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Chapter 1 - Char. Commentary

yeah... i said id post a story. i just havent gottne around to it. dont ask to be in it, the whole story has already been written.

Chapter 1 - Char. Commentary

Chapter 1 - Char. Commentary

Yuki- you people reading this story out there have no idea how it all began.

Akura- ah hell yeah! A lot is different in this story than the original.

Kaze- sheesh! Even our names changed!

Akura- but that was for the better. we didn't want Chaoskid50 to hand out our real names all over the internet like in the original now did we?

Yuki- yep. `sides. I like being called Yuki. It means Snow. I like the snow!

Kaze- we know. youre an ice elemental ya idiot. waddya think Kaze means?

Akura- err… wind?

Kaze- no REALLY?

Yuki- our guardians also changed. now instead of being all foxes, we have two wolves and one fox.

Kaze- yeah mine even had a sex change!

Akura- their original names were Flare, Oceanist, and Crystal. now, their names are Kasai, Mayhem, and Koori.

Yuki- even two changed their elements. My fox's element was crystal. Now its ice.

Kaze- and mine was water. Now it is wind cuz wind RULES!

Yuki- Shadow rules.

Kaze- LINK.


Kaze- LINK!

Akura- … Spongebob!

Yuki- yo Chaoskid50. ya might want to end this commentary before things get kinda ugly for our younger viewers.

Chaoskid50- done and donner!

Yuki- one last thing. READ THIS STORY OR ELSE. k thanx bai!


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