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Chapter 4 - CHAPTER FOUR

Claire runs into a familiar face, however he has no clue who she is and on top had passed away. (Worst Description Ever too lazy to think of something better.) ClaireXSteve

Chapter 4 - CHAPTER FOUR

Chapter 4 - CHAPTER FOUR

A New Meeting Chapter 4.[br]


Steve walked quickly down the sidewalk, hoping that no one was looking at him since his face was still hot from when Claire laughed at him.[br]


He soon turned into an alley, quickly heading to the brick wall at the end and checking around behind him. He had made a habit of it since he didn’t like being scolded. He dubbed that it was clear, finding the secret button under a brick in the wall. Part of the wall came out and up out of the ground, revealing a door behind it. He quickly went in and pressed a button on the inside to close the wall up.[br]

“He just couldn’t have a normal door,” he muttered as he walked casually down the dimly lit hallway. He found a familiar set of stairs and walked down them, at the very bottom was an even darker hallway with a barely visible door.[br]


He knocked loudly on it and waited for the usual answer.[br]

“Come in,” came a monotonous voice that sounded all knowing.[br]

Steve opened it and walked in calmly, closing the door behind him before leaning against it boredly. “I still don’t get why you have all these security features, it’s not like anyone is going to find this place.”[br]

There were many high tech objects scattered around the room, the most notable being the bright monitors placed on the wall opposite the door.[br]

He heard a chuckle from a black swivel chair that was facing the monitors, “you are so very young and naive. You don’t realize how professional and stubborn my target it. If he does find this place I’ll have to be able to watch him, even though it always goes to plan anyways.”[br]

“If you say so...” Steve mumbled as he glanced around the room. “When’s Chris coming back anyway?” Steve asked absently.[br]

“In five days,” was the answer, “he’s investigating my whereabouts still, leading him back to this town. Of course he’ll want to see his dear sister and forget about me for a little while. Trying to go back into old memories.”[br]

“So you’re sure about that?” Steve raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out how he could figure out all of that.[br]

“Positive. How far have you been able to get with dear miss Redfield?”[br]

Steve smirked, “she trusts me well enough, so you’ll soon have Chris as planned right?”[br]

The chair swivelled around to reveal a man. His blonde locks were gelled back neatly and contrasted with the black clothes he was wearing. Curiously enough he was wearing dark sunglasses in the already darkened room.[br]

“Not quite,” he smirked, “Chris still needs to come to trust you. He will be more suspicious of you than his dear sister. Be extra careful and make sure you do not fail me,” he ordered, seemingly amused. He had his fingers entwined amongst each other as he sat there, almost completely expressionless.[br]

Steve rolled his eyes, “from what you tell me he’s a nice guy, I’ll have him here within a week of his return. Also, as long as Claire trusts me, he can’t do anything to make me stay away.”[br]

The man seemed amused at this though he made a slight shooing motion, “go,” he ordered, turning his chair back towards the monitors.[br]

“ me out here and then send me away as soon as I get here,” Steve muttered almost inaudibly as he opened the door behind him. He cursed as he ended up running into something. Glass clinked against each other so he backed up and looked at what he ran into, getting a glare.[br]

“Sorry...” Steve mumbled as a scruffy blonde pushed past him with jars of jelly in his arms. ‘Stupid scientists,’ he thought as he watched the new blonde sit at a table and start making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Both ignored him now, one watching a slide show of Chris and the other stuffing sandwiches down his throat after making a few.[br]


Steve walked out with a sigh, shutting the door loudly behind him as he made his way through the hallways again. When he got to the exit, he quickly checked the security camera. It not finding any sign of a human life form. He pressed the button that opened the wall, the door opening by itself when the wall was up as far as it could go. Quickly slipping out and pressing the outside button, he hurried out of the alley and towards the street.

