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Chapter 5 - Bloody Tears Part 2: Demon's Conquer

A story about a 17 year old boy that discovers his true self(an angel) as he battles through his emotions from the past. An older boy helps him out on the way.

Chapter 5 - Bloody Tears Part 2: Demon's Conquer

Chapter 5 - Bloody Tears Part 2: Demon's Conquer
"Jeini.....I......I dont want to die......SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!"
Keuto continued moving back and fourth vilently for twenty minutes before being woken up by a warm body against his back. He woke up....fear was in his eyes.
"I'm scared Jeini........demons....they...they are going to kill me."
He sat up and folded his legs against his chest digging his face into his hands. Jeini was puzzled as to why Keuto had that dream but he wanted to find out. Demons were definatly not in part of his life plan with Keuto. So he kneeled down in front of the younger boy and hugged him.
"It's alright Keuto......i'll protect you. I promise I will. The demons will have to go through me first!!!"
Keuto grabbed the closest pillow and smushed it against his face. That was not a problem for Jinei.....he forced the pillow out of Keuto's hands and threw it on his bed making his flushed red face visible to the older boys eyes.
"Please don't look at me.........please...."
Jinei brushed a couple strands of Keuto's hair away from his face so he could kiss his supple hot lips.
The older boy put both his hands on Keuto and forced a deep french kiss. Keuto kissed back this time putting passion into it.
"That was uncalled for.."
Keuto gave a little chuckle under his breath and gave a weak smile. He loved feeling like this but underneath it all he wondered how long this feeling would last before he was hurt again. As well , sense Jeini told him he was going to sprout wings soon that they would hurt his back, or what color they would be.
"Jinei.......what kind of wings do you think i'll have?"
"Bright yellow wings with white tips."
"Are those the type of wings you have Jinei?"
Jinei paused for a long time getting a vision of wat may come in time. He forced himself back into reality and laughed a little in defence.
"Yes Keuto......I do have wings like those."
It seemed like forever sense Jeini had normal wings. A demon from years ago forged its blood into him causing himself to be half demon half angel. His wings wernt bright colors......he wished they were. If only his wings wernt black with red tips.....if Keuto saw he would surely be frightened of him from there on. So he decided to not tell Keuto till the time was right.
A burning sensation inside of Jeini all of a sudden came upon him as he looked at himself through a mirror from across the room. Dark bloody red eyes stared into that mirror......a mirror that was now no more then a pawn of Jeini's wrath.
"What's happening to me......why does my heart feel like its being crushed!!!"
He fell to the ground crying in severe pain holding his stomach with his strong hands. Keuto saw something bubbling on Jeini's back and for some reason he knew what was happening. He saw this in his dream. But why was the question. Why was this happening to Jeini. The nightmare he had never gotten an answer. The questions swelled in his mind as he tried to figure out what was going on.
Panicking and wondering on if he should listen to Jeini he just stood their. He wanted to help him.....get through this so he could feel better. It hurt him to see the older boy like that. Keuto started to cry a river of tears. Sobbing his brains out he took a quick glance over at Jeini's eyes and julted backwards into the wall.
"Whats wrong Jeini......why are you like this? I want to help you not become your enemy......"
"My blood is burning within me.....I CAN'T CONTROLE IT ANYMORE KEUTO!!!"
Keuto slowly walked over to the now terrorized demon looking Jeini that was now shaking. He brought Jeini close to him and held him tight in his arms.
"Its ok Jeini......I know why your like this. You dont have to hide your past from know that."
Right wene Jeini's wings ripped out of his back he screached and started crying blood.
"I can't controle it anymore........the demon inside of me is being released.....YOU HAVE TO RUN NOW KEUTO!!!! BEFORE I KILL YOU!!!"
"I'm sorry Jeini but I cannot leave your side. You helped me get through my past and now I will help you. Now just believe in me and I will try my best to get you through this."
Two tears dropped from Jeini's face and landed on Keuto's hand. The younger boy took the still wet tears and carressed Jeini's face with the back of his hand. He smiled into the now hurt and deeply confused demon boy who was now stable enough to look Keuto dead in the eye without looking away.
"I......I don't know what to say Keuto........I'm so very sorry...."
"I know you are Jeini.....I love you to much to let go of you like that."
Jeini went silent.....lost of words he turned to see a new Keuto. His back formed wings just like his did.
"I am an angel to now Jeini so there is no way you can escape me."
A small laugh was hurd from the cabin of Jeini's throught. A laugh that proved to Keuto that the older boy was healed. Once they held each other closely Jeini turned back into an angel....but his wings seemed different now. The tips were silver and the base of his wings were pearl blue.
"Thank you Keuto....for bringing me back."
And with those words Keuto smiled and the two sat next to each other holding hands till the sun went down.


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