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Chapter 11 - The Power of Time Travel

24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?

Chapter 11 - The Power of Time Travel

Chapter 11 - The Power of Time Travel
Chris walked out of Wess house and ran into the ally. Wes came out after her with her hover board under his arms. There was a faint light from in the ally then Chris Phantom flew over to Wes. Okay. Im ready. She said. Wes stepped on a button on the hover board and rose into the air. Lets go. He said as he began to fly towards the park with Chris behind him.
Dash watched his son fly off with a ghost girl behind him. I knew it& he said, smiling. She is a Fenton. I wonder if shell tell her mother about her special abilities. Doubt it& Dash said as Chris and Wes faded into the distance.
How did he&? Tucker said, staring. Danny and Sam were staring at the screen also. Who knows. Sam finally said. Danny then suddenly realized that his future daughter had his ghost powers. I didnt know that ghost powers could be passed down the family. He said, catching Sam and Tuckers attention. What I want to know, Tucker said, is who her mom is. Danny and Sam nodded in agreement.
I think Ive got the flying thing down! Chris said happily as they reached the park. Thats great! Wes added. Now lets see& do you know of any other powers that your Dad could do? They landed and Wes put the hover board under his arm. Chris shook her head and said sadly, No. I dont.
A Ghost Ray! Try your Ghost Ray! Danny screamed suddenly. Sam and Tucker jumped into the air then stared at their friend. I dont think she cant hear you, Danny. Tucker said slowly. Danny looked over at him. Oh& right. Clockwork smiled at Danny. How would you like to go and help her? The trio looked up at Clockwork in shock. Usually he didnt encourage anyone to meddle with time. Danny smiled and nodded. Then he looked at Sam and Tucker. What about them? he asked the ghost of time. Clockwork, now in his elderly form, smiled and said, They may go as well.
Okay then& Lets try& Whoa! Wes fell to the ground with a loud, THUD! Chris winced as Wes lay flat on his face. He sat up and looked to see what had tripped him and frowned at his untied shoe laces. Chris couldnt help but laugh. Its not funny. Wes said as he tied his shoes. Yes it is! Chris replied, not even trying to stop laughing. Whatever, Chris. Wes said. Laugh all you want. Instead of hearing Chris burst out laughing, he heard nothing. He began to look up and saw red tennis shoes and the bottoms of blue jeans. He also saw black boots and brown ones with laces. He looked up to see who was standing in front of him. The teenagers in front of him looked familiar. Then Wes remembered the picture that Chris had showed him. His mouth fell open. Chris, standing next to Wes, had her hands over her mouth as she stared at her father, mother and Mr. Foley. How&? she began. Danny answered for her. The power of time travel.


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CoolstraYeah. It's on I think it's easier to read there.

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kngfoo2200OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, what happens?

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Cross177Nice, thank Clockwork for that treat. Great story

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