On the way back to the apartment he started to walk by a flower shop when he stopped and looked at it, thinking.[br]

‘I wonder if Claire likes flowers....maybe she’d come to like me more?’[br]

When Steve got back to the apartment he was holding some flowers behind his back. He tried opening the door, it just making a clunking sound when he pulled on it. He frowned and pulled back, trying to remember what Claire told him right before he left.[br]

The door opened before he could remember any of it, an annoyed Claire appearing in the opening.[br]

“I told you to know,” she rolled her eyes, hands on her hips.[br]

He blinked, “Oh yeah! That’s right!” he replied happily since he did remember her saying that.[br]

She sighed and shook her head at him, she then noticed he had a hand behind his back. “Are you hiding something?” she asked curiously.[br]

He beamed a smiled at her and shoved the small bouquet at her.[br]

She blinked, surprised at the suddenness of it, “roses...? Are you giving them to me?”[br]

“Yup! Who else is around here?” he asked a bit sarcastically, he had hoped for a better reaction.[br]

“Thanks...” she blinked again, taking them from him and heading back inside, leaving the door open for him. [br]

He frowned and let out an exasperated sigh as he followed after her, closing the door behind him.[br]

‘She didn’t seem very happy, why is that?’ he wondered to himself, trying to figure out what he did wrong. He flopped onto the couch and picked up the remote, changing the channel before glancing around for Claire.[br]

She came out of the kitchen with the roses in a plain vase, setting it down beside a lamp on a side table she had. Steve had turned back towards the TV, but watched her the whole time.[br]

She was staring at the flowers, frowning. She then adjusted them into a different arrangement and moved the vase a little.[br]


‘What is she doing?’ Steve thought to himself, “hey, Claire,” he called to her after a few minutes of just watching her arrange it as well as turning the lamp on and off. “They look fine Claire...why don’t you come over here and watch TV?” He pat the cushion next to him.[br]

She stood there for a moment as if she were thinking before she walked over and plopped down on the cushion. “You happy now?” she asked boredly, looking back over at the roses.[br]

He nodded, “yeah,” and draped an arm across her shoulders, “very.”[br]

She rolled her eyes, “do you have to touch me?”[br]

“You don’t want me to?”[br]

She was silent for a few moments, “it’s fine...I guess...” she sighed, resting her elbow on the arm rest and leaning on her hand.[br]

They stayed like that for some while, the only noise was their breathing and the chatter from the television.[br]

“We should probably eat soon,” Claire broke the silence between them, making a move to get up.[br]

Steve grabbed her wrist quickly and pulled her back before she could react. She blinked at him confusedly as if to ask why, struggling to get back up, she was on his lap.[br]

He smiled at her, “I have you~” he was hugging her around the waist.[br]

Claire looked at him, stunned, “w-why Steve?” she asked, struggling still to get up. “Let me up,” she ordered after a few more failed attempts.[br]

Steve chuckled, “you’re blushing,” he stated, holding onto her tighter.[br]

“Am not,” she scowled, her face getter redder.[br]

“Right...cause it really isn’t red,” Steve said sarcastically as he put his head on her shoulder.[br]

She frowned and glared back at him, “you’re not going to let me go are you? I can kick you out you know.”[br]

Steve chuckled at that, “do you really want to?”[br]

She turned her head back towards the TV, quietly mumbling to herself.[br]

Steve leaned back against the couch, finding it quite entertaining how easy it was to manipulate her.[br]

They ended up staying like that for a while more, silently waiting for the other to speak. Claire had finally ended up relaxing, leaning back against Steve awkwardly.[br]

“We should eat...” Claire mentioned again.[br]

“Yeah..” Steve agreed, his stomach growling. Neither of them made a move to get up though.[br]

“Comfortable...?” Steve asked curiously since she was still leaning against him. Claire just shrugged, watching the TV. Steve frowned, clinging to her a bit tighter which made her jump slightly.[br]

‘This may not be as easy as I originally thought...” Steve sighed, watching her rather than what was on the TV.[br]

After a few more minutes, Claire pushed on his arms, “I have to something...” she told him seriously.[br]

He let her go, “Okay...” he continued to watch her as she got up and went towards the bathroom.[br]

Steve waited for about an hour, curious as to what she could be doing, he jumped up and cautiously went to the bathroom door. It was closed and he could vaguely hear Claire behind it.[br]

He knocked on the door, “Claire? I’m going to use your kitchen if you don’t come out soon,” he tried to threaten.[br]

“Don’t touch anything,” he heard from the other side. “I’ll be out in a minute.”[br]

He rolled his eyes and leaned back against the bathroom door boredly.[br]



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