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Chapter 3 - A Tragic Lost

I just thought about writing this fic about a few weeks ago.And I finally wrote it.
No one thought of the idea so I made everything up! It's kind of like my own anime! All the characters are mines.


Chapter 3 - A Tragic Lost

Chapter 3 - A Tragic Lost

Kazumi walked up to Reiko,grinning quite happily. It seemed to be like something great was happening. Something Kazumi wanted to tell Reiko.[br]
"Okay, I got to tell you something! I am so excited right now." Kazumi was joyful she was smiling big. It looked like she was holding some type of paper.[br]
"Look I got a invitation to a party!" Kazumi laughed out of joy from this. Kazumi has been to parties before but not many and they were really fun to her. That's why she wanted Reiko to try it out since Reiko has never been to one.[br]
"I got a few extra since I was going to invite you. And of course I am coming!" She could not get that smile off her face. But, she just had a feeling Reiko would say no.[br]
"Umm.., I am not sure if I could go because I never went to a party before and I can't find my mom..." Reiko frowned slightly at the thought she couldn't find her. She didn't know where she went her mom didn't leave a note somewhere in the kitchen,nothing.[br]
"What?! you can't find your mom? what happened?" Kazumi asked questionablely,placing her hand ontop of her hip.[br]
" be honest I kind of hung out with Sora-kun and when my mother called I didn't answer the phone." Reiko bit her bottom lip in nervousness. She felt like she had made a huge mistake.[br]
"You hung out with Sora?" Kazumi's eyes were widen. She didn't reply to the comment about Reiko's mom since she was just shocked that Reiko and Sora finally had a converstation. [br]
"Yes..., I did." Reiko blushed heavily. Reiko did talk to Sora yesterday and that just made Kazumi excited to know that Sora would actually talk to her.[br]
" come you didn't tell me this?!" Kazumi still had a shock look on her face.[br]
"I am telling you right now!" Reiko replied to Kazumi. Because after she was hanging out with Sora she was looking for her mother and then she fell asleep.[br]
"Oh my..I can't believe it I am so happy for you!!" Kazumi smiled. She was very elated for Reiko she wasn't sure that she could do it. Because Reiko never said one word to Sora ever. Kazumi just couldn't be happier for her.[br]
"Teehee, I know Kazumi I can't believe I did it. But I kind of bumped into him.." Reiko placed her right hand ontop of her left hand,still blushing due to thinking of Sora.[br]
"You did? oh that explains it! you must have said sorry!" Kazumi giggled. As for she just forgotten about the whole party invitation.[br]
"Oh, I can't believe I forgot to say this. Um,can't you go to this party because your mom's not home and she won't find out!" She explained to Reiko. Trying to convince her to come it wouldn't be as fun without Reiko.[br]
"But, I can't leave. I have to get my mother's permission I mean what if she says no! I am mean I am not even sure if she wants me going to parties." Reiko frowned slightly. Of course she wanted to go with Kazumi.[br]
Kazumi smirked as she looked at Reiko. It seems that Kazumi had a idea![br]
"Did you know that Sora was coming?" Kazumi looked at Reiko. She knew that something like this would work on Reiko no matter what. She would get to talk to him again and maybe they could talk a little more.[br]
"Really?" Reiko blushed,her eyes were glittering in happiness. [br]
"Uh-huh really! I am sure he's expecting you to go as well." Kazumi said confidently. Even though Reiko's mother was gone Reiko was thinking about it.[br]
"Okay..,fine!" Reiko said she was a still unassured. What if her mother returned home without Reiko even knowing?[br]
'Ugh..I hope mom doesn't mind I mean she'll understand! yeah my mom is very understanding..' Reiko said in her thoughts assuming that her mother wouldn't be so ticked. [br]
"YES!YES! I promise you this will be the best party ever!" She replied jumping up slightly placing her hand in the air. She couldn't help herself. She never really got freedom like this to go to parties. Sure she's gone to a few parties but none of her parents or siblings knew about it. That's why Kazumi told Reiko about just going without her mother knowing because no one else is living with her but her mom.[br]
Reiko smiled slightly. The bell rang loudly as it usually did. They all ran to class. School was a bit hard for most of the students.[br]
"Okay,students this is a test!" The teacher looked at all of the students and was looking at some of the papers. And she handed all of the students test papers.[br]
School was a bit hard for most of the students. They tried their hardest because their parents would find out what scores they got. Sora smiled at Reiko,after he got done with his. Reiko waved back happily,with red pecks of blush onto her cheeks.[br]
'Ah..she's so nice..' Sora said into his head excitedly. Placing his hand on his cheek,just staring at Reiko. He liked her as well. [br]
After school was done everyone seemed to be talking about the party the school was going to have. Everyone was excited because they could party all night long. But, of course Olivia was coming. She just love to party! She has been to so many. But, someone like Reiko has never been to one but she knew she would like it. [br]
When it was finally party time Reiko still couldn't find her mother but she still in a rush to go. She quickly dressed into something nice. A pink sparkly shirt that had no sleeves. A cute striped green and white skirt. She quickly opened the door running out. Her footsteps were hitting the ground.[br]
