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Chapter 1 - Rashina

The profile for my OC

Chapter 1 - Rashina

Chapter 1 - Rashina
This is the profile for my Hagaren OC, Rashina Drehim.

Name: I believe I said it above.
age: 16
hight: 5"3'
weight: 115lbs
hair colour: auburn
hair style: Long bangs that fall into face, long hair pulled into a thin braid, tied by a long blue ribbon.
eyes: The same blue as the ribbon in her hair
outfit: A light orange t-shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt, dark orange cargo-pants, black shoes, and a chain bracelett wich has a transmution circle on it.
story: When she was 12, she began training with Izumi.
She wore her hair long then, and when she trained, it always got in her way. one day, Izumi took her inside, and braided her hair, tieing it with that ribbon because it was the exact same colour as her eyes. since she looks up to Izumi, and thinks of her as a mother figure (although she has a mother and a father o__O YEAH SHES WEIRED THAT THAT), Rashina always keeps her hair like that, and has kept that same ribbon for 4 years. She does not intend on becoming a state Alchemist, for Izumi would not approve. Her alchemy is not special. Its not any specific element. Its just regular.
personality: usually happy, can get annoyed very eaisily,


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