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'Tis a pirate story, young lads, told from the eyes of a lass with the mind upon adventure! Argh.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
story bios of my ocs and some characters i have list includes:
Kyi Nekoyasha, Xenia, Rentora and others when i think of them
I''m just trying to invent 2 characters/personalities to write about for school stories, ect.
Its about twins
This is basically a list of the members in my band, and their parts. I'll consider letting people join in but u have to consult ME First. Oh and MAYBE what they wear too^^
well here they are! some of my ocs! i love them all!
About twins, Valorie and Dean, along with some of their friends. Many twists and turns as the story goes along.
What do you want from me? I'm just writing this stuff as it comes to me! Feh...
Two boys meet under odd circumstances. Watch them grow up.
ok this is a story about one of my characters James Treeo He's a very caring young man who has a rather bad and upsetting past his father hates him and his mother seems to be drifting away. He has a little sister named Lindsie.please leave comments
Kimmi has something to tell Marik, but he's too busy trying to get popular and hanging out with Stacy.
Will she tell him, or will she leave him?

Characters/Blair Makasoff
please tell me what u think....
its my first story online

and my friend, miss smarty pants, the-sinister help me with some errors and corrections
Best Friends since preschool, Chad Keller and Taye Williams are inseparable. As Chad and Taye begin their Senior year of High School, it seems as if everyone knows something they don't.
This is a story of my own creation. All characters are my own-or people I know. Yes, I made up my own language. I know it's a cliche. Meh.
Do you hate eating veggies? Do you hate eating large globs of an old-shoe-smell-like green something that your mom claims is a veggie? If you answered yes to these questions, then this story's for you!

Comments and Critism Welcome!!!
Alex Baltimore is a girl that doesn't believe in love. She doesnt know what it is. She is on the computer and the next thing she knows she has new friends that is teaching her about love. What will happen?
every time i add a charaters (im always making up things) i'll post info here then i'll draw them you can draw them if you want as well just link back to me if you draw them ty
Just a Weird story that i had to pretend that i was an inanimate object, and wow, i chose being a single raindrop. I know it's short and a little babyish but whatever, comments are appreciated.
it's about a guy that's alone in the world.
Whew I havent submitted anything in the longest of time! after a little while i quit fan-art but i decided id stay becauz of all you nice peeps out there ^^ and i will be submitting alot more pics in the near future ^^
The start of my new series, "And the Moral of the Story is..." (M.o.t.s. for short if you wish)

It is a collection of short comedy pieces that end with a moral that you never saw coming.


Elvira Simmons has just been reaquainted with her cousin, and tries to get along with him and his friends.
Yeah. . .Just some random angsty stuff I wrote. . .Oneshot . . . PLEASE no bashing ;_;
THE EDIT WORKS!!!! This will be the FINAL set of charater bios unless i need to add a massive amount of charaters.

Sorry this is messed up so I need to wait or just type onto the site for updates or for stories. Plz don't look at the 2nd chapter it was
These are the character bios of my upcoming stories.
I story I've just started, but i can't think of a name for my main character,  shes a girl, a warrior and hateful suggestions welcome.
Anyway this is a story about a war that killed her people and now she's out for revenge.