through that. Sesshomaru backed down with knowing this information. I dont want to lose her, but InuYasha and Kagome would lose their first two children, my nieces, if she doesnt. Isnt there anything I can do to give you more strength. You must have used a great deal of power from summoning the jewel and purifying it. Sesshomaru asked hopefully. Yoshi looked down at the ground thinking of only one way. You could give me some of your strength, but then youll be defenseless. If someone attacks you wont be able to do anything. Yoshi warned him. I dont care just tell me what to do. Sesshomaru said confidently. You dont do anything. Im sorry, but this really is the only way I know how to take strength from another. Yoshi said quickly before placing her lips to his in a chaste kiss. When she pulled away both their lips parted and a mist of golden light transferred from his mouth to hers. Sesshomaru then fell back to the ground. Yoshi leaned over his face to kiss his forehead. Im sorry. She whispered. Then she put the jewel in his hand. She got up and turned to see the battle still raging on. It appear that Mirokus right arm was broken, probably so he couldnt use the wind tunnel. Sango was with him and didnt seem to have any serious injuries other than a deep cut to her left leg. InuYasha and Kagome were also together and didnt appear to have any fatal wounds. Naraku though barely had a scratch on him. Stop! she yelled to her friends as they prepared to attack again. Hes mine. Yoshi announced. When she past Kagome she whispered to her Please go take care of Sesshomaru. InuYasha also heard and took Kagome to his brother. I hope you know what youre doing Yoshi. he thought. Miroku, Sango, get out of here. she warned the two as she readied herself for battle. Do you really think you can kill me? Naraku asked arrogantly. Of course I can. You dont have the jewel anymore so you cant rematerialized yourself. she said just as confident. She ran as fast as she could at him. Both raised their hands and collided. Their hands were locked together and each was pushing as hard as they could to make the other fall. Yoshi then closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened her eyes again they were glowing purple. Die Naraku! she shouted as she released all her power to blast him off the face of the Earth. Everything within a hundred yards was blown away or destroyed from the blast of power. As the dust cleared Yoshi stood in place. I did it. Naraku is dead and my friends are safe, but Im so tired. Sesshomaru she thought as she collapsed to the ground with no one to catch her or stop her head from hitting the rock.A/N: I know it is very mean of me to end the chapter here, but I have to have a few good cliffys before I end it. There will be another chapter and maybe an epilogue. Hope you liked. BYE!


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