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Chapter 5 - CHAPTER FIVE

Claire runs into a familiar face, however he has no clue who she is and on top had passed away. (Worst Description Ever too lazy to think of something better.) ClaireXSteve

Chapter 5 - CHAPTER FIVE

Chapter 5 - CHAPTER FIVE

A New Meeting Chapter 5[br]

Claire sighed when she heard him lean against the door. “I’m so confused . . . ” she mumbled, splashing her face with cold water again. She patted her face down quickly, hanging the cloth she used up and turning the door knob. She heard Steve jump and make a small ruckus. She rolled her eyes as she opened the door, finding him standing there, trying to look nonchalant as he looked at a picture she had hanging on the wall.[br]

“Are you hungry?” Claire asked him, her hands on her hips with slight frustration.[br]

He nodded, “yep . . . are you going to make something?” he asked her curiously.[br]

“Uh . . . yes . . . that’s kind of why I asked,” she walked to her kitchen and started pulling out ingredients.[br]

Hes still kind of dumb she thought with another sigh and a shake of the head. She then glanced over at the entryway to see that Steve was watching her intently.[br]

“Yes . . . ? Do you need something?” she asked, slightly peeved that he was in her kitchen.[br]

“No . . . what are you making?”[br]

“Food,” she stated as monotonously as she got out a mixing bowl.[br]

“What kind of food?” he asked curiously.[br]

“You’ll see,” she saw him pout with his arms crossed from the corner of her eye. Hes just like a child. “It will be done in an hour or so, go watch TV,” she ordered.[br]

Steve didn’t move and after a few minutes he asked, “well can’t I help?”[br]

“I don’t trust you in my kitchen,” Claire said plainly, shooing him out. She then heard him sigh as he retreated in defeat to the living room.[br]

“At least he’s outta my hair now,” she muttered as she continued cooking.[br]

After about an hour or so Claire called him into the kitchen, “Steve, come fix your plate.” She was already fixing hers. [br]

He came in quickly, looking quite happy, “smells good!”[br]

“Yeah, well it’s just a few things I’ve had for a while, I decided I should use them,” Claire explained as she buttered one of the biscuits she had made.[br]

“It also looks good,” his smile was wide as he grabbed the plate she had left out for him on the counter. He started to pile food onto it.[br]

Claire shook her head, fighting back a sigh as she walked into the living room. She sat on the couch in her usual spot, grabbing the remote quickly and changed the channel to a romantic comedy.[br]

Steve had soon reentered the room, passing in front of the T.V. and sat uncomfortably close to Claire.[br]

“Hey, uh, Steve? Can you give me some room?” she asked as politely as she could, a light blush coated her cheeks.[br]

He moved over only about half an inch, a smirk on his face. “Is that better?” he asked her, shoving a fork full of steak into his mouth.[br]

She sighed, “a little, I guess,” she took a bite of her biscuit, them both eating in silence after that.[br]

Claire set her plate to the side, having cleared it, “I have to work tomorrow,” Claire announced.[br]

“Oh,” Steve replied, not taking his eyes away from the T.V.[br]

“Do you have a job?” Claire asked, doubt obvious in her tone.[br]

“Yeah,” he glanced at her.[br]

“Really? What do you do?” she tried to keep the surprise she felt out of her voice.[br]

“A variety of things.”[br]

“Like what?” Claire frowned, wondering what he could be hiding.[br]

“Whatever my boss tells me to do. What about you, what do you do?”[br]

“Don’t change the subject. What does your boss tell you to do?” she crossed her arms, hoping to make him tell.[br]

“Classified, I can’t tell you and I don’t want to,” he stood up with his plate, which he had licked clean.[br]

Claire opened her mouth, finding herself feeling slightly insulted by this. “‘Classified’? What the hell does he make you do?” she asked, standing up as well, grabbing his arm.[br]

He pulled away easily, going into the kitchen, “it’s none of your business,” he said coldly, setting his plate in the sink and leaning over it, closing his eyes.[br]

“Steve,” Claire followed him, grabbing his arm again. However, she got a surprise when he turned suddenly and kissed her, grabbing her upper arms forcefully and pushing her against the counter.[br]

She tried to pull away what the hell is he doing!? “Steve!” She managed to break the kiss, still pinned to the counter.[br]

“I love you,” he said simply.[br]

“Wh-but! You cant,” she refused to believe that since he hadn’t even known her name a few days ago; had forgotten everything . . . if it was even him.[br]

He smirked, “why can’t I?” he moved in to kiss her again, only getting her cheek.[br]

“Because . . . you just cant,” she felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment.[br]

