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When Amy runs away for good, Sonic is desperate to find her. He searches high and low, in hopes of finding her and finally telling her how he feels. Will he ever find Amy? Or more importanly, will Amy ever forgive him for what he's done?
MUHAHAHAHHAHA!! Read and enjoy!! Nothing else said!!
When Sonic stumbles onto an old Temple, he finds himself trapped and possesed by an old enemy. Can Knux, Tails, and Amy realize Sonic NOT really Sonic or will Sonic lead his friends to their doom? Guess you'll have to read it to find out!!
Here's a description of my char that can be used for stories.
A SonAmy Story. Amy is faced with the biggest choice in her life; To save the world or to save her beloved Sonic! How can she live in a world without Sonic?! And how can she live with Sonic if there is NO world?!(not that much violence.)