Her hair was blowing while she continued to run.[br]
Reiko opend the door to their school and alot of people were there of course. [br]
Reiko was looking for Kazumi and Sora. There were people dancing,people sitting down and talking. People eating. Everyone was having a good time. There was music.[br]
"Oh you're here I believe you came I thought you know change your mind!" Kazumi giggled. Her hair was down she was wearing some light red lipstick and blue eyeshadow.[br]
"Heehee, yeeeeah I made it.." A smile crossed the young girl's lips. But she still felt like maybe what she was doing was wrong. That's why she was stretching her words I bit.[br]
"Oh, and by the way Sora isn't here yet! But I am sure he's coming soon." Kazumi said assuring Reiko that he would be coming but Reiko still worried that Sora might not. [br]
Kazumi was chewing on one of the chocolate cookies that had yellow frosting on it and some sprinkles. She couldn't stop eatting them they were just so yummy.[br]
"Okay,thanks. I guess I'll be sitting down." Reiko sat down on the closest chair she could find that was close to her.[br]
People seemed to be talking nonstop. The music started to get even louder than it was eariler. There was a disco ball at the very top of the wall if you would look up you could see it. The colors were shining and the colors were so many numerous colors. [br]
Everything seemed to be going good. Eventually Sora had arrived which made Reiko very elated they sat down.[br]
"So.., how's the party?" Sora asked Reiko placing both of his hands on his laps. [br]
"To be honest it's pretty fun..I never been to a party before." Reiko blushed as she looked at Sora.[br]
" Yeah me either I just really didn't have the time. I only came because I heard you were coming." Sora smiled. Closing his eyes peacefully. Blushing slightly.[br]
Reiko's eyes grew a little. Her cheeks were covered in red. Her eyebrows went up to where you couldn't really see them since her hair was in the way. [br]
"Yeah..that was the reason why I came too..But I am not sure if I should be here." She blushed nervously as she continued her sentence. Feeling a little nervous to be saying this to Sora. She wondered what he would think about this if she told him she just left like she did.[br]
"I actually left without my mother knowing because I couldn't find her.." She bit her bottom lip in jittery. She just wanted to be around Sora but maybe that wasn't such a good idea at this moment. [br]
"I am really sorry to hear that you couldn't find your mother.." Sora frowned he was afraid that Reiko's mom would find out. And not only that but Reiko had no idea where or what her mom was doing.[br]
"'s kind of my fault because I didn't answer my phone!" Reiko placed her hands on her face feeling ashamed of what she just did. [br]
"Don't worry Reiko I am sure everything will be okay." Sora placed his hand ontop her Reiko's back. He gently rubbed it to calm her nerves down due to what happened. [br]
Reiko's phone rang soon after Sora stopped. She looked at the number and answered it. [br]
"'s your mother..I am sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving..I had to visit my mother. She was sick and she died..." Reiko's mom sounded dreary. She was very close to her mother. She said goodbye to her mother. The last words that Reiko's mother said to her was.[br]
"Rosemary take good care of your daughter.." [br]
Rosemary was Reiko's mom's name. Rosemary wasn't happy. That's way she was in rush to go. She did call Reiko too but Reiko didn't answer. [br]
Reiko's eyes seem to grow a bit from surprisement. Reiko walked away from Sora since this was so much more important than some dumb party. A tear slowly slided down Reiko's face as she walked out the door she didn't know how to reply to such a thing. [br]
Because Rosemary's mom was just so sweet and kind. Reiko would always visit her as much as she could. But she couldn't make it when she died and say. "I love you." Everything was torn up for the two of them.[br]
"Reiko..are you alright? please don't cry.." Rosemary said softly trying to calm Reiko down. But Rosemary knew that they have to get over it. So eventually she calmed Reiko down. Rosemary drove Reiko and herself to their house. Reiko try to force herself to smile.[br]
Reiko went into her room and told her mother goodnight. Reiko was looking at herself in the mirror with her hands down on the counter that was very close to the mirror.[br]
'I can't believe I spent my time with Sora while my grandma dies.' Reiko thought in her head,still frowning. Her grandma was old too. Her grandma's age was 78 so she knew she have to get over it sometime.[br]
~End of Chapter~[br]
Preview for next chapter:[br]
The classmates did have a great time at the party and they stood up very late. The classmates start to wonder why she left so early. And ooh looks like Reiko has a letter in her locker![br]


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darkwolf333 on September 19, 2008, 10:56:38 AM

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darkwolf333aww sad but still cool story

nextguardian on September 15, 2008, 2:36:15 PM

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nextguardianWow, that's really a tear-jerker!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Falconlobo on August 23, 2008, 1:38:03 PM

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Falconloboawww that's sad