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Can Ikki Make It To The Top?

This is my Air Gear story that includes me,enjoy!



Chapter 1 - This is where it all starts
Submitted: August 12, 2007 • Updated: August 12, 2007
Word count: 332 • Size: 1k • Comments: 8 • views: 319

Chapter 2 - Can Ikki make it to the top?
Submitted: August 12, 2007 • Updated: August 12, 2007
Word count: 334 • Size: 1k • Comments: 7 • views: 292

Chapter 3 - Meet Agito Wanijima
Submitted: August 20, 2007 • Updated: August 20, 2007
Word count: 2886 • Size: 14k • Comments: 7 • views: 359

Chapter 4 - Jump Into The Sky
Submitted: September 16, 2007 • Updated: September 16, 2007
Word count: 2162 • Size: 10k • Comments: 7 • views: 298

Chapter 5 - Still hanging out with Simca eh?!
Submitted: November 9, 2007 • Updated: November 9, 2007
Word count: 2532 • Size: 12k • Comments: 3 • views: 343


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darkwolf333 on September 19, 2008, 10:54:07 AM

darkwolf333 on (Chapter: 5)

darkwolf333 on September 19, 2008, 10:53:39 AM

darkwolf333 on (Chapter: 3)
darkwolf333wow long

darkwolf333 on September 19, 2008, 10:52:39 AM

darkwolf333 on (Chapter: 2)

darkwolf333 on September 19, 2008, 10:52:05 AM

darkwolf333 on (Chapter: 1)
darkwolf333keep upthe great work

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 10:08:18 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
FalconloboThe Hare Wants To Hold Her Hand And Tell Her he Loves Her

Frankie was getting ready for a date but she heard the phone ring.

She picked it up and said "Hello"

It was her date calling to say he could not make it car trouble but heard a girl giggling in the background.

She said "Oh really car trouble you say?

well you better check under her hood cuse you're not ever getting near mine!"

and then she slammed the phone down on the hook.

She said out loud might as well get out of this dress and go to bed the night is shot

chances of anything good transpiring tonight like meeting my true love is not gonna happen tonight or any other night.

she was about to go get changed

when she was unaware of a pair of ears that had heard everything.

He thought to himself I love you Frankie i just wish i could tell you and have you feel the same.

He thought on I should tell her i love her even if she does not feel the same she needs to hear those words from someone who cares.

He hopped up to her and held her hand Startling her a bit.

He said "Frankie i have something to tell you" he was in awe of how pretty she was in the dress and with her red hair down and styled so nice.

he was slightly aware and unaware that he was gawking at her a bit.

he blushed a bit and it caused her to blush too.

She Went "What is it Mr. Herriman?"

She thought why is he holding my hand and looking at me that way

He said "I Love you."

She went "What!" and blushed even more than before.

She was going to let go of his hand and go to her room

and dismiss this as a joke to cheer her up but she could tell he was serious.

"Mr. Herriman you love me?"

"Yes I am and have been for years I've just been to nervous to tell you.

And I tried stupid methods to hide it like extra chores and such and I'm sorry about that."

She said "it's okay Mr. Herriman love does make one do crazy things."

I guess he said but was interrupted with Frankie's lips pressed against his in a kiss.

He was blushing a bit more then he previously had but he kissed her back anyway.

Afterwards she said "I love you too."

The End

should be spaced like this i think^^

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 10:06:39 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
Falconloboi mean paragraphs and double spacing^^

Falconlobo on July 21, 2008, 5:32:01 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
Falconloboahhhh what happened to the spacing it's all a jumble of words

Candycane9 on July 27, 2008, 9:51:35 AM

Candycane9 on (Chapter: index)
Candycane9FL,I am a bit confused as well because in the Wordpad it's spaced out and all which makes no sense but on here it isn't!maybe it's just on a certain computer where that happens.

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 9:54:32 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
Falconlobomaybe fac won't except those formats anymore

maybe all we can do is find other ways to get them up copy paste with the bb code is one of them

Candycane9 on July 27, 2008, 10:05:07 AM

Candycane9 on (Chapter: index)
Candycane9I dunno anymore.But,it makes no sense why only the first chapter is spaced out.All the other chapters are not.

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 10:05:35 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
Falconloboi dunno either

Candycane9 on July 27, 2008, 10:07:23 AM

Candycane9 on (Chapter: index)
Candycane9Oopps I meant the chapter Meet Agito Wanijima that's the only one that works.:(

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 10:09:15 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
Falconlobostill it's hard to read that way

i type my stories in my yahoo draft and copy and paste into fac's bb code^^

Falconlobo on July 27, 2008, 10:06:07 AM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: index)
FalconloboIkki:Hehehehehehe! he was about to peek on a girl but the girl slammed that door open 'HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!?' Ikki:Oh nothing!! the girl gave him a deadly look 'Please leave...' Ikki:Sure! She slammed the door on him Me:IKKI! I was worried sick about you! Ikki:Sorry about that.... Me:Aren't you hungry?because it's meat night! Ikki:Yeah I'm starving! Me and Ikki walked home.. There were no food on the pan Ikki:YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! his vigorously voice was so loud Me:Mikan,Ringo,Ume how come you didn't save some for IKKI! I pointed my finger at Ikki Mikan:Well that what he gets for coming home late! Me:Sorry Ikki wanna have some Ramen! Ikki:IT'S NOT FAIR!! Ringo:MIKAN YOU TOOK TOO MUCH!! Mikan:So what if I did I was hungry too ya know! Ume:Oh boy.... after all the fighting i decided to go out and pratice with my ATS I wasn't that good... Me:I have to try again I placed my leg on the floor pushing my weight onto the Air Trecks and I started to go fast Me:WOA WOA!!! I bumped in the garbage can Me:Owww.... that hurt i'm still not use to these.... 'Ahhaaa..!' I heard a laugh i wasn't sure who it was Me:Who's there? the person was on a building 'I see you trying to trian huh?' Me:Yeah why do you care? I looked up at the person and it was a girl she had pink long hair,she had a dark green hat with dark blue goggles ontop on her hat,she had light green eyes it was Simca without lapse of time she jumped off Simca:I'm Simca...I'm a pretty fast.. Me:I'm Emily... Simca:You know you don't seem to good.... Me:Yeah I'm not that good....

that's not spaced it's just the others are longer^^

Falconlobo on December 27, 2007, 3:31:16 PM

Falconlobo on (Chapter: 5)

nextguardian on November 11, 2007, 10:31:11 AM

nextguardian on (Chapter: 5)
nextguardianYes, CROW again! That line is awesome!

alchemest1 on October 23, 2007, 9:42:54 AM

alchemest1 on (Chapter: 4)
alchemest1Great chapter. I really liked the Flashback. that was cool. Plus ^_^ I found the BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (throws back head and howls happily then tackles you in excitement)