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Chapter 6 - Ghost Powers

24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?

Chapter 6 - Ghost Powers

Chapter 6 - Ghost Powers

“You're nuts.” Wes said. Chris didn't hear him. She stood still, waiting for something to happen. Wes sighed, “Chris, I don't think you're half ghost. “We'll see about that.” She answered. She lifted her arms and thought hard. Suddenly, two blue rings appeared at her waist. Wes almost fell off the bench. The rings separated. One went down to her feet and the other went up to her raised fists. When they disappeared, Chris was wearing a black suit with a white diagonal line across her waist. Her shoes were white and ended below her knees. She had white gloves that stopped in the middle of her forearm. The collar was white and went halfway up her neck. There was a “C” and a “P” on her chest and she had snow white hair. Wes squinted at her and said, “Wow.” Chris opened her glowing green eyes and smiled.

Natalie and her group made it across the street and slowed down. “She'll… get over it.” She said, breathing deeply. One of the girls in the group looked at Natalie's hand and said, “Are those that cute boy's glasses?” Before Natalie could answer, a voice said, “They sure are. Ya know, I don't think he can see without `em.” Natalie turned around and saw a girl with white hair and green eyes standing in front of her. She looked up and down and said, “Aren't you kinda young to have white hair?” Chris blinked. “Give me the glasses.” She said and held out her hand. Natalie put her hands on her hips and said, “Why should I?” Chris rose into the air. “Hmm… If you don't, I'll tell everyone that your family's just a bunch of poor slobs and not rich like you said they were.” Natalie was shocked. Chris snickered and took the glasses out of Natalie's hand. A girl in the group asked, “Who are you?” Chris flew higher into the air and said, “The names Chris Phantom!” She looked down at Natalie and said, “Later, loser!”

“Thanks Chris.” Wes said after she put his glasses on him. Wes walked around her and said, “Now I can have a good look at Chris Phantom.” Chris smiled. “Hurry, girls! I saw her come this way!” Wes wheeled around and said, “It's Natalie! Quick change back,” Two blue rings appeared around her waist. By the time Natalie and her group reached them, Chris was back in a T-shirt and blue jeans. Natalie looked around and said, “Have you two seen Chris Phantom?” Chris looked at her and said, “Yea. She gave Wes his glasses back.” Wes turned around and his glasses glistened in the sunlight. “Well, if you see her again, tell her that Natalie will get her someday.” Chris rolled her eyes and said, “She's a ghost.” Natalie screamed and ran off, her group close behind her. Chris and Wes laughed and continued to walk to his house.


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SilverGirl13 on April 24, 2006, 5:56:19 AM

SilverGirl13 on
SilverGirl13I be likin' dis story write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SilverGirl13 on April 23, 2006, 7:13:15 AM

SilverGirl13 on
SilverGirl13come on write more

kngfoo2200 on March 25, 2006, 9:47:13 PM

kngfoo2200 on
kngfoo2200Cool! That's Awesome! INSTANT FAV! (if not already!)

gohstann on March 25, 2006, 6:47:15 AM

gohstann on
gohstannThat girl is so Palina reincardated.... so shes Chris Phantom now? Lets see what truble she can get into now...aspeshily wigh her frind Wes!

Kaede-chan on March 25, 2006, 1:56:37 AM

Kaede-chan on
Kaede-chanWhoo! Gah, it makes me wanna draw! Ugh... 'cept I can't, 'cuz I hurt my arm... It's even a little hard to type, 'cuz I type one-handed, gotta stop doin' that. I think it's from carrying my laptop around... Bad laptop! *slaps* Yay! Update!

Coolstra on March 24, 2006, 10:49:40 PM

Coolstra on
CoolstraI did this one pretty quick! Enjoy!
Go Chris Phantom!!