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Cowgirl10's Profile
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Username Cowgirl10 Gender Female
Date Joined Location Texas
Last Updated Occupation Lifeguard?, not anymore!!
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Hello, hello..... remember me?


Sonic X
Danny Phantom
One Piece
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Teen Titans
Sailor Moon
and others.........


Sonic + Amy (1#)

Tails + Cream

Knuckles + Rouge
Knuckles + Tikal
Shadow + Amy ( eh,.....I think it's kinda worth a shot!)
Shadow + Maria

And yes....


Tehe, my dislikes:

Sonic + Shadow
Sonic + Rouge- (runs off to puke)
Sonic + Sally
Sonic + Cream
Amy + Knuckles
Amy + Tails
Tails + Cosmo
Sonic + Tails

K? Glad we got that cleared up....

Well, that's really all for now.....See ya lada!! =D

Here’s my bud list!!:

Link_the_Hedgehog_Magician – Awesome fanfic maker and a good friend!

Violet Rose- Awesome art person!

DaWolff – Maybe the biggest Sonamy fan I’ll ever know!!

Glothehedgie- One of my first friends on FAC!

BLJblack25- My very first friend on FAC!

Soiny Rose – A sweet heart as well as a Sonic fan!

Darkness 42 ( Phantom 42)- A wonderful friend who’s good to talk with!

LOVE without CHAOS- A fan of mine that I befriended!

Nextguardian – Has one of the best Fanfics ever on FAC!

Leviathin- The best fanfic maker ever!! Also, a very good friend!

Supersonic390- An awesome artist as well as person!!

Jaideanna- A wide imagination as well as a great person to talk to!

TikalGirl 52- Also one of my very first friends here!

Sonic Riders Freak- A great artist as well as a big Sonic fan!

Fargmaster- One of a kind, and good to talk with!

AmyRoseFan 2004 – Sonamy!! What else can I say?!

CrystaltheHedgehog- Great story writer as well as a wonderful person!

Amyfan 2004 – One of my best buds here, as well as a huge Sonamy fan!

Morphin- One of my first friends here!

Sky Lord- Sonic fan and a great guy!

Weresheep- Yoda, is what he reminds me of!

Pices the Cat- A cute and warm-hearted fan of mine!

FTCSS- A Sally person, but a good friend!

Bridget_jones- A very open and friendly fan!

YukiTheTigerfox- I guess she liked my name!

Sonic_the_Hedgehog- What can I say?! It’s SONIC!

Knucklecrazy- The name speaks for itself!

Darkthehedgehog- A good friend

Amy_Rose_Sweetie- A warm-hearted friend!

Putfile- A very talented artist!

Phonixh 20- A new and great friend!

Cowgirl 05 - *sis*

PB_SEAN- Very helpful when you have a problem!

MechaSonic 43- A new friend!

Monkman 456- A sweet guy and friend!

krystalfox - A new friend and a cute artist!

Shadeythesweet - An awesome and warm-hearted artist!

RogueTheBat18- Great fanfic maker and always up for a favor!

ShadowsGirlfriend1_0 - Has an awesome Sonic and co. story! (now, would ya please finish it?!)

shadowdemonfox- One of my new friends here!

sonicstom34 - Tehe, a funny fanfic maker!

DivineNightshade - A deep, beautiful person who's song lyrics totally kick @$$!

TigerLillie - A wonderfull friend and has totally encourged me to keep drawing!

QuanticChaos1000 - One of my older, Sonic artist friends!

Me Amigos!! =D


Favorite Pictures (100)


Favorite Artists' Recent Submissions


Comments (510)

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TheChainheartMachine on February 27, 2010, 2:53:01 AM

TheChainheartMachine on
TheChainheartMachineIt was really awesome getting a chance to talk to you again, Leigh. It's Anthony. Got a new profile.

If you ever come back, wanna talk, that'd be cool.

Also.. heh.. I kinda wanna see you continue your stories. I loved em. :)

Esshole on November 24, 2009, 9:14:52 AM

Esshole on
EssholeHello, allow me to introduce myself.

You may or may not have seen my last alias; "ANIMATIONmaster." At any rate I was on FAC a lot during it's booming age in 2005. I'm a close friend of Anthony, or Link_the_hedgehog_magician, if you prefer.

I seen you on a lot and regret never stopping by to speak to you. I do hope when you come back you may ignite a conversation. After all, there's very little left of the FAC Glory Days.

-Just a douchebag name Esshole.

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 5:29:29 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianGAH!!! Sorry for logging off, but my computer shut down on me. D:

And sweet, thanks. ^^ Glad you like it.

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 4:57:14 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianAhh, that's great! ^^ I'm happy for ya! :D

Heh. Thanks =u= I plan on making it into a 3 part series. Hence the "2" in my gallery. c:

*slowly nods* I understand. Your life's busy with college and all of that. I'll enjoy the time I have with you though, :)

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 4:47:31 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianAha, very true. :P What else have you been up to? How's your basketball team going?

Hm. Well first I need to ask.. are you going to leave again?

I've been up to a lot, actually! Virus, my newest story, has received 109 comments, and I plan on turning it into a book. Man goes to investigate a colony on the planet Kalmah, after getting strange transmissions. And it's not about Sonic the Hedgehog. lol :P

Darko Arises is about Sonic the Hedgehog though. :D Kind of a crazy thing. Darko is the manifestation of shadows and darkness, and he wants revenge on Link. To do so, he must possess the live of the Sonic team.

Ohh and *looks at your profile pic* you look cute. ^^

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 4:38:44 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianYay! ^^ Thanks

Ahhh, yeah my teachers told me about that. XD I'm in High School. A Junior.

True. Pretty sure all of ours has.

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 4:26:10 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianAhh, sweet. So what's college like?

Mm. I finally got a scanner. LOL I've gotten a lot of pics up(including the infamous Link the hedgehog) and I've been busy with my stories. I plan on publishing Virus.

It's been pretty good. Been through some drama, of course, but it's been good.

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on November 23, 2009, 4:20:39 PM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magician*hugs you tightly* I MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! T^T

WOW. It's been too long! How've you been, my old friend?



Amy at age 16

Amy at age 16

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