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Chapter 4 - Ch.3

yeah... i said id post a story. i just havent gottne around to it. dont ask to be in it, the whole story has already been written.

Chapter 4 - Ch.3

Chapter 4 - Ch.3

“Wahoo! This place is so awesome!” I cried. “What are we gonna call it…?”

Suddenly, we saw a huge blue dragon fly over head.

“Hey guys!” Kaze exclaimed. “That dragon just gave me an idea! This place shall be known as… LAKE PIE!”

“Uh…” interrupted Akura. “How about the Dragon Lake?”

“Hmmm… that works too!”

Immediately, I took out a blank flag and some pencils and wrote “DRAGON LAKE” on it in big, bold letters.

“Hey Kaze! I'll Race ya to the tree in the middle of the lake!” I called out.

“Alright. On your mark, get set, GO!”

“OW! I tripped on a rock!” I cried.

“Gah… never mind then,” muttered Akura.

So afterwards, we gathered some wood to start a fire. We also roasted marshmallows and told scary stories. One of Akura's stories was pretty funny:

“In the future, we will have and endless amount of TV channels… but nothing to watch!”

“Eeeek!!!” Kaze and I screeched.

Akura continued,”Only… EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION! OH NO!”


That night, Akura ended up laughing herself to sleep and Kaze and I ended up screaming ourselves to sleep. But we all agreed that we had plenty of fun.


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