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Chapter 1 - Bloody Tears

A story about a 17 year old boy that discovers his true self(an angel) as he battles through his emotions from the past. An older boy helps him out on the way.

Chapter 1 - Bloody Tears

Chapter 1 - Bloody Tears
"When I was just a little boy I lived in fear. Fear of dying and living on. My brother would hold me all night long until I cried myself to sleep but sometimes not even that would work. At the age of 2 my parents started abbusing and raping me. All I could do was and stare into those cruel minded bloody tears. Why was I treated like this. Why couldnt someone try to take me away. It was all I could take in...all for nothing."
As Keuto walked over to his bed he started cursing at himself. Blaming his whole existence on himself. A knock at his bedroom door startled him causing him to fall backwards and land on the floor.
There was no response so the boy bravely stepped foot into Keudo's room and stared down at the ground to what now appeared to be a crippled young boys body shedding blood. He pulled young Keuto gently onto his bed and got some wet clothes to clean his deep wound.
"I must be dreaming. Am I alive? Everyone looks so blurry.....WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!."
A moment later Keuto awoke to a kind, much older looking boy kneeling next to him carefully whiping the blood off his chest. For a brief couple of minutes he stared into those mystical but yet astonishing blue eyes. Keuto only wondered to why a boy like himself would do such a kind thing for him.....if only his brother knew.
"Are you alright....?"
Keuto just layed their confused but yet with peace with himself. He was only 17 now much later sense his parents passed away. But yet all his memories of his past burned within his mind. If only the boy who stood next to him knew of his thoughts. Knew how he did things, how he talked, and was lonely.
"I am ok..........yes......i'm alright."
A tear fell from Keuto's face. A tear that could tell of a humans whole life. For some reason.....a good reason he became happy. He knew he didnt have to pretend to be happy anymore to please people. Sick and cruel people that treated him like he was dirt. If only his brother was alive....he would of takin care of things. But now he had an older anonymos older boy who was willing to care for him as if Keuto was his very own.
"My name is Jinei. I was told to watch over you until you got better. Is that alright?"
It took Keuto a moment to respond but he finaly came up with a very low pitched answer.
"I am Keuto.......Keuto Shienbory. You can just call me KT if you want..... Yes, its alright for you to do that."
After staring into Jinei's eyes for a long period of time he finaly had the courage to hold him like he held his older brother. It felt good to be happy.....or at least he thought. Jinei held him back even tighter resting his head on the weak boys chest. Confusion.....millions upon billions of thoughts rushed through Keuto's head. What was happening to him. Was he starting to feel something more then love? Only time could tell.
"Why are you being so nice to me......why are you treating me like an someone who diserves love."
"Because you are a special and unique person deserve more then deserve to be loved and to have love from others. I know how you feel and if you dwell on your bad thoughts you'll only get worse."
Keuto started to cry.....this time feeling hurt and angry inside. He was irritated at all the things his parents did to him. All the scares that were left on his body revealing his whole past.
All of a sudden he felt Jinei's hand on his face. It was so warm and gentle. If only his hands were like his. If only he lived a life of peace so he could be loved. No one understood him. His classemates would fight him every day....even though he refused to hurt anyone.
Slowly Jenei softly caressed the younger boys lips. Smiling into those illusive and dense dark brown eyes. Eyes that revealed a story......a reason to why he was scared from head to toe. He gave an evil grin to the now extremely lost and confused Keuto who was drowning in his own thoughts.
"Why are you looking at me like that. Did I do something to upset you? I did didn't I.........?"
Without even a single word Jinei brushed his lips against Keuto's and explored the cabin of his warm deliscious mouth. Keuto's eyes got huge as he froze not knowing what to do. All he knew was that wat ever was happening it caused him to feel good inside. 5 minutes later Jinei released from Keuto and smiled at him.
"I'm your guardian angel Keuto......I was sent from heaven to protect you. I've been watching over you sense you were born. I fell in love you after knowing I could never be with you in the physical world.....but I was released and sent to be with protect you till the very end. Will you be with me forever Keuto?"
An emotion struck Keuto's mind. An emotion he thought would never show itself. He closed his eyes pointing his face up at the ceiling.
"I don't deserve love......I don't deserve anything..."
Wrapping his legs around the younger boys weist he took off his black shirt and revealed the symbol that was ingraved into his skin.
"This symbol, means I am an angel.....your was bistowed onto me wene I was born in heaven. During the day my wings will be revealed....wings that you someday will have as well my love."
In deep and utter confusion once again Keuto was lost of words. He had no idea on what to say or how to say it.
"I want to be with you......Jinei.......please.....all I want is to be healed of my bruises and my pain."
"Keuto.......I am here for keep you safe and to love you. I will always love you for eternity. It'll never die......and I will make sure of it."
And with that response Keuto fell asleep silently in the strong hands of his new lover and protector.....the one boy who could possibly save him from his past.


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Moon_Bind on December 8, 2004, 9:37:04 AM

Moon_Bind on
Moon_BindNice...that was fast...didn't even knew what hit me!

StrikeClaw on June 4, 2004, 10:00:58 PM

StrikeClaw on
StrikeClawDang that was some strong words the agle said. Amazing story! ^__^ *faves*

Kirama-san on October 29, 2003, 11:55:15 PM

Kirama-san on
Kirama-sanWow! Great story....^_^