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Chapter 12 - First Day in the Future

24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?

Chapter 12 - First Day in the Future

Chapter 12 - First Day in the Future
Wes slowly stood up, not letting his eyes leave the three people in front of him. Chriss mouth was open and when she realized this she quickly covered it with her hands. Danny looked at the ground then at Sam and Tucker. So& If youre wondering why Im here then Im here to help you with your ghost powers. He said, pointing to Chris. Chris took her hands off her mouth and said, How did you know I had ghost powers? Wes looked at her and cleared his voice. Chris looked at her outfit and realized that she was still in her ghost form. Oh& well then how did you know Im half human? she said slowly. Danny opened his mouth then closed it again. We were watching you from the ghost zone back in the past. Our present actually. Tucker answered for his friend. Danny sighed and nodded his head. Chris was utterly surprised. Danny wasnt even her father yet in his time and yet he was already spying on her. Youve been spying on me? she said. Uh& Sam continued for Danny, We didnt mean to. We just wanted to find out what happened in our future and you just happened to be the part of our future we were watching. Chris looked at Sam and then quickly looked away. Well& can you show me some of the powers I have&Danny? Chris asked, ignoring Sam. Danny Fenton nodded and changed into Danny Phantom.

Danny showed Chris a couple examples of his Ghost Ray as Sam sat on a nearby park bench wondering why Chris had ignored her. She couldnt hear anything but her own thoughts until Chriss ghost ray hit Wes on the chest. He fell backwards and Chris rushed over to him. Im fine. Wes said as Chris helped him up. I guess we need to work on your aim Danny said. Chris nodded and sat on another bench. Just as soon as she sat down she fell through. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Wes looked over at her and saw her head sitting on the bench instead. They all began to laugh except for Sam and Chris. Its not funny, guys. Chris said as she stood up.
Danny rose into the air after he finally stopped laughing and said, Lets see you fly. Ok! Chris said confidently. She rose into the air until she was in front of Danny. Danny raised his eyebrows and said, Try to stay with me. He then moved quickly to his left. Chris followed. Danny moved backwards. Chris followed him thinking how easy this was going to be. Danny smiled and flew high up and began to move every which way. Chris followed pretty well until Danny began to move faster and faster. Hey! Slow down! Chris yelled. This went on until Chris kept up with Danny for at least five minutes. Danny landed and Chris followed. That was awesome. He said to her. Chris grinned.

Danny and Chris changed into their human halves and Sam walked over to Chris. Hey. Sam said. Chris turned her back to Sam. Sam glared at her and said, Whats your problem? Why wont you talk to me? Chris turned to face Sam and said, Because in your future, my present, you dont tell me anything about Dad, I mean Danny. What do you mean? Who am I in the future? Sam said, calming down. Chris sighed and replied, Youre my&mom& Sam gasped and quickly looked at Danny. He was telling Wes how he received his powers. Sam felt her face burn but couldnt look away. The setting sun looked wonderful on Dannys face. Chris noticed and stepped in front of Sams gaze. She looked at the ground then back up at Sam. I& Im sorry for ignoring you. Im just mad at your future self right now. Sam smiled at Chris and said, Id be mad at me too. Tears filled Chriss eyes and she threw her arms around her teenage mother. Sam, surprised at first, hugged her future daughter. Danny looked over at them and caught Sams eye. She blushed and quickly closed her eyes. Danny wondered why she was red in the face and turned back towards Wes.

While everyone walked to Chriss house, Danny, Sam, and Tucker were invisible. They didnt think it would be a pretty sight if someone saw them walking down the street. Danny held his friends hands so that they would become invisible as he did. The whole time Sams faced burned. She wouldnt be surprised if anyone saw her red face floating behind Wes and Chris. His hand is so warm. Sam thought. Danny wondered why Sam was holding his hand so tightly and why she and Chris were hugging back at the park. I guess shell tell me once we get to Chriss house. Chris and Wes turned a corner and Danny, Sam, and Tucker saw Dannys house. The three stopped and stared at the old building. Wait up! Sam called to Wes and Chris. They stopped and turned around. What is it? Wes asked. Who lives there? Danny asked Chris. My grandparents do. Your parents actually. Danny stared at his house for a while longer and then said, Ok. Lets keep going. Chris and Wes turned around and continued towards Chriss house.

Here it is. Chris said. My moms not home right now. Shes at work so you guys can be visible again. Danny became visible and Tucker let go of his hand. Danny looked at Sams hand which was still holding onto his. Sam looked down too and said, Oh& sorry. She let go and moved away, blushing terribly. Chris smiled and walked inside. Everyone followed her in and Wes closed the door behind him. Everyone was looking around while Chris walked up the stairs. Are you guys coming? she asked. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Wes followed Chris up the stairs and into her room. Welcome to my room. She said as she sat down on her purple bed sheets. Sam looked around at all the purple and navy blue and said, Nice room. Chris smiled. Thanks.

So& did you only come here to help me with my powers? Chris asked as she came back from the kitchen. Two hours had passed and Wes had gone home. Chris had gotten Danny, Sam, ad Tucker some sheets and pillows and now some chips and sodas for everyone. She didnt want them to go downstairs since her mom was going to be home any minute. Thanks and no. Tucker said. Chris opened a soda and sat on the floor next to Sam. Why else? she asked. We need to know more about what has happened to Danny, Tucker, and everyone else. Sam said since Danny and Tucker were stuffing their faces with barbeque chips. She looked at them disgustedly and opened her soda. What? Danny asked Sam, pieces of barbeque chips flying from his overstuffed mouth. Sam just replied with another disgusted look. Chris! Im home! Chris looked at her door and said, Ill knock when I come back but if the door opens without a knock become invisible or something. She opened her door and closed it quickly behind her.
Hi, honey. Sam said once Chris appeared in the living room. Whos that? Chris asked, pointing at a tall man standing in the doorway. This is my boss. He gave me a ride home because my car wouldnt start. Thats why Im a little late. Sam said. Chris glared at her moms boss and said, Yah, right. She stomped up the stairs and knocked violently on her door. She opened it and slammed it behind her. Sam looked at her boss and said, Im sorry. I guess she had a rough day at school. Her boss replied, No problem. Well, Ill see you in the morning. He turned and walked out the door. Sam waved and closed the door. She then looked upstairs and decided to talk to her daughter in the morning.

What was that all about? Tucker asked Chris as she sat down again. Did you tell your mom about your powers and get a bad reaction? Danny asked. Chris shook her head and said, I think my mom has a& boyfriend. Whats wrong with that? Tucker asked. Everything! Sam yelled. Danny and Tucker stared at her. Sam looked at the floor. Chris answered, I just dont think she should replace you, Danny. Danny looked down then at Chris again. Who is your mom? Sams head drooped down further and Chris said, &Sam. Danny and Tucker gasped while Sams faced burned once again. Danny couldnt even look at her as his face became red hot as well.


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