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Katara visits Zuko at his palace a few months after his coronation to see how he is. They have fun during the visit, but they are soon confused in their hearts; unsure of what they really want.
Chris came home for a vacation and has been thrown a Welcome Home party which gets him thinking about what he's been doing. Will he change his mind about joining the B.S.A.A.? Will you even find out?
Claire runs into a familiar face, however he has no clue who she is and on top had passed away. (Worst Description Ever too lazy to think of something better.) ClaireXSteve
Rebecca Chambers was dragged to a local bar as the Chauffeur for Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine. Getting ditched by her two friends she goes looking for them and meets up with an old aquaintance. BillyXRebecca
This may be bad....but could you please look at it?