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Chapter 13 - Ghost Fighting

24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?

Chapter 13 - Ghost Fighting

Chapter 13 - Ghost Fighting

Ghost Fighting

That night, Chris slept in her own bed while Tucker, Danny, and Sam slept on the floor. Chris had made a tent out of chairs and blankets for Danny and Tucker. Her mom thought that she was just reliving the past a bit. She and Chris would always make those tents and have an indoor campout on a rainy day or when Chris was sick. There was one time when Chris had the chickenpox. She was five at the time and she and her mom had made a tent so Chris would at least have a little fun while at home. Her mom was reading her a story but would have to stop here and there to tell Chris not to scratch. Suddenly, the tent roof collapsed and buried them underneath. They began to laugh when they were free. Chriss chickenpox healed the very next week.
Chris woke at around seven. She looked over at the chair and blanket tent and heard Tucker mumbling and every once in a while she would hear Danny snore. She got out of bed and changed into Chris Phantom and flew over to the tent. Sam woke and watched Chris hover over the tent. Chris went around the tent and picked up the books that were holding the blanket on the chairs. She laughed as the blanket fell on top of Danny and Tucker. Sam began to laugh as well. Danny sat up under the blanket, half asleep, and looked around. All Sam and Chris could see was a moving lump under the blanket, so they laughed even harder.

While they were all cleaning up the chair and blanket tent Dannys Ghost Sense went off. Soon after, Chriss went off as well. She shivered as a ring of blue light appeared at Dannys waist. Chris covered her mouth and after a couple of seconds asked, What was that?! Danny flew over to her and said, That was your Ghost Sense. It tells you when a ghost is near. Chris changed into her ghost self and turned to look out the window. I dont see one. You dont have to. We need to go find the ghost thats around. Danny added. He became intangible and flew through the wall. Chris paused, took a deep breath, than followed Danny. Sam and Tucker looked at each other then at the wall through which Danny and Chris had phased through. Now what do we do if your future self walks up here? Tucker asked, still staring at the wall. Sam sighed and dropped the blanket that she was holding. I have no screaming clue&

When Chris was outside she looked around for Danny. He was across the street looking around. As she flew towards him he looked to his right and then turned his whole body. His eyes grew wide then a reddish-purple ray hit him in the chest. He landed on the street below then a tall and skinny female ghost flew over him and laughed. When Chris realized she was just floating there, mouth agape, she flew across the street and shot her ghost ray at the ghost, hitting her in the arm. The ghost fixed her attention on Chris as Danny slowly got up off the street. The ghosts glowing red eyes matched her flaming red hair. An evil smile crept across her face as she said, I thought the ghost kid was dead. Now Ive found two of them. Suddenly Danny came up behind her and shot her in the back with his ghost ray. The ghost winced and turned around to meet Dannys fist. She fell to the ground but quickly got up.
The ghosts that have lost to you say you were tough. Have you lost your touch? The ghost said, smiling once again. Chris and Danny shot her with their ghost rays. Dannys hit her in the stomach and Chriss hit her hand. The ghost pulled off the glove that was on the hand that Chris hit. Chris and Danny stared at the now visible hand. It looked perfectly normal until the ghost showed them her palm. It shone a dark red color that made Danny and Chris squint. The ghost laughed as she rocketed off the street toward Chris. Danny grabbed her hand and pulled her away from their charging enemy. Lets go! he screamed. Chris followed him and asked, Where? Shell just follow us! I have an idea! Follow me! Danny replied, turning sharply with great speed. Chris could hear the ghosts sinister laugh as she tried to keep up with Danny.
Suddenly, the ghost grabbed Chriss ankle with her gloved hand and pulled her back. She screamed and Danny turned around. Chris! The ghost then grabbed Chriss wrist with her other hand and smiled when Chris began to scream. Danny shot the ghost in the face and she flew backwards. Danny turned and flew away with Chris trailing behind him.

Danny and Chris landed in front of his old house and became the Fentons once again. Are you okay? Danny asked turning towards Chris. She was cradling her wrist and biting her bottom lip. Lets just get inside. She said. They phased through the door and looked around. Chris heard her Grandmothers voice in the kitchen tapped Dannys shoulder. Danny looked towards the kitchen and then pointed to the basement door. Chris nodded and the both became invisible as they carefully walked across the living room. Chris phased through but Danny looked into the kitchen. His Mom was sitting at the table talking on the phone. He turned and phased through the door.

Chris stared in awe at the lab that her Grandparents kept her away from. Danny appeared behind her then walked down the stairs. Chris slowly followed, clinging to her wrist. Its so dusty down here. I cant believe they gave up ghost fighting. Chris stood next to Danny and looked at him as her continued. Ya know, Dad always said that he would fight ghosts until he couldnt walk on his own. Then Mom would agree and say Ditto. Danny said sadly. After a moment of awkward silence Danny looked down at Chriss wrist and asked, What did that ghost do? Chris looked at her wrist and slowly moved her hand. Her wrist was burned all around. Danny winced and said, We better get back to your house and& he was cut off by the sound of an opening door.
Christina Fenton! How in the world did you get down here?! Chris turned around to face her Grandmother. Danny didnt move. I& uh& Chris said as her ghost sense went off. She looked behind her Grandmother and gasped. Grandma, look out! She cried as she shot a ghost ray at the ghost that she and Danny had been fighting earlier. The ghost stumbled backward and Danny grabbed a Dusty thermos. He jumped in front of Chris and his mom and pointed the Thermos at the ghost. Dont ever hurt any of my friends ever again! A blue light came from the Thermos and overwhelmed the ghost. She screamed as she was sucked into the Fenton Thermos. Danny then put the cap on and prepared for the worst. He turned to face Chris in her Grandmothers arms. Tears began to roll down Maddies face as she looked into the blue eyes the she had longed to see for so many years. The eyes of her only son.


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Coolstranot yet. I am probably gonna re-do it cuz the show ended and i want it to fit better

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SilverGirl13this chapter rocks awsomeness

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Cross177Cool, can't wait till the next one.

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Kaede-chanyay new chappie! oooh, the plot thickens...!

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