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hey i''ll try to post smthing which popped into my head :3
hope you''ll liek it >w<
The story takes place in the "Realm of Angels," where a boy with the powers of light resides. He`s in another story, and was called Reiku meaning; "Elegant Phrase." Quote: "A reflection on the past, presant, and future."
A REALLY OLD story I made about a character from the story I'm doing with FAC user Ageaus. It is about the banishing of my character Prometheus from the Angel city.
The relationship between the Cherubim (angels) and the humans is deteriorating... and Riona, an orphan cherub, is feeling the effects of all of it.
This is only a part of a story that I am writing. Danielle is an angel who was captured and Seth is a human who is trying to find her. Enjoy!
A couple of angels, Zarek and Astrid, are in love... but something terrible happens to Astrid, and Zarek must find her again! But when he finds her, she won't be herself, for she has been reborn.
I just came up with this story, it is just a bit of fun, but please just think before you say you don't believe in angels.
Well this is a rather sweet angel is by your and my side,watching over us in peace and love...
A strange little story about a girl imprisoned by an evil wizard
All she needed was guidance...she never knew she’d fall in love in the process…
A story about a 17 year old boy that discovers his true self(an angel) as he battles through his emotions from the past. An older boy helps him out on the way.