Steve chuckled, keeping a hold on her arm as he dragged her back into the living room laying her on the couch even though she struggled. “I want you,” he whispered in her ear.[br]

“Steve, stop or I’m going to call the police,” she told him, trying to keep her voice, clear, calm, and assertive.[br]

“You wouldn’t do that,” he said confidently, kissing her neck gently which sent shivers of pleasure down her spine for a second.[br]

“Yes, I would,” she said quietly, her voice not as harsh as she’d have liked. She was also trying hard not be swayed by him, her old feelings rising again.[br]

“A kiss or two can’t hurt,” Steve murmured, once again kissing her. Claire was trying to push him off, having little success.[br]

Claire soon found herself kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck. What am I doing? I shouldnt. This isnt right. She tried to talk herself out of it, her body refusing to listen to her pleas.[br]

Steve moved his hand up her shirt, startling Claire. She pulled away, “don’t,” she breathed, shaking her head and trying to push him off again.[br]

“Why not? We’re not doing anything.”[br]

“My brother won’t like this.”[br]

“It’s your body, you can do what you like,” he reasoned with her, “there is nothing he can do if you want a relationship.”[br]

“Yeah, but, we’re not even dating,” she frowned.[br]

“So? We’re not doing anything,” he repeated, “and sides, people in the movies kiss all the time and they aren’t in relationships.”[br]

Claire couldn’t think of what to say to that, “well . . . I. . . .”[br]

“Can’t use that excuse either,” he finished for her. “What do you want to do?”[br]

“Well,” she paused, thinking, “I guess making out isn’t really a bad thing,” he voice was almost inaudible.[br]

Steve nodded, kissing her again, his body less than an inch away from hers. He had moved his hand up her shirt again, making Claire blush. She squirmed a little, uncomfortable with it since she had never been that into relationships before; she didn’t even have time for them.[br]


Steve had soon found his way under her bra and started groping her, making Claire break the kiss again.[br]

“Steve, I don’t feel comfortable with moving this fast,” she protested, trying to push his hand away.[br]

“It’s not that fast,” he smiled at her, refusing to move his hand.[br]

“Yes it is,” she continued, her face a bright red.[br]

He shrugged, kissing her again. She didn’t pull away again, finding that it would probably be useless, especially considering she liked it.[br]

They were so into it, that when the door clicked open they didn’t hear it, instead getting a startling shock back into reality.[br]

“CLAIRE!?” came a voice from above them, the man’s shock probably outdoing their own.[br]

Claire pushed Steve off of her quickly, making him fall onto the floor. She was immediately fixing her shirt and trying to stand up, “C-Chris, why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?” she smiled sheepishly up at him.[br]

Chris was frowning at her and eyeing Steve, his arms crossed in disapproval.[br]

Steve stood up, giving Chris a short glare, “hey, so you’re her brother,” his tone was bright.[br]

Chris ignored him, “Claire, who is he?” he asked coldly.[br]

“I’m Steve Burnside,” Steve told him, not letting Claire answer.[br]

“Get out. I’m not in the mood to deal with you,”[br]

Steve just smiled, “Claire’s letting me stay here for the time being,” his anger had completely dissipated from his features by now. “So if you would be kind enough to give me your blessing-“ he went on, “-you won’t know that I’m even here.”[br]

“Chris . . . please?” Claire mouthed at her brother.[br]

Chris continued to frown, soon scowling, “fine.” He moved away from his suit case and sat down on the couch, leaning his arm on the rest and his head in his hand.[br]

Claire smiled brightly since it had worked out so far. “Chris, would you like something to drink?” she asked. Steve sat down on the other end of the couch, away from Chris.[br]

“Water would be nice,” he told her, not hiding his displeasure. She nodded at him and quickly went into the kitchen, grabbing a glass and filling it with water. She then put some ice in it and went back, seeing Chris glaring at Steve again who was smirking and watching T.V.[br]

“Here you go, Chris,” Claire handed it to her brother before sitting down. She started looking her brother over his hair looking a bit shaggier than normal. He looked liked he hadn’t shaved in days either. He really needs a break, she thought, turning her head toward the screen when he glanced at her curiously.[br]

Steve stretched and put his arm around Claire, making her twitch. She glanced at Chris to see if he had noticed Steve’s display. He was watching the television, seemingly uninterested.[br]

“Well, guys,” Claire removed Steve’s arm and stood up, “I’m going to go to bed. Night,” she walked to her room quickly, glancing at the clock which said Seven Thirty Seven. A bit early. Better than sitting in there though.[br]


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