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Chapter 2 - Another Friend

With new powers, Dameon is sent to the School for Creatures Boarding School. Dameon is a vampire with new found powers who befriends a Fairie and a Zombie.

Chapter 2 - Another Friend

Chapter 2 - Another Friend
The bus halted to a stop infront of a deserted bone-yard.

"AWESOME!" I practically screamed as I pressed my face up against the window.

"I don't like it here. It's dark, scary, and unhappy." Jamie whimpered.

"Eh, hush up, Tinkerbelle! It's AWESOME here!" I laughed.

I noticed the ground near the tombstones begin to rise up. Through the mist, I noticed a zombie girl wave goodbye to her parents and boarded the bus. She walked near Jamie and I.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" asked the girl kindly as she held her books.

"Nah, you can sit next to us." smiled Jamie politely.

"Thanks so much." the girl grinned and sat next to us. "My name's Caria."

"Hey Caria. My name's Dameon. And my friend here is Jamie." I introduced us.

"I'm a fairie!!" Jamie's tiny voice squeaked as she turned tiny again.

"I'm a zombie... I take you're a vampire." Caria pointed at my fangs.

"Yeah! Just don't poke them!" Jamie squeaked a warning.

"Hey... if this is a boarding school for creatures, why aren't you scary looking?" asked Caria as she held Jamie in her palm.

"Well excuse me! I can be scary. See? RAAAAAAAAAAWR!" Jamie's adorable small voice squeaked.

"Good try." I giggled.

Jamie laughed and grew normal size again.

"So, how did you die?" I asked Caria.

"A fire. I was playing with matches, and I accidently got burned, so I dropped it, and it sparked and light the house on fire. But then a gypsy named Kylia reserected my Mother, Father, and me! Kylia is 75 years old, but she's so radiant and kind." Caria smiled. "How did you become a vampire?"

"I was born into vampirism. But I think my Dad, bit my Mom, and then... They had me!" I smiled wide, showing my two fangs.

"Hey, what's your favorite band?" asked Jamie to Caria and I.

"My Chemical Romance." I answered.
"Megadeath." Caria answered.
"I like All American Rejects." Jamie grinned.

An hour passed, and we finally reached our boarding school. It was a HUGE castle. Mist and eerie fog covered a lot of it. If you ever saw the movie, Harry Potter, it looks like that castle.

We all got off with our backpacks. Our trunks and chests were sent two days earlier. It was surrounded by water. So people who could fly, carried their friends who couldn't fly.

Jamie accidently bumped into Caria when we got off the bus. Caria's head popped off!!!

"AHHHH!" Jamie let out a high pitched scream.

"Don't worry." Caria's head smiled. "It happens."

Her body picked up the head and put it back on her neck.

I flew as a bat, with Caria hanging on to my feet. Jamie was tiny as she flew next to us.

I let out a happy screech when I swallowed a bug.

"Ew..." Caria let out a sickened laugh.

"I think when she's in bat form, the term 'close your mouth when flying' doesn't apply." Jamie squeaked.

We finally reached our destination. The castle was even bigger in person.

I transformed back to my original form, and Jamie grew back to normal. We ran into the castle, and gasped.


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Fatal_dreamer on August 21, 2007, 2:12:00 PM

Fatal_dreamer on
Fatal_dreameromg you didnt even tell me!!!!T_T....AI luff not THAT bubbly...xDD CUTE THo!!!!!<3333333333

Meisaroku on August 21, 2007, 1:44:51 AM

Meisaroku on
MeisarokuAwwww haha I love it! this chapter is so cute!! :D I so can just picture this all And woot! You got my favorite band right!! :D yay us! *London clap* xDDDDDD