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Chapter 2 - Ch.1

yeah... i said id post a story. i just havent gottne around to it. dont ask to be in it, the whole story has already been written.

Chapter 2 - Ch.1

Chapter 2 - Ch.1

It is said that there is a legend of a beautiful crystal fox, with the power to bring peace to the world, or destroy it in minutes. Now the legend has been proven when the Crystal Fox was found and put into a sacred cave on the other side of the Kazhai Mountains.

It all starts in a peaceful town called River Town. My friends and I, Akura, Kaze, and I, Yuki, are very adventurous, and that can sometimes get us into trouble. We love to play in the dark and mysterious Laughing Forest. Sometimes, we play with the Fairies, too. In a game we were once playing, I almost fell over an enormous waterfall! But luckily, Kaze and Akura were there to catch me. Another time, we were chased by a huge dragon when we tried to get a scale from its stomach.

The three of us each have a Guardian Spirit of our own and each possesses their own element. Akura's Guardian is a wolf named Kasai with the element of fire. Kasai is a dark red wolf and has the ability to blow fire way above melting point and make flaming stars rain down from the sky. Kaze's Guardian is also a wolf named Mayhem. He is a huge black wolf with the power to cause strong gusts of wind and do an attack that can cause a tornado of any size. My Guardian is a white fox named Koori. Koori possesses the ability to make a storm of razor sharp ice shards pour down on her enemies.

But besides the good side, there is always an evil side. The bad guy here is a two foot tall, menacing cloaked thing. Nobody knows much about him, just that he's evil. Not even the Great Fairies know much about him. He loves to steal the ancient and powerful relics of the Maiki Region. And even worse, lately he's been after the Crystal Fox. His name is Lunasen, the Dark Lord.


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